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Feb. 5, 2012

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Villanova at Pitt, February 5, 2012, Petersen Events Center, Pittsburgh, Pa.
Pitt 79, Villanova 70

Quoting Pitt head coach Jamie Dixon:

Opening Statement:

“I was very proud of our guys and the way they played today. We got off to a slow start and got into some foul trouble and weren’t able to play the guys we normally play.  We overcame some adversity and did a great job. I thought our fans were terrific. The crowd was unbelievable once again, I can’t say enough about them and what they do.  The atmosphere was great. These were two good teams and a great battle between them.  I think we got the rebounding edge as the game went on. We were down early on the glass and that needed to change.  Tray (Woodall) and Ashton (Gibbs) were amazing, especially down the stretch at the free throw line.  We got some good performances from John Johnson, J.J. Moore and Cameron Wright with Lamar Patterson and Nasir Robinson in foul trouble. I thought we ended the game well as far as getting the ball to the right guys and taking care of the press. Again, a great win for us, a great way to finish the game and good performance. I thought Talib (Zanna) and Dante (Taylor) gave us great production. We had to play them both together, which we have practiced with and done in the past.”

On three-point plays in the 22-2 run Pitt had:

“Well, we hit some three’s, there is no question about that. Some were open shots, good penetration and some kicks and there were some other situations where we had patience. For the most part, they were good shots. We really wanted to get penetration and get to the foul line tonight. I don’t’ think we relied on the three-pointers as the game went on. I thought we had to get more layups and get to the foul line a lot. I thought we took very good shots for the most part, in the second half we didn’t execute as well, but good shots in the first half.”

On containing Maalik Wayns:

“We wanted to keep him off the line. We didn’t want to foul him and we wanted him to take jump-shots.  I don’t think he got in the lane as much he does normally and that was something we really wanted to keep him from doing.  He is very good at getting by people and hesitating and using ball screens, but I thought we guarded the ball screens very well.”

On considering playing Dante Taylor and Nasir Robinson together more often:

“We have practiced it a lot.  I think Lamar Patterson is a guy that we want on the floor and Nasir Robinson is a guy we want on the floor.  However, we have practiced it and went to it a couple of times earlier in the year.  We got good performances from a number of guys and that made up for the foul trouble.  I think our players are learning what we need from them now.”

On teams underestimating Tray Woodall:

“I don’t know about underestimating, I think we got pretty good looks and I think they are very aggressive defensively.  I think we moved the ball well and reversed it effectively.  I think people know how good Tray (Woodall) is at this point, I don’t think it’s any secret.  I think Tray (Woodall) just made some plays.”

On better free throw percentage:

“I think having the right guys at the line is important and that is a big factor.  When Tray (Woodall) is shooting 12 free throws and Ashton (Gibbs) is shooting seven, you are going to have good percentages.  It’s good to get them to the foul line, and getting your best guards to the line is the most important thing.”

Quoting Pitt’s Tray Woodall:

On the key to the 22-2 run:

“We had to be patient.  They played defense the same way West Virginia did.  They were denying our entry passes.  We had to go out, be basketball players, attack and stay in our motion.  Eventually we would find each other.  We have good passers and play makers on this team that can knock down shots.  We just have to be ready to go out and play basketball.”

On teams underestimating his shooting ability:

“I think they are.  My numbers speak for themselves this year.  I have put countless hours in at the gym.  If they want to keep underestimating me, I will keep knocking down shots.  It just makes me tougher to guard.”

On his shooting:

“I just want to attack.  I don’t want anyone to think that I am hurting.  I want to leave the floor knowing that I made no excuses.  At the end of the day you don’t want to leave the court with regrets.  You want to leave the court knowing you gave everything you could and fought for your team.  We have to keep fighting and that is what I’m trying to do with my team.  It is helping me look good."

Quoting Pitt’s Ashton Gibbs:

On how the improvement of free throws helped in this game:

“It was big because we lost a couple games early in the season due to free throws.  It was a matter of guys spending more time in the gym.  Everything is carrying over into the game. “  

On having Tray Woodall back:

“It is great to have him back. He is a great playmaker and scoring option.  The best has yet to come for him and our team.”

