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Jan. 30, 2012

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Pitt at West Virginia, Jan. 30, 2012, WVU Coliseum, Morgantown, W.Va.

Pitt 72, West Virginia 66

Quoting Pitt coach Jamie Dixon 

Opening statement:

“Obviously, I’m very happy for our guys and what they have done and how they have battled and what they have become. As you coach, you want to talk about what you can become and what you want to be and this is an example of a team that continued to battle and do the work. I thought the crowd was terrific. We had a great atmosphere, just a great game to play. The fans and the environment were  terrific. It is truly an honor to play here and coach at a historic building with a lot of great memories here.” 

On the win:

“It was a great win for us. West Virginia played very well. Kevin Jones and (Deniz) Kilici did exactly what we were afraid they might do and they hurt us inside. They pounded it inside and ran a lot of great sets. Obviously, Coach Huggins knows how to get the ball to his scorers and he did it all game long. We fought through foul trouble and threw in some zone and threw in some different things to try and keep them off balance and I think it was effective to a point, but again they still had 21 and 12 from those two guys.” 

On what the performance meant to his team:

“Great performances from our guys in so many different ways. All our guys played well. We played nine and our depth is something we used to our advantage. It is something that is going to continue to develop for us with these young guys. We went to a little bit different offense as the game went on. We were more patient and more aware of what we were trying to do and really stopped their run earlier. That was a big point of emphasis,  and I was proud of our guys because we talked about putting more pressure. We didn’t handle it great early, but once we figured it out, we understood what we wanted to do and took care of the ball.” 

Quoting West Virginia coach Bob Huggins

On the technical foul call: 

“I have had in my career, obviously, a bunch of technicals, and I have never had one for yelling at a player for not making a rotation. I was frustrated because I have got a four-year guy who doesn’t make a rotation as much and as hard as we work and as good as we have been defensively, which he was a part of, not making a rotation. I was yelling at him and this guy Ts me from across the court, and I am yelling at Truck (Bryant). He couldn’t have even thought I was yelling at him. He was not even in my field of vision.”

On what hurt the team the most 

“They out-toughed us. We blocked three shots in the first half, and they pick it up and get three-point plays out of it. We just don’t get to the ball. Four balls went out of bounds and they save it back inbounds and we have a guy here and a guy here and they have a guy behind our two guys and he runs in and catches it and shoots a lay-up and our two guys still have yet to move. We just didn’t get to the ball. There is not an athletic game where you don’t have to get to the ball. We don’t make rotations, we get back-screened and we don’t help on the back screen. We shouldn’t get back-screened, but we do.”

On the inconsistencies of the team 

“We haven’t played with any consistency all year. We get on a run, we are passing the ball and we are playing pretty good and some guy will decide that he has to show everyone that he can’t dribble. We will do a pretty good job of rebounding and all of a sudden we will stand and the ball will bounce and they will grab it and put it in and we are just standing there.”

On the substitution pattern: 

“You try and explain to the guys that if you get tired, tell me. I put you out, you come right back in. When you are ready to come back in, come back in. KJ (Kevin Jones) does a heck of a job, and the guy kind of pushes him under the rim and dives into him and shoots it and the ball comes up short. KJ is stuck under the rim and nobody tries to make a play on it. I told them that I have never had a team give up this many lay-ups in a crucial situation.”

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