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 Academic Support


Academic Support Services has one mission: to help the men and women athletes of the University of Pittsburgh have a meaningful and successful academic experience during their campus years.

While competing in their respective sports, University of Pittsburgh student-athletes focus on graduation and preparation for the future. To this end, Academic Support Services is an invaluable resource for the student-athlete community.

Academic counselors meet with their student-athletes on a regular basis to provide advising, counseling, tutorial and study skills support as well as career services.

Hilda M. Willis Center for Academic Support
Pittsburgh boasts first-class academic facilities in the Hearst Academic Center for Student- Athletes and the Hilda M. Willis Center for Academic Support. Located in the Petersen Events Center, the Willis Center serves as another resource for student-athletes to reach their highest academic potential. Staffed by full-time academic counselors and graduate assistants, the Willis Center features a computer lab with 25 computers, tutorial rooms and a student reference library, giving the Panthers access to all of the features of Academic Support Service.

"The student-athletes at the University of Pittsburgh have been given an excellent opportunity to succeed in their academic pursuits. Our alumni, faculty and administration would be proud to know that our student-athletes are hard-working, dedicated and as committed to success in the classroom as they are on the athletic arena."
- Michael Farabaugh, Director of Academic Support


A-Academic Support

Help student-athletes balance workload while adjusting to the demands of a highly competitive NCAA Division I program.

  • Review team schedules and assist with layout of class schedule.
  • Monitor progress in classes by communicating directly with instructors two times per semester.
  • Review NCAA continuing eligibility requirements.
C-Career Counseling

Work closely with University Career Services to assist students with choosing majors, internship preparation, and resume preparation.

  • reshman Year: Self-exploration to identify personal interests.
  • Sophomore Year: Career inventories to assist in deciding majors.
  • Junior Year: Resume preparation/internship exploration.
  • Senior Year: Job/Graduate school preparation.
T-Tutorial Program

Free tutoring provided to assist with course and content review.

  • Helpful both in and out of season; in particular during times of team travel.
  • Offer individual tutoring, group tutoring and review sessions.
  • Appointments are structured around class and practice schedules.
S-Study Skills Program

Mandatory program designed to assist first-year student-athletes with a successful transition from high school to college.

  • Identify learning styles to help with study techniques.
  • Review time management to assist with balancing demands.
  • Review various other issues relating to the student-athlete experience.