Quoting Pitt’s Dante Taylor:

On his free throws:

“I need to shoot more free throws in practice.  I need to focus on it more and take it more seriously.  Those are easy points and it is a way to help my team out.  When you are a big man and can shoot free throws it is always a positive for our side.”

Quoting Villanova Head Coach Jay Wright:

Opening  Statement:

“I thought the difference in the game was that their two guards were outstanding.  Gibbs and Woodall controlled the entire game and we couldn’t do anything with them.  We tried to blitz them, deny them.  They dominated the game with smart, tough guard play.  We had decent balance but when you get a lead and you have guards like that they are going to make plays.   You can’t speed them up.  They control the ball, run the clock down and then make a play.  They’ll make every free throw.  They’re great.  I thought it was the whole game.  You try to speed it up and get it out of their hands.  They are a good team and they get it back and at the end of the clock those two take it and make the shot or make the free throws”. 

On establishing Mouphtaou Yarou:

“A lot of times it is how the defense plays you.  They really get up on our guards and let them alone in their one-on-one.  They played behind them.  Some teams don’t play behind them.  We tried to take it early.  At one point he was 0-9.  He had great looks and he will get it going.”

On the inconsistency in the lead:

“It is inconsistency of inexperience.  You saw that from Pitt before Woodall came back.  With him back everyone goes back to their spots .  They are playing like an experienced team.  We still play like an inexperienced team.  We did some good things, hanging in there and not going away, but the start of the second half giving up baskets and to foul like we did is inexperience.”

On Pitt’s team now vs past teams:

“I think watching the Georgetown and West Virginia games and then seeing them today they are starting to look like the old Pitt team.  They didn’t before those games.  I didn’t get to see them before those games when they were in their seven game streak.  Since Woodall came back you can see every game everyone is getting more comfortable with playing where they normally play, defending the way they normally defend, controlling the clock, and taking care of the basketball.  I think they do look like a typical Pitt team now.  I said that to our guys coming into this game.”    

On Maalik’s performance against Pitt’s defense:

“They did a great job of Maalik.  It is tough for Maalik because we do not have that other guard like Ashton Gibbs does.  Ty’s a half year freshman so we are trying to get him more time to get Maalik a break and get him off the ball .  When we do that it hurts us defensively right now.  It is a tough year for Maalik but I think he is handling it really well.  Everybody knows stop him and so we are trying to establish Mouphtaou, Jayvaughn, and Cheek.  I think Maalik is handling this very well.”

Quoting Villanova guard Maalik Wayns:

On frustration:

“I stick with my guys.  I go to them if there are five seconds left and we are down two.  I have the most confidence as anybody to take the shot myself as I do in them.  I try to get them shots.  If they make them they make them, but I stick with them.”

On Mouptaou’s performance and confidence:

“He can make that shot.  He takes it and he works on it in practice.  I have total confidence giving him the ball.  He can make those shots.”

On the way he is handling being the focal point and not getting as much help:

“I think I am trying to find a way whether I score five points, 40 points or 30, whatever it is to try to get a win.  Usually I have to score for our team to be in the game.  I have to score big for us to win games.  On a night like this if a couple guys get it going it is a different game.”

Quoting Villanova guard Dominic Cheek:

On getting back in the game:

“We are not going to let every game affect us.  We are going to keep playing Villanova basketball.  And not let the lead get to us.”

On falling short of the win against Pitt and other teams:

“It is frustrating.  We have to keep working hard and getting better.  We are going continue to do it and take practice to keep getting better.”

On working hard through the frustration:

“We do it for us.  We are going to keep playing Villanova basketball.  We have faith in each other and the coaches have faith in us.  We know we are getting better and can hang with any team in the Big East.  We have to keep getting better, practice, and watch film.”

On seeing results:

“I know everybody wants to see results now.  We have to keep moving forward and worry about the next game.”

On the performance of Woodall and Gibbs:

“They played outstanding today.  I think Pitt is one of the best teams in the Big East since they got Woodall back.  Pitt is going to be tough to beat.”

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