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Feb. 9, 2013

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No. 23 Pitt at No. 17 Cincinnati, February 9, 2013, Cincinnati, Ohio, Fifth Third Arena

No. 23 Pitt 62, No. 17 Cincinnati 52

Quoting Pitt Head Coach Jamie Dixon Quotes

On the keys to the game:

“Obviously, in the second half we cut down the rebounding margin. We didn’t get it to where we wanted it to, but when you take care of the ball like we did and I thought we ran a good offense all the way through. They’re a very good defensive team so you’re not going to get a lot of layups, but we were inside out and took good shots. Our shot selection was very good. We were 4 of 8 from three-point range. We’re not going to make a lot of those, but we can shoot a high percentage.  That’s what we’ve done and we just went inside out for us. Talib scored for us inside. They kind of left us isolated in the post a little bit which was something that we took advantage of. Then we knocked down our free throws down the stretch too. The zone was something that I thought we would use, but I didn’t anticipate using it that much or having the amount of success that we had with it. That’s something that we’ve been working on a lot. We really focused in on it tonight and used it in stretches. Today it came in very handy.”

On Pitt’s ability to limit UC offensively down the stretch:

“They were hurting us with their penetration the entire first half and then a little bit at the start of the second half. So we tried the zone a little bit in the second half and also a little bit in the first half. Then in the second half we went to it out of necessity and then just stayed with it. We wanted to limit their penetration, which was the most important thing for us. That’s where they seemed to be beating us and getting us in foul trouble which was hurting us. I was concerned with the rebounding out of it and they still continued to rebound and get some open shots out of our zone. That’s something that is an issue with any zone and something that we were well aware of.”

On their ability to limit Sean Kilpatrick in the second half:

“Well, we lost him a couple of times in man to man where we had break downs. Those were just flat out mistakes on him in the first half where we just didn’t get it done. Then in the second half the zone had something to do with that. I thought he still had some looks, but he’s such a rhythm guy coming off of the screens and then also with the ball in his hands with his ability to beat someone off of the dribble. The zone kind of took that away. I thought the penetration ability with that was gone and I think that’s why he wasn’t able to get into the same rhythm as he did in the first half.”

Quoting Pitt guard Tray Woodall

On the focus of getting the ball inside:

“Definitely, feeding the big guy inside. I think they fired (Steven Adams) up a bit when he saw a picture of his girlfriend in the crowd. We just wanted to make sure we got it inside.”

On making all four of his three-point attempts:

“I’m a little more concerned that I missed those free throws. That’s why I ran over there at the end to try and get the feeling back in my hand for the last minute and a half. I couldn’t even feel my fingers. But I’m glad we’ve a freshman in James who stepped up and hit four or six clutch free throws and Lamar hitting free throws. That’s what the team is for.”

On Steven Adams’ pass to set up the Talib Zanna dunk:

“In the huddle he was saying that they were going to double-team him so we told him to make sure to be patient and not think too far ahead. He was patient enough and he dropped off a beautiful pass.”

On Adams’ progress on offense:

“We double-team him every day in practice. So these one-on-one matchups will be easy for him and I think he feels much more comfortable out there and you can tell.”

On scoring his 1,000th career point:

“I wanted to step up and knock those two free throws down. I’m not going to lie, I definitely had that 1,000th point in the back of my mind and then I hit the two free throws. I’m glad it’s out of the way now and there’s no more pressure.  I’m just happy we came out with the victory.”

On Lamar Patterson’s dunk to give them the lead late in the game:

“That was a game changer. That was a big blow. Lamar stepped up and made a big play and I think that was a big blow to them. It definitely changed the direction of the game.”

On the team’s 20th victory and eighth conference win this season:

“We’ve played a lot more games than everybody else, but it’s good to get 20 wins. But that’s not really what our goal is. We’ve got eight wins in the conference but we’ve still got a lot to prove. A lot of people kept saying we couldn’t hang with the big boys or we can’t hang with the top tier teams in the Big East. But clearly they don’t know what they’re talking about.”

Quoting Pitt forward Lamar Patterson

On how this win impacts the team:

“It does a lot. It shows we have grown as a team. At the beginning of the season [UC] took over in the second half. Tonight they dominated in the first half, out-rebounding us by six. In the second half we came back and showed we wanted this win. We went out there and took it because they surely didn’t give it to us.”

