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Aug. 22, 2012

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"She is a class act!"

Even though the words came from the mouth of a mother, the crowd of 50 plus who gathered at the Double Wide Grill on the Southside last night all applauded and then stood.

Dorothy "Doe" Krug, the mom, was talking about Cassidy Krug, 2012 Olympic springboard diver for the USA. For the sake of clarity in this story, first names will be used. You will understand as you read.

Cassidy, a Montour High School grad who attended Stanford, has just returned to her hometown of Pittsburgh following the Olympic Games. But, her ties are very deep with the University of Pittsburgh. Cassidy's dad, Julian Krug is the long-time Head Diving Coach for Pitt's Swimming and Diving program.

For the first hour of the event, Cassidy- the Olympian, was mugged by the media, as her former teammates, coaches, and friends from Pittsburgh waited.

"She grew up around us on deck at Pitt," Pitt Swimming & Diving Head Coach Chuck Knoles said. "We watched her every step of the way...from the USA Olympic Trials in Seattle, to the Olympic medal round in London."

Cassidy was the highest placing USA diver on women's springboard and finished just out of the medals in 7th place. Doe and Julian both work for NBC as "behind the scenes" network assistants with biographies and stats.

Doe's reaction to Cassidy's dives in the network booth, along with those of her brother Kyle Krug in the crowd, were televised by NBC during the medal round of the Olympics. But, where was Julian during that time?

"I was out back in the trailer feeding NBC the stats," said Julian.  "They never brought a camera in there. And I was happy about that." This was Julian's sixth time helping with NBC at the Olympics. It was Doe's seventh.

Cassidy was the best diver at the USA Trials out-distancing her nearest competitor from the USA by a very large margin.

"She didn't even have to do her final dive at Trials and she still would have won," said Julian. Julian has coached multiple Big East Conference Champions and has been named Big East Diving Coach of the Year on five occasions. But Cassidy was under his tutelage from birth. Videos taken of Cassidy as an infant showed Julian coaxing her to jump and land without falling and to balance in his upward reached hand were displayed during the event. Cassidy was diver of the meet at the NCAA Championships in her senior year at Stanford.

Cassidy was exuberant about her being able to represent the USA at the Olympics. "It was an amazing experience being able to represent the City of Pittsburgh, Montour, my university and the USA," she said. "I got tweets and emails from a girl I went to camp with when I was 10, from my school librarian, and even from my dentist! The support was amazing."

Olympian Cassidy Krug: A Class Act!

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