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Feb. 14, 2009

Recap |  Box Score |  Notes


Cincinnati at Pitt, Petersen Events Center, Feb. 14, 2009


Quoting Pitt’s Head Coach Jamie Dixon


Opening Statement:


“I thought that was a great game offensively by both teams. Cincinnati’s an NCAA Tournament team in my opinion, and one that’s going to play their way in. They’ve been very hot and playing very well of late, so it’s good to get a win against them. I thought our defense could have been a little bit better, but give them a lot of credit. Their offense executed very well and they really gave us their best effort and their best shot. They had second and third options in their offensive sets that were making moves and scoring.”


On playing UConn on Monday:


“We have to go beat a very good team on the road, which is always a challenge. We’re number one in the RPI right now though, so obviously we’ve been doing something right all year. Hasheem Thabeet is a great player who’s really improved tremendously as his career has gone one. He started against us here his freshmen year and that UConn team didn’t even make the NCAA Tournament. Now, two years later they’re the number-one ranked team in the country riding him very hard. That shows great improvement.”


On the play of Gilbert Brown:


“Gilbert Brown is a very important player for us. He’s had a rough couple of games, but he’s got too much talent and works too hard not to bounce back. We’ve been talking about getting more out of him and he really stepped up tonight.  I thought we got a lot of good contributions from everyone. We avoided foul trouble, so some guys didn’t get the minutes they’d been getting, but I didn’t really think there was anyone who had a down game.”


On the play of Levance Fields:


“I was saying earlier that when a guy has 13 assists and zero turnovers it’s a mind boggling stat, but it’s something with Levance that we almost take for granted. Everything we do on offense flows through him and he’s really just leading us perfectly right now. I’m not sure there’s anyone right now in the country playing point guard as well as he is.”


Quoting Pitt’s Levance Fields


On Pitt’s run after Cincinnati cut the lead to five in the second half:


“I thought the crowd really got behind us and sparked us to pick up our play a little more. We were able to get some stops on defense, followed by some good looks which our shooters stepped up and knocked down.”


On Jermaine Dixon’s defense:


“Today was another great job by Jermaine Dixon just doing what he’s done well all year. He has to go up against the other team’s top guard the every time and he does a phenomenal job. He’s got good size, long arms and he moves his feet well. Jermaine’s everything you’d want defensively at his position.”


Quoting Pitt’s DeJuan Blair


On Pitt’s play:


“We just played our game tonight. It wasn’t our best performance of the year, but it got the job done. Gilbert Brown really stepped up for us and provided us a spark off the bench. It seemed like everybody that got in the game today gave us energy and was able to contribute in a big way.”


Quoting Pitt’s Gilbert Brown


On his play:


“I’ve just been focused on being more aggressive and trying to get to the rack. I was able to do that with some success today, not only finishing strong but also drawing some fouls and getting to the line.”


Quoting Cincinnati Head Coach Mike Cronin


On the game:


“We were down 11 at the half against the No. 3 or 4 ranked team in the nation.  It’s tough to dig out of a hole. Our goal was to try to hold them in the 60’s.”


On Pitt:


“They’ve got a great team.  This is the best Pitt team I’ve seen.  It’s a culmination of hard work.  Pitt is a great team.  They played well, and we were unable to stop them. They have three players who are probably the best in the league at their positions (Young, Blair, and Fields). Levance has proven that he can dominate when healthy. Dejaun has proven he can dominate. Sam has proven he can dominate. You don’t have much margin for error against Pitt.”


On Cincinnati:


“We’ve made a great run the last month.  This was like a final exam. I was proud of our guys. They kept fighting. My message to our guys: certain things have gone wrong but we’ve been able to overcome.”


On the game:


“The only thing that didn’t go well on offense was first half turnovers and free throws. After watching the film, I think this is the best team Jamie’s had. They have more fire power.”


On UConn:

“It’s tough to play up there.  Dyson’s injury was unfortunate. I thought Pitt, Connecticut, and North Carolina would be in the final four.”


Quoting Cincinnati’s Alvin Mitchell:


On the game:


“It’s real tough playing Pitt at home. I thought they’d come out a little lackadaisical, but they came out tough like they should.”

“It was a learning experience. We played one of the top teams in the nation. It was a test to see how far we’ve come. Despite the loss, we still gained a lot.  They showed me what it takes to be ranked like them. We needed to find a way to get easy buckets and get to the free throw line.”


Quoting Cincinnati’s Deonta Vaughn:


On Cincinnati:


“Everybody just made plays with the ball.”


On Pitt’s DeJuan Blair:


“Blair’s a good player. He’s strong willed.”


On the game:


“[Turnovers] hurt us a lot. I turned [the ball] over a couple of times.  That’s what really hurt us in the first half. I think we played well as a team.  We played the number four team in the country. They’re a good team, but any team can be beaten.”

Post-Game Quotesheet

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