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Sep 3, 2013

Pitt vs. Florida State, Sept. 3, 2013

Head Coach Paul Chryst

Opening comments:

“That was a good team we played. Give them a lot of credit. They beat us in a lot of phases. We got beat. I liked the approach of our players. Our guys competed, but we have to do more than that.”

On the performance of the Pitt offense and defense:

“Offensively, we got off to a good start but then we lost some momentum after the first interception. Defensively, there were too many missed tackles. I give Florida State credit. They made us miss tackles.”

On trying to stop the Florida State offense:

“We never made them uncomfortable. Give them credit. We’ve got to tackle better, but they ran through our tackles.”

On Tom Savage’s performance:

“Tom had a good camp. Game action is going to be different. On the first interception, he didn’t see the safety. On the second one, he saw it a little different. It was good for him to get the game action. I love the way he competed.”

On Tyler Boyd’s performance:

“We would absolutely like to give him more touches. We’re trying to find ways to get him the ball. He’s a good football player and I was impressed with the way he handled everything. There were some individual performances that were positive, but right now it’s hard to feel good about them.”

On Florida State’s Quarterback Jameis Winston:

“I wasn’t surprised by him because we’d never seen him play before. I was certainly impressed with him. He did a good job of making plays and extending plays.”

On preparing the team for the next game:

“We certainly need to play better. That’s my job to help these guys and we can, and will, play better. When we have a chance to make a play, we’ve got to do it. Our job is to break it down and make sure we are assessing it accurately and move forward.”


Florida State Head Coach Jimbo Fisher

Opening Statement:

“I’m very proud of our team and the way we competed in the game. I thought we responded very well. We knew that Pitt would come out very emotional. They have a good ball team. [Paul] Chryst is a heck of a football coach. They hit us right in the mouth off the bat. I’m very proud of the way the guys responded back. We did a good job on offense. We didn’t score. We got to punt. Then the defense gets a turnover. We capitalized on offense. I think we scored on four or five straight drives with three touchdowns. We kept responding well. Defense finally got its feet on the ground but it’s the first game. We have a lot of things to improve on. We had way too many penalties. I was proud of the defense.  They got some nice turnovers and a couple nice interceptions. We had some sacks and affected the quarterback. We had some nice stands on defense. We gave up some third downs that need cleaned up. Offense converted pretty well on third down for the most part. We are very happy with the red zone until the two drives we had to kick field goals at the end that we should have gotten in. Pitt is a good defense. They were the No. 17 defense in the country last year but we have a lot of work to do. We have a good team. We need to stay healthy. We have to take care of our guys and keep playing them one at a time. We have a good chance to be a good football team.”

On Jameis Winston’s performance:

“It was one ball game guys. That’s it. He did a great job. As long as he keeps the process in mind and working with great habits, he will be fine. That’s what he has to do. It is not about age. It is about habits. If you have good work habits you have good results. You have ability. He does that. I was very pleased with the poise he showed in the pocket. He did a nice job of staying composed, poised and staying in the ball game.”

On Jameis Winston’s personality:

“One of the things I love about him is that he’s very critical of himself. He is very tough on himself. When you get on him he responds in a positive way. He keeps things in perspective and I think that’s why he had success tonight. He comes to work every day. If he has a bad day, we address it and he fixes it tomorrow. He does a great job of that. He has to stay hungry. You have to stay hungry.”

On if Pitt did anything they didn’t expect on the first drive:

“We had two great plays and then busted the third-down coverage. They had a big third down and got momentum. We lost the edge three times tonight on speed plays. We have to get that fixed. We lost containment. Again, they have a nice football team.”


Pitt running back James Conner

On the emotions of taking the field for the first time with Pitt:

“To be honest with you, I was more nervous here than I was in high school. I have faith in all of my teammates and I don’t know why the game ended like that. We have to make some changes and everybody has to get back together in practice. I felt real good though and didn’t have too many nervous feelings, which I don’t know why because in high school I had butterflies, but I was really excited to get the game started.”

On the speed of Florida State’s defense:

“I believe that we can play with anybody, and that’s J.P. [Holtz], Devin [Street] and Tyler Boyd. You guys all see them. It wasn’t really that bad. They have a really good defense, but we should have been able to play with them.”

On the Panthers playing 11 true freshmen in tonight’s game:

“For the future it will be real good, but for this year, like Coach Rudolph said, we’ll have to get back to practice. We’re a young team out there so I can only imagine what it will be like our sophomore and junior year. We have to finish out this year first though. Like Devin Street said in the locker room, we can focus on winning the last 11 games.”


