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Q & A With Head Track and Field Coach Steve Lewis

By Sarah Freeburn

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Jan. 31, 2002

Q & A -- Head Coach Steve Lewis

Q: What are your goals/expectations for the upcoming (outdoor) season?

A: Our goals are to be competitive on a national level. To compete to the top three, the top percentage of our conference, the Big East. To culminate a great senior experience for our seniors and to maintain our level of excellence we've had for both our men and women.

Q: What are the key components to being successful this season?

A: Our components are discipline, the ability to work hard collectively as a group and to have goals that are relative to championship success.

Q: How will being recognized by the U.S. Track Coaches Association as the Mid-Atlantic Regional Indoor Coach of the Year (2001) and Mid-Atlantic Regional Outdoor Coach of the Year the previous year (2000) affect your recruiting this upcoming year?

A: Those awards are a direct reflection on the youngsters that are on the team, in terms of them pursuing there team in terms of goals, in terms of our recruiting, kids come here whether that has happened or whether that hasn't happened for the very same reasons. They're coming here for what our program represents. An award like that, you have to give it to somebody, but that's a reflection of the type of youngsters we have in our program, during those particular years and times.

Q: How do you plan (game plan) on getting the most out of your athletes in order to attain a successful season? (What role will you play?)

A: I don't have a game plan as such. I think its part of our tradition. We make demands on our kids, we expect those demands to be met. The kids make demands on themselves. So far its been a format for success.

Q: Do you have any prospective athletes?

A: Yes, we have a few kids we feel will add to the spirit and intent of what our program has been about, that have already committed to come to our program.

Q: Do you have any concerns about the amount of experience your athletes have?

A: No, because the most important things that they'll need to learn will happen when they get here. Experience prior to coming is not really relative because whatever experience they've had has nothing to do with what they will experience once they're here. Its two completely different worlds.

Q: Come May, how do you predict you will view the season? Do you think you'll find that it was a complete success... or what possible changes or adjustments will be in store for the 2002 season?

A: We don't think in terms of anything else but success, that's always expected. The reality is that were in the Big East conference and maybe not known by some, especially in the East, it's the toughest most competitive conference in the country. Again, success becomes relative again. In other words, if you go to the top of the line in this conference, that's saying a heck of a lot. You can be middle of the road and still be better than 80 % of most people and most conferences. In terms of what I expect, I expect us to have the same attitude and do the same things that we have done. And so far that's an amount of work, believing in each other and doing the things that they've been prepared to do. And with that its been pretty successful and its expected to be successful this year also.

Q: Is there anything else you would like to add?

A: I think when we have that on top, it sort of lends itself to the rest of the team. Those are our two, I think, leaders but our whole senior class has chosen to lead in one area or another, and I think that has allowed the possibility of having a pretty good team. I think the leadership we have, the senior class, by our seniors this year especially.

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