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Jan. 3, 2009

Recap |  Box Score |  Notes


Pitt at Georgetown, January 3, 2009, Verizon Center


Quoting Pitt Head Coach Jamie Dixon:


Opening Statement …


“As everyone knows we have great respect for the Georgetown program, Coach Thompson and I are great friends, so anytime you can get a win against them you know it’s a well earned victory. What I told the guys after the game was I was so impressed with our preparation. We played at Rutgers on Wednesday and we stayed, which we normally wouldn’t do. So we stayed in a hotel for three straight days and it was all about getting ready for Georgetown. There weren't any other issues, it wasn’t about seeing family, it was all about business and coming down here on Saturday.”


On DaJuan Blair vs. Greg Monroe matchup:


“We joked with (DaJuan Blair) the last couple days that he was going to be well-rested, because he only played eight minutes in the Rutgers game. So he had a lot of legs and he was ready to go and we went inside early we wanted to get him the ball and we wanted to get him involved and that were a big part of it.”


On Pittsburgh’s offense:


“What it got down to was our offense was very good, we got good shots, we didn’t shoot it well, which the numbers indicate we were 3-of-19 from three, but they were all good shots and the main part of our offense is taking good shots, which leads to better offensive rebounding opportunities and I thought this was a classic example of that.”


On Pittsburgh’s maturity:


“I thought we executed all the way through and we made good decisions. Most of all I thought we played smart and that was the biggest thing we talked about. We talked about getting smarter every day and I think we did. Against Rutgers I think we played very hard, but our offense wasn’t as good as it could have been, so we needed to execute and (Georgetown) is one of the best offensive teams in the country, so let’s start with that. We took good shots, we didn’t turn the ball over and our three seniors provided great leadership.”


Georgetown Head Coach John Thompson III


On handling loses in BIG EAST play:


“Each and every game we figure out something to grow from, but in many ways you do throw it away because that’s the type of game that sits in your stomach.  We play on Monday, so we have to get back to campus today and start our preparation for Monday. That’s the nature of this league…to a certain extent this year, you have to bounce back.  You’re going to have to figure out what to take from it and immediately focus on what’s ahead of you.”


On Pittsburgh’s performance:


“They did what veteran teams do.  They made the right plays, they executed at both ends of the floor.  We are a young team that has to go through that growth process.  The nature of our league is a lot of the games are going to be like that.  It’s a game of possessions…everything is important, every phase of the game, every stretch is important and they did a very good job at that point of tightening up and executing.  We got stops, they got the rebounds and put it back in and had some guys who have been making shots that didn’t make shots today.  That’s a tribute to them.  They’ve been there, they’re experienced and it showed; they are a veteran team.”


On Pittsburgh’s veteran team:


“They have very good players.  Levance (Fields) does a very good job of getting them the ball when and where he should.   Calling them a veteran team is more than just a statement.  They’ve been through it, they understand.  They understand what they are trying to accomplish and how they are going to accomplish it.  They do a very good job of methodically putting themselves in those places.”


Quoting Georgetown’s DaJuan Summers:


On the difference between 1st and 2nd half play:


“During the season I try to let things come to me and during the game I let the offense come to me.  During the second half they did a good job at taking away good looks and I didn’t want to force anything.  I wanted to do a better job at letting the game come to me.  That was the biggest difference between the first and second half.”


On being outrebounded:


“It was tough, but I don’t want to take anything away from them (Pitt).  As coach said, they are great players who did a good job at doing what they were supposed to do and we just need to do a better job at doing what we need to do.  Weak side rebounding and pursing the ball…we’re young and just need to do a better job at realizing that we need to get more boards.”


Quoting Georgetown’s Greg Monroe:


On the emotional rollercoaster of the week:


“The team is trying to stay focused and that’s the main thing.  It was a huge win, but we had to come here and prepare for this game.  Today we just got outworked and they were a better team.”


On playing against Blair:


“He’s really strong.  He used his strength to his advantage and that’s basically his game.  He’s a very good player and knows how to use his strength and that’s his whole game plan, using his strength and wide body under the basket to get points.”

Post-Game Quotesheet

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