Pitt wide receiver Devin Street

On his chemistry with quarterback Tom Savage:

“He had a lot of pressure on him, but at the same time Tommy is a good quarterback. It was his first time back and he hasn’t played in three years. He’s going to be alright and we’re going to be okay.”

On what the team can learn from tonight’s game:

“I think the effort was there. Guys were ready and prepared, but it’s the details. I think guys were trying to do a little too much. We just have to do our job. If you do your job individually, that’s when the whole team comes together.”

On how Florida State changed defensively after Pitt’s opening touchdown drive:

“I was double-teamed a little bit more. They realized we were here to play, changed up their schemes and brought a little bit more pressure.  I definitely saw some more double-teams.”


Pitt defensive Back K’Wuan Williams

On if he was surprised by Jameis Winston’s play tonight:

“I wouldn’t say we were surprised. He definitely did his thing tonight though. We just have to pick it up defensively.”

On the Panthers’ defensive breakdowns throughout the game:

“There were some new guys out there but we also had a couple missed assignments. I know I let one up today. I’m definitely not happy about it and have to improve.”

On Pitt making defensive adjustments in the second half:

“We adjusted a little bit in the second half. They only got a couple field goals and we held them a couple times. We just have to finish those red zone drives and can’t let up those big plays either.”


Pitt quarterback Tom Savage

On his adrenaline on the first drive:

“It was out of control. I was excited; I was ready to get out there. The crowd is unbelievable here and it was fun.”

On the offense and where he expected it to be at this point:

“Personally I left a lot out here. I think we can improve, but I think our offense is going to be something special this year and I am excited to watch it progress.”

On Tyler Boyd and giving him the ball:

“He is an unbelievable athlete. He did a great job for us.”

On credit being given to Florida State:

“I think they are unbelievable; I think they are a great team. Playing Florida State in the first game, I would not want it any other way. I think we saw a lot of good things from our offense. Got to give them credit where credit is due.”


Pitt wide receiver Tyler Boyd:

On running on Florida State’s defense:

“I thought it was going to be really tough, but I expected too much, I guess. Every time we ran that play, it was good and on point, and every time we ran that the line blocked, the receivers blocked, the fullbacks blocked; so we kept running the route that was open every time.”


Pitt safety Jason Hendricks:

Impression on the Florida State offense:

“They made plays and we didn’t. We didn’t do what we were supposed to do. We kept getting out of our game a little bit and they made things difficult.”


FSU Quarterback Jameis Winston

On being nervous entering the game:

“Of course, I had butterflies. If you don’t have butterflies then you’re not a football player.”

On handling the game:

“I know the reason I was having a good night was because the guys around me were having a better night than I was. I knew we were going to come out there and lay it out on the line.”

On getting into the flow early with his first couple passes:

“It is good to complete your first pass and sort of get the flow going. I got hit that first play. They were trying to hit me all night. The best thing is when you get hit and you see that you got a first down.”

On how comfortable he felt:

“Very comfortable. First of all, every time I step in the huddle I see mean looks and I have to be confident for them. They got to see it in my eyes.”

On putting the game behind and continuing with the season:

“We have to play Nevada the week after next. Pittsburgh is in the bag and obviously we got the win but it’s a process. We have to bounce back.”

On drawing national attention:

“Of course I welcome it. Like I said, it’s a process. I have a great team around me and it shows our team is ready. Our team made a statement on Monday night football on ESPN being broadcast all over the world.”

On any negative comments tonight:

“I can get better every single day.  There are so many things under the table that people can’t see because as an athlete you have to get better every single day if you want to be successful in the sport you do.”


FSU Defensive end DeMarcus Walker

On Jameis Winston:

“I just said to myself, man, this guy is going to be special. He saved the night. He did pretty great for it being the first game.”

On coming off the edge: 

“That was something coach emphasized this off season.  He said I was too much of a good player not to come off the edge and try to make those kinds of plays, and that’s what the defensive is expecting me to do. It was successful.”

FSU Defensive back Terrence Brooks

On Jameis Winston:

“I was excited to see him play. I was ready to just get out there and see what he can do. He handled himself very well. He looked very comfortable out there and made a lot of good throws. I think he’s going to have a good season, but it’s just one game. From what I’ve seen though, I’m very pleased.”











Coach and Player Quotes - Pitt vs. FSU

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