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Pitt football head coach Paul Chryst joined "The Fan Morning Show" on Thursday for his regular weekly spot.

This week he talked about the Panthers' blowout win over Delaware and their upcoming Friday night matchup with Boston College.

Click here to listen to the full interview.

Postgame Coverage: Pitt Football vs. Delaware

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Pitt Bonfire and Pep Rally

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Pitt senior defensive end David Durham was highlighted in Sporting News senior writer Matt Hayes' weekly "1st and 10" column on Wednesday. Hayes calls Durham one of the "Good Guys" in college football and spotlights his impressive community service work. 

The excerpt:


The Good Guys

The tents are still there, lining the horizon as far as you can see when the boat pulls into Port-au-Prince. Four years after the earthquake, they're still living in makeshift hovels in Haiti.

"It's not because they can't build homes," says Pitt DE David Durham. "It's because all the lives that were lost when those homes crashed down. They're safer in a tent."

While the offseason in college football was full of bad news -- double-digit arrest for sexual assault, the Air Force Academy scandal and alleged academic fraud at Notre Dame to highlight the lowlights -- it's time we celebrate those who do things the right way.

Welcome to the weekly Good Guy Award, where we honor those who, despite the rigors of playing football and going to school, have the time and desire to give back.

Durham's dad played at Ole Miss, his uncle played at Georgia Tech and the common goal with two generations of Durham men: pay it back. That's why David volunteers at the greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank, and why he helps local elementary school children during its after-care program.

And why earlier this spring, he hopped on a plane, flew to Haiti and got out of his comfort zone during a mission trip.

"We, as student athletes, have an obligation to give back," Durham said. "We have been given so much with this opportunity to go to school and play football. I truly believe we have a duty and responsibility to share that same blessing with others."

VIDEO: Matt Galambos | In Focus

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MUST WATCH: Tyler Boyd | Hometown Hero

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Western PA native Tyler Boyd's journey from being a high school star to his decision to stay close to home and ultimately becoming one of the best freshman wide receivers in the country!

MUST WATCH: Pitt Campus

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"We've got a beautiful campus. It's got an energy to it. You need to come and see our campus, it's pretty big time." - Coach Chryst

2014 Pitt Football Training Camp - August 20, 2014

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ESPN blogger Matt Fortuna writes Paul Chryst's commitment to his players has helped make Pitt an attractive option for players.

Open-door policy paying off for Chryst

Pitt Basketball Ice Bucket Challenge

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Head Coach Jamie Dixon, DeJuan Blair, Sam Young and Michael Young reunite to take on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge! Check out who Coach Dixon challenged next...

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