Go Panthers!
Petersen Events Center | Prohibited Items

Men and Women - Back packs, coolers, large purses, thermoses, cans, bottles, flasks, alcoholic beverages, laser pointers, duffle bags, tote bags, strollers, banners, video and movie cameras, cameras with attachable lenses, tripods, weapon and any other item that may pose a security risk to the players, participants or fans. Note that small purses, small camera cases, small fanny packs and diaper bags are permitted.

Petersen Events Center | Duplicate Ticket Policy

Season Ticket Holders - Ticket Office will take payment information and track that the newly issued duplicate tickets have been received. Ticket Office will inform SMG where all of the duplicate ticket locations. The reprinted tickets will be marked 'duplicate'. If the original ticket(s) show up, the holders' of these tickets will be ejected.

Individual Games - The Ticket Office will charge the patron full price for the second set of tickets. These tickets will be reprinted and marked 'duplicate'. This voids the original tickets and anyone using them will be ejected from the game. If the original ticket is returned to the Pitt Ticket Office, they will offer a refund for the cost of the duplicate tickets.