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What is Licensing?
Licensing is necessary when a third party desires to associate themselves commercially with the University of Pittsburgh by using any trademark, trade name, logo, symbol, seal, mascot, or slogan that is associated with or refers to the University.

Why is licensing necessary?
To promote and protect the School's image, and comply with Federal trademark laws, Pitt must approve any use of its trademarks. Licensing protects the University's reputation, good name, and image by permitting only appropriate uses and assuring that only quality products bear the University's name, initials, or logos.

Who needs to be licensed?
A license must be obtained by anyone who uses the name or marks of the University of Pittsburgh for a commercial purpose. Non-commercial uses of Pitt's trademarks, including but not limited to products used for internal Pitt consumption or internal give-aways, require permission and should be purchased from licensed vendors. All items sold on campus to external buyers (including alumni) must be licensed and are subject to royalties. The use of a Pitt mark in advertisements, motion pictures, and on promotional items also requires permission from the Licensing Director and may require a licensing fee.

How do I know that a product is licensed and approved by Pitt?
Consumers, fans, and institution supporters should look for the Officially Licensed Collegiate Product (OLCP) hologram label. All CLC institutions require the use of a OLCP hologram label on their products. This authenticator assures the consumer that the product they are buying is officially licensed and approved by the institution(s). If a collegiate product does not include the OLCP hologram label, consumers should be skeptical, although sometimes hangtag and stickers can fall off of a product or are exempted from use on smaller products. CLC recommends looking at other collegiate articles in and around the product in question. If the other products are not properly tagged, we recommend that the consumer contact CLC via the "Report Infringers" subsection of the "Resources" section of so that the issue can be investigated.

The unauthorized reproduction, distribution, or use of this label or hologram are prohibited.

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