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Legends Matt Cavanaugh
Legends of the Game - Pitt vs. Clemson: Matt Cavanaugh, Gator Bowl, Dec. 30, 1977

Five Facts about Matt Cavanaugh vs. Clemson:

  1. Cavanaugh led a decisive Pitt victory over Clemson in the only previous meeting between the teams.
  2. The QB passed for 387 yards and 4 TDs as the Panthers topped the Tigers, 34-3.
  3. Cavanaugh threw a TD pass in each quarter to help Pitt finish the season with a 9-2-1 record.
  4. The senior's performance resulted in the Panthers setting five Gator Bowl records in the win.
  5. Following the game, Cavanaugh was drafted in the 2nd round of the 1978 NFL Draft by the Patriots.

What has been your favorite moment over the past five years?
Runco: My favorite moment was running my 8K personal record at ACCs which was a couple weekends ago. I ran 24:10 for the 8K, which was a good 22-second PR. That was my last chance ever to run an 8K, so I'm glad it ended well and I improved a lot. My first 8K was 27 minutes or so, maybe even slower. To work my way down to 24:10 was a pretty good experience - a good feeling.

What has been the biggest surprise?
Runco: The coaching changes. The right people came into play, and those people are the reason that I'm still in this sport and stuck through it until my fifth year. I'm very fortunate to have knowledgeable people who are directing so much of my training. The coaches I've had have been more in tune with what I have to do and other commitments; they've let me have schedules that favor what I'm trying to do. I've succeeded in the classroom and PR-ed in a lot of events. It was definitely a change for the better.

Do you have a favorite part about being a Pitt student-athlete?
Runco: Pitt is a good school. I was able to get the best of both worlds: pursue a sport I really care about at a high level and work toward a degree. Pitt provided what I wanted, a serious program and good academics.


How have you changed as an athlete during your time at Pitt?
Adams: I came from a smaller school, so there were only three runners on my high school team. For me, it was more about being a team player and having girls to lean on, because I never really had that. I changed from just relying on myself to relying on my teammates and having a backbone - people to pull me through and pick me up when I was down. That's definitely the biggest change for me.

What has been your biggest accomplishment?
Adams: Being a student-athlete has helped me in the academic field. I've been told that I will be the first student-athlete to graduate in my major, and for me, that's huge. That shows that you only need one person to believe in you to get the job done.
Adams is a Communications Science Disorders major, with the goal of becoming an audiologist

Do you have a favorite part about being a Pitt student-athlete?
Adams: It's the holistic view about being a student-athlete. I take pride in going to class without showering [after practice]. I take pride in wearing my gear around. I take pride in getting on the bus and off the bus and having the chance to represent Pitt at different locations. That's something that not a lot of students get to do.


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Friday, November 11
NCAA Mid-Atlantic Regionals
Pitt Cross Country at University Park, PA at 12:00 PM

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Pitt Volleyball vs. Wake Forest at 7:00 PM
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Pitt Men's Basketball vs. Eastern Michigan at 7:00 PM
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Saturday, November 12
Pitt Women's Basketball vs. Mount St. Mary's at 2:00 PM
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Pitt Football at Clemson at 3:30 PM
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Sunday, November 13
Pitt Wrestling at Edinboro at 1:00 PM
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Pitt Volleyball vs. Duke at 1:00 PM
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#PITTvsMIAMI: Postgame Interviews - November 5, 2016

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Legends of the Game - Pitt vs. Miami: James Conner, Nov. 29, 2014

Five Facts about James Conner vs. Miami:

  1. Fighting through injury, Conner led Pitt to a 35-23 win at Miami in 2014.
  2. Conner scored twice to break Tony Dorsett's Pitt single season TD record.
  3. Conner finished with 75 yards on 16 carries as the Panthers became bowl eligible.
  4. The sophomore RB would go on to be named ACC Player of the Year.
  5. It was Pitt's first win at Miami since 1963.

transformation adam bisnowaty

Does it feel like your career at Pitt has gone by quickly?
Bisnowaty: Yeah, these past five years have flown by. It feels like just yesterday I was moving in for training camp before my freshman season. Now that I'm here as a starter and team captain, it feels great to see how things worked out for the best. I'm really excited for my last season with this team and we're going to try to win a lot of games.

Academically, what are you studying right now?
Bisnowaty: I graduated with my communication degree and I'm working on my master's degree in health and fitness. I'd like to be a high school teacher and coach football.

I had a lot of mentors--teachers and coaches--who I looked up to growing up. I'd like to have that kind of positive impact on others in future generations.

How have you changed during your time here?
Bisnowaty: The biggest change is my hair. It went from a buzz cut to being well past my shoulders now. Two great friends of mine, former Pitt teammates Matt Rotheram and Ray Vinopal, told me that if I wanted to have more swag then I needed to grow my hair out. So I went out and did it.

And finally, would you like to share with the world how to pronounce your last name?
Bisnowaty: It's BIZ-NO-VOT-TEE. The "w" actually makes a "v" sound.

adam bisnowaty

transformation jenna potts

How have you changed as a player during your time at Pitt?
Potts: During my first year here, I was just coming off of an ACL injury so I hadn't played for ten months. I've grown a lot as a player and gained more skills. I wasn't very experienced before, but now I'm a four-year varsity starter.

I've also grown as an emotional leader on the court. I bring a lot of energy and I celebrate, whether I did something well or my teammates did something well. My team really relies on me to bring that energy and high spirits.

The coaching staff teaches us what the U.S. Women's National Team is being taught. That really helps us develop as players, because we are learning the best techniques and volleyball philosophy. I made the college national team this past summer, and I think that just shows how much I've improved since I've been here.

What has been your biggest accomplishment?
Potts: I am the all-time block assists leader at Pitt, which is cool and I didn't even realize it happened. I think my biggest accomplishment was making the Collegiate National Team, especially since I tried out the year prior. The second time I tried out, I made it and did really well there. It was really cool and so fun being there.

jenna potts

Do you have any advice you would give to a future student-athlete?
Potts: Most people [on the team] are used to being the star, but once you get to college, it's not as easy. Usually you're not going to get an automatic start, which means you have to work harder. You also have to sacrifice some things which is something I didn't realize. But it's all worth it in the end.

Are you involved with anything else on or off campus?
Potts: Right now I'm an intern with 31 Street Studios, which is a production studio in the Strip District. It's one of the biggest studios east of Hollywood. I've had other internships too including one at the Pittsburgh Film Office. I really want to get into the television or film industry. My dream job is to be on the writing staff for a sitcom or late night talk show.

My internships taught me the importance of networking, especially in the entertainment industry. I also had to learn how to interact with people I didn't know, which pushed my comfort zone. You always have to talk to people and put your best face forward, because you never know who you're going to meet.




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