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Welcome to the University of Pittsburgh's Athletics Compliance web pages! Pitt is committed and obligated to the principle of institutional control in operating its athletics programs in accordance with NCAA, Atlantic Coast Conference and University rules and regulations. As a member institution with a Division I intercollegiate athletics program, the University of Pittsburgh adheres to the standards that have been established to govern athletics participation in its 19 varsity sports.

The Pitt Compliance Office works to help educate its student-athletes, coaches, administrators, faculty, staff and boosters about the basic requirements and guidelines that must be followed in order to make the Panthers compliant. The Compliance Office strives to be proactive with education, and acts as the communication center to address questions, concerns and the interpretation of NCAA rules for its constituents.

This Compliance site is designed as a quick reference for anyone that is interested in a variety of compliance-related topics, intercollegiate athletics and the University of Pittsburgh. Remember, if you have any questions or concerns regarding NCAA guidelines, please feel free to contact the Pitt Compliance Office directly at (412) 648-8218 and someone will gladly assist you.

  • Compliance Staff Directory
  • Student Life and Compliance Office Philosophy
  • Athletic Department Mission Statement

    The Office of Student Life and Compliance (SL/C) supports the mission of the University and the Athletics Department in several ways.

    First, SL/C is service oriented and places great emphasis on developing strong relationships. We strive to provide excellent service to our student-athletes (SA's), our coaches, our athletics department staff, related University staff and others as appropriate. Our relationship with our SA's, our coaches and our staff is built on respect and recognition that we are here to promote educational objectives. Every SL/C staff member strives to develop positive relationships with our SA's, coaches and staff, as these strong relationships enable us to accomplish our goals even during challenging times.

    Second, SL/C strives for a high degree of professionalism. Professional development and continuing education are very important to our efforts to provide the best service possible. We pride ourselves on our ability to manage a great volume of work with a high degree of accuracy. We support each other at all times. We think of ourselves as a team, and we take pride in our identity as a team. We are creative problem solvers, and we all derive great satisfaction from implementing solutions to any concerns of our SA's, coaches and staff.

    Third, SL/C absolutely enforces all NCAA, Conference and University regulations, but without a heavy-handed approach. We accomplish this because our SA's, coaches and staff trust us to go the extra mile for them when possible. If we must say "no," we try to offer acceptable alternatives. If we must question a SA or staff member, we do it with respect and honesty. If a SA makes a mistake, we take appropriate actions while supporting the SA and viewing the situation as a "teaching moment." Our approach, experience and track record give our SA's and staff a high level of trust in our motives and our abilities.

    Lastly, in the SL/C office, we see ourselves as integral to the success of our coaches and our teams. Each SA is very important to us. We take responsibility for making sure that each SA has positive experiences in our office. We understand the many challenges faced by our coaches and we seek ways to make our procedures "user friendly." We make sure our SA's and coaches take care of business, but we support them and understand them in these efforts.

    The mission of the Department of Athletics is to sponsor broad-based athletics programs that provide educational and athletic opportunities for all students and equitable opportunities for all students and staff. The Department of Athletics will execute its mission, as directed by the University's Board of Trustees, Chancellor and Athletics Director. Furthermore, the Department of Athletics is committed to excellence, integrity, fairness, good sportsmanship, and competitiveness that are consistent with and in support of the mission of the University of Pittsburgh. The Department of Athletics is committed to assisting student-athletes in personal, academic and athletic development. The development of student-athletes is incorporated within the total educational framework philosophies and objectives of the University.

    The University of Pittsburgh Department of Athletics seeks to be a source of pride for the University, the City of Pittsburgh, Western Pennsylvania and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. In doing so, the Department of Athletics strives to successfully compete at the highest level of Division-I-A Athletics and to be the best athletics program in the Atlantic Coast Conference.

    The Department of Athletics is committed to ethical, honest and sportsmanlike behavior in full compliance with all federal and state laws, and National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), Atlantic Coast Conference and University rules and regulations.

    Embraced in the mission of the Department of Athletics are the following operating principles and objectives:

    • To strive to improve and sustain the academic performance of our student-athletes from admissions through graduation, and to continue to take an active role in enabling student-athletes to meet academic challenges.
    • To provide support in all areas of student-athlete welfare including academics, physical and emotional well being, social development, personal growth, wellness, career and community service.
    • To recruit student-athletes and staff of the highest integrity who possess the skills necessary to succeed.
    • Through the principles of Commitment, Teamwork and Pride, promote character development in student-athletes, including cooperation, leadership, group loyalty, good sportsmanship and competition and thereby contribute to the development of institutional morale, loyalty and school spirit.
    • To encourage student-athletes, coaches and administrative staff to participate in community involvement, through the Panthers' Game Plan, as allowed by NCAA, Atlantic Coast Conference and University rules.
    • To support equitable opportunities for all student-athletes, administrators, coaches and staff, by striving to create a culturally diverse staff that reflects the student-athlete population, the University and the City of Pittsburgh.
    • The Department of Athletics will comply with applicable non-discrimination laws and University policies and does not discriminate on the grounds of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin or citizen status, age, disability or veterans status in employment, education and athletic participation.
    • The University and the Department of Athletics is committed to compliance with Title IX and to gender equity in athletics.
    • To employ coaches and administrative staff, consistent with NCAA, University and Department high standards of integrity, moral conduct, ethical behavior and sportsmanship.
    • To provide the best facilities, equipment, training and health care to ensure that student-athletes have the opportunity to excel.
    • To achieve fiscal stability by developing and monitoring a sound financial base of adequate funding and appropriate management of funding.