On Tray Woodall stepping up:

“That’s what Trey’s supposed to do. He’s been around for a long time, he’s a senior and our leader and we have a lot of faith and trust in him. He just comes through like this all the time.”

On what type of team Pitt can be if it has consistent low-post scoring:

“We will be a team to watch. With Steve [Adams] and Talib [Zanna] down low, dominating like that and getting easy layups makes it easier for us guards on the perimeter. We got it to them, they were doubled and that left people open to make a cut move and since they can both pass, we were able to take advantage of the two forces down low.”

On his dunk that gave Pitt the lead in the second half being a game-changer:

“I don’t usually show my jumping ability; I’m not known for that. Plays like that are game-changers and my teammates expect things like that from me – to come up with a rebound or play that shows how much I want it. It’s contagious when you continue to fight. Between the leaders out there and Steve we definitely stepped up.”

On holding Cashmere Wright to five points:

“We wanted to keep a hand in his face. The scouting report showed he will shoot from anywhere on the court, so we wanted to keep a hand in his face and make a tough shot and not let him get in the paint. We did a good job. Kilpatrick went off in the first half, but he was the focal point in the second half.”

On how dangerous the team is with Steve Adams playing the way he did tonight:

“We are a dangerous team, but we have to take it one game at a time and not get ahead of ourselves. Steve has shown what he is really about. Everyone has heard of what he can do, but now he’s starting to show it. He’s one of the most talented big men, I think, in the country. That’s a big statement for a freshman, but we are starting to see the real Steve Adams now.”

On Sean Kilpatrick being the focal point of the second half:

“Maybe not him specifically, but we knew what coach meant when he said there were too many penetrations and kicks. All of them were to him. [UC] was beating us off the perimeter and we had to help and that left [Kilpatrick] wide open. We had to get tough and guard our men better one-on-one to take away [Kilpatrick’s] game. He’s a spot-up shooter and we didn’t let him get many of those shots off in the second half.”

Quoting Cincinnati Head Coach Mick Cronin

Opening Statement:

“Give Pitt credit, they battled hard all night, stayed in the game. We went cold at the wrong time and right now we’re not tough enough on the front line to get rebounds against a team like Pitt. The tougher team won. They were the more physical team. They were more solid on the defensive end and in a game like this one, two, three breakdowns can kill you. We got some really good looks from our two best shooters from the nine-minute mark to the three-minute mark that happens. What can’t happen is Cheikh (Mbodj), David (Nyarsuk) and Kelvin (Gaines) combining for only one offensive rebound, that can’t happen.”

On Cashmere Wright not shooting well due to injury:

“Let’s just be honest guys, the kid is giving everything he’s got. He is playing hurt and giving everything he’s got. But there are nights where great shooters miss open shoots, so I will just focus on tonight. The answer is you got to go get a rebound; somebody has to get it off the rim. We didn’t have an offensive rebound until the under five-minute mark in the second half, it’s inexcusable. To say guys were holding me, whatever, he’s bigger he’s stronger it’s all an excuse. You got to go get the ball and keep it alive. Don’t accept the block out. If he is holding you then be active so the official has to call a foul instead of just accepting it. Right now we’re not tough enough to beat a good team. That’s the bottom the line.”

On Sean Kilpatrick's performance in the second half:

“He missed a lot of open shots that’s going to happen; it would be nice if somebody got an offensive rebound, 15 minutes without an offensive rebound is ridiculous. You can’t win when that happens guys, you can’t win. You’re not going to shut the other team down when that happens. We had a few crucial defensive breakdowns. We struggled on the backboard. We let a guy shot a three in our face at the end of the shot clock who is their best shooter.”

On the defensive breakdown that led to an open dunk:

“Yeah, against our zone it was another defensive breakdown. It’s inexcusable just inexcusable. It’s against a zone. A guy got a dunk against our zone. Our rule is the five man never leaves the rim when we are playing a zone.”

On Cincinnati’s passing:

“It’s much better. We just missed a lot of shots in the second half even in the first half we were wide open. Our passes were much better, our attempts to try execute better to get more guys open. But you know it’s tough guys when Justin (Jackson) missed two layups to start the game and then he goaltends the layup on an and-one. We get one point instead of three, miss the two layups. There is six. Titus (Rubles) in the second half, a couple right under the rim we traveled, if you can’t get the ball in the basket it’s hard to win, we played a high level top 25 team.”

Post Game Notes

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