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Jan. 12, 2013

Recap |  Box Score |  Notes


Marquette at Pitt, Petersen Events Center, January 12, 2013

Marquette 74, Pitt 67 (OT)

Quoting Pitt Coach Jamie Dixon

Opening Statement:

“Just simply didn’t get it done. The rebounding sticks out to me. I know people will point to the free throws, obviously that was a big component of it. They made 23-30 and we made 13-26, missing one-and-ones. You can point to a lot of different things. We battled back and got tied up to go to overtime. Then you have to come out and play and make the right decisions and I don’t think we did a good job of getting good shots in the overtime and that dug us in to another hole. We were in a hole from the beginning, they hit some three’s early and our defense wasn’t good enough first half, in the second half it got better. The three’s they hit early put us in the hole and it seemed like we were fighting back. Once we had opportunities, whether it be free throw line or 14 offensive rebounds. I don’t think we got a lot of finishes out of those14 offensive rebounds or a lot of points. If we got rebound put backs or got to the free throw line, we didn’t finish them up. We had some good performances from Lamar (Patterson), Durand Johnson gave us good minutes. Obviously, Tray (Woodall) is in a situation where we’ll have to find out where he is. The process in place, that even if he says he’s fine and can play, he’ll be out for a certain amount of time. Obviously that was something that happened early in the game, he played 4 minutes, but we’ll see how he feels from there. We have to go through the process that is set in place with concussions. Other than that, I point to the rebounding and they’re a good team, Marquette, they’ve found a way to win three close games now in the league and that’s what you’ve got to do. Usually comes down to the rebounding, that’s what I believe. We’ve lost three games in the league and got outrebounded in all of them. That speaks volumes to me.”

On trying to get the ball inside more:

“We went inside. Talib (Zanna) got nine shots and didn’t get a make, he got one. Steve we went inside and he did some things and got fouled, but the free throw line, he’s not effective there. We went to that, Dante (Taylor) got a finish, but obviously if you don’t make lay-ups you’re not going to have the success you want. We got opportunities, but we didn’t finish at the rim. You’ve got to make the free throws too.”

On the rotation being changed through the course of the game:

“We believe we have good depth and can play different guys, but obviously the rotation got changed around with Tray going out. Had to go to some different things that we hadn’t practiced a lot. (Trey) Ziegler has played the point in practice, but it’s something that we haven’t had in games. Those are the things that you have to play through. Lamar had to play a lot of minutes, based on losing a perimeter player. We have enough guys, we have the right guys and we just didn’t get it done. Things early defensively and the rebounding throughout.”

On if losses are more bothersome when you’re outrebounded:

“I don’t think I said it was bothersome, but it’s something we’ve been stressing all along. You’re going to have games where you don’t shoot as well from the free throw line. We’re close to 70 percent and they shot higher than their percentage and we shot lower than our percentage. The rebounding has to be a constant. I point to the three losses in conference play and we got outrebounded in those three. I see that as a continuation of that theme. Obviously we want to make our free throws; obviously we want to go inside. When you do you want to get fouled and get makes on free throws. You want to get points out of it. I thought we were battling that in the first half, especially early on when we got down, where we seemed to be getting pretty good shots in good opportunities, but we didn’t get makes from the free throw line. Some of those were from good shooters and others weren’t.”

Quoting Pitt forward Lamar Patterson

On the offense after guard Tray Woodall left the game due to injury:

“He’s our captain and when anyone that important goes down you definitely have to find some rhythm. I think once we found it, it was just more of the rebounding that really affected us.”

On being wide open from three-point range to send the game to overtime:

“I hit it, but we didn’t come up with (the win) in overtime. I saw that it was going to be there because of the way they were coming, but I guess it was just a defensive mistake on their end.”

On what the Golden Eagles did to stop the Panthers’ momentum in overtime:

“I think we did it to ourselves. We took a couple errant shots to start overtime, so Marquette really didn’t do much though. They just did what they did and made free throws, but I think we hurt ourselves in this one.”

On Pitt’s struggles during critical moments late in games:

“We have just to get down and make sure when we need a stop, we get a stop. We need to make sure we get the rebounds. In those losses it seemed like whenever we needed a big play, we just didn’t come up with it. It’s something that’s definitely going to change and we can work on it in practice. We’re going to have to continue to work.”

On the team’s troubles at the free-throw line today:

“It was just one of those days where it felt like there was a lid on the basket at the free-throw line. If we would’ve made half (of what we missed), we would’ve won this game.”

Quoting Pitt forward Durand Johnson

On his mindset when first entering the game today:

“I saw Tray (Woodall) go out and I just wanted to come in the game and bring my energy on the defensive end to pick the team up. I wanted to do whatever I could to help the team, to bring energy and get the win. Obviously they outworked us down the stretch and we came up with the loss.”

Quoting Pitt guard James Robinson

On facing Marquette’s zone defense:

“They had a good defensive scheme today. I think we could’ve executed our plays a little bit better, been a little more crisp on our execution. We just didn’t get it done.”

On the pressures handling the ball with Tray Woodall unavailable:

“I think (Durand Johnson), (Lamar Patterson), Trey Zeigler and Cameron Wright—I have an equal amount of confidence in them as I do with Tray (Woodall). Each of those guys really stepped up. They helped out taking care of the ball.”

Quoting Marquette Head Coach Buzz Williams

On their difference in play today from the last few weeks:

“Well number one, we are just not very good.  That’s why they are close games.  I do think that when you don’t have much of a margin you begin to become accustomed to ‘this is what it’s going to be when we compete.’  I do think our team has grown over the last two and a half weeks, three weeks.  It helps when you have success.  We probably focused more on scenarios and situations over the last couple of weeks.  I know anytime that you play league games on the road this is what it’s going to be.  I think those guys losing completely changes the complexion of their team.  I hope that he’s ok but I think that changed some things that Coach (Jamie) Dixon typically does.  It changed their depth chart and how they typically rotate guys.”

On Junior Cadougan sitting after his injury:

“When they brought him back in the first half, they said he was ready to go.  I immediately let him go in. he played one position of offense and I could tell that he didn’t have his gears going.  I didn’t know if it was because he was cold as too opposed if his ankle was sprained.  Jamie McNeilly, who works with us and is close to Junior, told me at halftime, ‘coach he won’t tell you, but he can’t play.’  I told our guys that Derrick (Wilson) was starting.”

On winning on the road against Pitt:

“I wish it was the last game of the season.  It says a lot but the problem is it adds the same value as the other 15 we have to play before we get to New York.  We are thankful that we get to have a happy flight on the way home but we are also cognizant that we have eight more road games.  For us to be in the middle of January and we have only won one road game, it was a good one but we also have lost some that you could argue that we shouldn’t have.  We have also lost some in manners that you were surprised we lost in. We have a long way to go, were thankful for the win, but we will have another chance next Saturday to play on the road.  We will see how we do.”

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