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Feb. 5, 2013

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Seton Hall at No. 23 Pitt, February 4, 2013, Petersen Events Center, Pittsburgh, Pa.

No. 23 Pitt 56, Seton Hall 46

Quoting Pitt Head Coach Jamie Dixon:

Opening statement:

“Edwin (Fuquan) was very dangerous, but we knew that going in. We wanted to get them with the rebounding, get them with the defense, that’s what we wanted to do. Outrebounded them by 12 and our goal was 10 to 15, so we got those two things accomplished. Made free throws down the stretch, shot 70 percent in the second half and executed better. Did some things differently offensively against the match-up zone and switching man. We’ve just got to do a better job. Obviously, we didn’t have much time to prepare and it is a different kind of defense. I have to do a better job of getting us ready. The other thing is we have to work on making lay-ups. I think that’s the other thing, but we’re usually pretty good at that, so I think that’ll get turned around here. As I look at the numbers, I think we had eight missed lay-ups in the first half and I don’t know what it was in the second half, I think they added up. We had breakaways; we had post-ups that we didn’t quite finish. You want to get them in the right spot and that’s what we did. I thought we got some big defensive stops down at the end and came up with the rebounds. Lamar (Patterson), Steve (Adams, obviously the rebounding was key. Again with ten guys all the way through gave us (something). Whether it’s Cameron (Wright) giving us some minutes or JJ (Moore) coming out and hitting some shots for us. Dante (Taylor) got some foul trouble and never kind of got in to rhythm there, but again with ten guys playing, Durand (Johnson) made some plays too. Good all-around effort from our guys and we’re excited about the win and looking forward to our game Saturday. We’ll take tomorrow off and get ready for that.”

On the play of Lamar Patterson:

“I think he’s playing really well. His patience, he’s letting shots come to him and I think he’s rebounding well. His numbers have been real good lately. Wanted to get him going there and he played 30 minutes and took good shots. He’s coming up with big rebounds for us. He’s also a guy we can play through, a high assist guy for us, we’re just trying to get him better and better defensively. Then Durand is giving us good minutes there too and I think that’s pushing him too in a lot of ways. That’s been a good combination for us, we just have to continue to get him rest at the right time and Durand just has to play good defense when he’s in there. We know he can score at times for us, but the defense is first and foremost.”

On being able to run the offense through Patterson:

“He’s been doing that since last year. As the year progressed last year, I think that was something where we ran more sets for him to be that guy who can play. I think he often times has a forward guarding him and match-ups are key. We can take advantage of that. Again, I think he’s really been patient too. His shot selection has been better too and that’s always good. Making shots builds confidence and I think makes that shot look a whole lot better.”

On if the recent stretch of good play is a credit to an improvement in rebounding:

“When we haven’t rebounded we haven’t won in most instances. When we lost the few games that seems to be the constant. We understand that, but we kind of knew that before and that’s been something we’re preaching and talking about. Guys have improved, but our defense has gotten better too. Those two things go hand in hand. You have to win with that and this is a perfect example. I don’t know if it was our offense, I have to watch the film, but I thought we got good looks early, we just didn’t finish a lot of them. In the second half we took better shots and we missed some breakaway lay-ups and put backs. We’re getting a lot of offensive rebounds; we’re just not getting the results and points with them.”

Quoting Pitt guard Cameron Wright:

On becoming a bigger part of the offense:

“I just try to bring a lot of energy to the table.  When I get the opportunity to score, my teammates do a great job of getting me the ball.  I just try to finish for those guys.”

On being aggressive with the ball:

“In order to be successful in this game you have to be aggressive.  Every basketball player looks for their shot at times.  Just catching the rhythm of the game and allowing our teammates to create.  They do a great job of finding me at times.”

Quoting Pitt guard Tray Woodall:

On whether the technical foul against Steven Adams gave Pitt a spark:

“It was late in the game.  Guys wanted to lockdown and come together to get some stops but I don’t think the technical revved us up anymore than we needed to be. At the end of the game we just wanted to get down and get stops.”

On the physicality of the game:

“This game was just the same as any Big East game.  It was a typical Big East game.  We didn’t shoot the ball well.   It was one of our worst shooting games of the season.  Seton Hall did a good job.  We have to give them credit.  They did a good job of switching up their defenses.  We just need to give more credit to their defense.  It wasn’t more physical.  It was just a typical Big East game.” 

Quoting Pitt forward Lamar Patterson:

On how this game helped Pitt:

“This was a good one.  It keeps our momentum going.  Games like these, people tend to look past but we only take one game at a time.  Now we will get ready for Cincinnati.”

On Pitt gaining confidence in Steven Adams:

“We definitely are.  He’s becoming more comfortable and it’s showing on the court.  He’s making big plays and his free throws.  Every game he is becoming more comfortable out there.”

Quoting Seton Hall Head Coach Kevin Willard

On how the game changed when (Edwin) Fuquan went down in the last eight minutes:

“I thought the game changed when we missed the two one-and-ones. Not having two points is what hurt us. The two one-and-ones really hurt our momentum. I thought that was when the game got away from us.”

On how Seton Hall has been adjusting to (Aaron) Cosby’s absence:

“We’ve been adjusting all Big East. Brandon Mobley has to have surgery in three weeks. Brian Oliver has to have surgery in three weeks. We’ve been hit by the injury bug pretty badly. I’m proud of our guys and how they’ve been able to shuffle around and do different things. Not having Cosby obviously hurts but a lot of our guys have stepped up.”  

On Seton Hall’s defense:

“We were trying to make them shoot threes. Usually that is directly opposite of what I try to do defensively, however they have such a size advantage over people. (Talib) Zanna and (Steven) Adams are big guys so we were trying to make them shoot three’s and we did a decent job, but not enough. We wanted to make at least 23 and I thought we had a little trouble when they started dribbling and penetrating.”

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