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Jan. 13, 2011

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No. 5 Pitt at No. 22 Georgetown, Washington, D.C., Verizon Center, January 12, 2011

No. 5 Pitt 72, No. 22 Georgetown 57


Quoting Pittsburgh Head Coach Jamie Dixon


On his team’s performance:


“I am really happy with how our guys played and really it started with Monday’s practice.  I thought our focus, I thought our practices, our intensity and just our depth make our practices such a great time to get better and I really think it started there and we came out and performed really at the same level come tonight against a very good team.  Again we know how good Georgetown is.  We know their record, we know their RPI is one of the top in country and so they will continue to beat people and win a lot of games.”


“I think we got them on a night where they didn’t make some shots early, especially some free throw so we were fortunate in the regard. I was really happy with how we played, how we stayed with our stuff, how we ran our sets really well especially in the first half and even in the second half.  Really we just missed open shot but really good execution for the most part and I am really happy with how unselfish we really played. Once again our assist to turnover 15 to five, with the fifth one being at the end of the game when we held the ball , which was the right thing to do.”


“There were a lot of good things and really happy with our guys that their numbers may not show up: JJ Richardson, Talib Zanna, Dante Taylor, Lamar Patterson, and JJ Moore. Other practices are what got us to where we were today.”


On Pitt’s Preparation for the Georgetown game:


“Well we have three guys do the scout and Coach Gary did the scout for this team and I was really impressed…with how quick our guys picked up their stuff. Obviously, Georgetown’s very unique in how they do their stuff and running their sets.  I tell you, from Monday our first day they really jumped into what they were doing, understood and picked it up.  And I was amazed at how much we were able to go through and do it even to today. Today’s walk through was like a review but the number of concepts and sets we went through which the guys understood was rather remarkable in such a short time span to get across.  So Coach Gary did a great job…we have a smart group and our GPA indicates that but they take great pride in knowing what they do.”


Quoting Georgetown Head Coach John Thompson III


On working out of a shooting slump:


“We have good shooters that haven’t been making shots. That’s just the nature of the game in many regards. What we have to do is have a balance in the mentality; a lot of times when we’re missing shots is I’m going to shoot my way out of it. It’s a balance between that confidence in yourself and understanding let’s get some penetration, let’s get some post ups, let’s get to the foul line which will help me get out of that. Everyone just needs to get back to the basics and get some reps, that’s how we get our confidence back.”


On Pittsburgh’s defense and falling behind in the first half:


“They are a very good defensive team, there’s no secret about that. I think they played very well on both ends of the floor. We dug a hole for ourselves in the first half and we missed ten free throws. If you make those it’s a whole different ballgame. They’re too good of a team to make that kind of mistake.


On Pittsburgh’s meticulous film study of Georgetown:


“I don’t want to not give them credit, so if they had meticulous film study, God bless them, it showed up on the court. That being said, we have option A, B, C, D, we have counters to everything. We have different reads that we can make, especially if you know in this particular set they look for this. We always have something else to go to. We have to do a better job of getting to our second, third, fourth option. We have to get back to the mentality of getting good shots. You’ve heard me say this, I don’t care if it takes three seconds of 33 seconds, the longer we stay with our stuff the more we’re going to get good shots. They did a good job defending us, yes, but the stuff we wanted was still there.”


On if there is concern about starting 1-4 in the BIG EAST:


“Yeah it’s a concern, you’re 1-4 in the toughest league in the country, so it’s almost a rhetorical question. The good thing is, we still have a lot of ball to be played. We’re five games into an 18 game season. We can still fight our way out of it, but is it a concern that we’re 1-4? Yes, it’s a concern. Make a few shots it solves everything. Get a few rebounds, get a few stops, it’s a simple game make shots and guard your guy.”


Quoting Georgetown’s Chris Wright:


On Ashton Gibb’s 3-point shot after the Hoyas cut the lead to 11…


“It was a big shot. We stressed that we wanted to keep a high hand in his face and force him to drive him to the basket, but we didn’t do that. He can shoot and if you leave him open he’s going to knock down his shots.”


On being 1-4 in BIG EAST Conference play:


“We can’t look at down the road, we have to look at the next game. It’s not an ideal situation and it isn’t something we envisioned we’d be in, but at this point you can’t think anything about it; just need to step us…make plays and win games. And that’s it as far as I’m concerned. No time for us to be basically acting like punks.  We’ve got to step up.”


On missing shots and the difficulty of getting out of a slump…


“At this point now we can’t be worried about missing shots. If we’re open, we have to have confidence in each other and confidence in ourselves.  That confidence should not waiver at this point. We’re veterans and if we have an open shot we will shoot it, and we think it’s going in.  If we’re missing than oh well, we’ve got to go to the next shot.  It’s part of the next game. Everybody goes through streaks and slumps, and we just have to continue playing.”


On being unable to string together defensive stops:


“That’s important and if you can’t do that it makes it much more difficult on the offensive end. I think guys begin to think about the defensive end and not being able to get stops, [instead of the offense].  It’s important for us to get stops so we can get into transition and have a momentum boost.”


Quoting Georgetown’s Austin Freeman


On Pitt’s defensive game against him:


“They tried to get me off the three-point line.  They forced me to drive and get the ball off my hands.  I didn’t try to let that affect me. I tried to flow with the offense and get my shot to help my teammates.”


On his shooting slump:


“Even though I know I’m not making shots, I’ve still got to do the other things. Try to rebound, get my other teammate’s shots and I have to be better with that also.”


On the Hoyas play recently after the 8-0 start…


“Well, I feel with this team when we’re clicking we can be one of the best teams in the country. We just have to keep working, get ready for our next game on Saturday, and try to get better every day.”


About being more aggressive…


“I felt that we were aggressive; our energy was there. We just need to get consecutive stops on the defensive end.”


Quoting Georgetown’s Julian Vaughn


On the importance of the upcoming road games and turning things around:


“It’s very critical.  We’ve got to bounce back, go to practice tomorrow and head out on the road and get two against two very good teams.”

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