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Feb. 16, 2011

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USF at No. 4 Pitt, February 16, 2011 at Petersen Events Center
No. 4 Pitt 67, USF 55,


Opening Statement:

“I’m very excited about the win and how we did it rebounding wise. We really emphasized rebounding this week. We got out rebounded against Villanova, so to out rebound USF by 22 speaks volumes. Travon Woodall was key. I liked how we did it. We finished strong and executed well in the zone as the game went on. USF played well, they made some shots – especially threes. Against a team that played well and made shots we found a way to rebound and make our own shots.”


On outrebounding USF:


“I don’t know the exact numbers at the end of the half, but it ended up being 22 by the end of the game. We missed a lot of tip-ins – that was a part of it. We had three or four times where the two or three attempts at the rim and came away with nothing, but the effort was there. They played zone and that’s how you beat the zone, with offensive rebounding. That was key. We made them take a lot of jump shots. At times our defense was giving up baskets but that was because they made some tough shots. We made them take jump shots. Their big guys were taking jump shots so those will limit you on offense rebounding.”


On working in the paint:


“It took us a little bit but we got to it and finished some things a little better. We attacked it the second time through, the reversal, rather than the first time on the interior touch. That gave us more time, more spacing and more time to finish. We attacked it well. To their credit they made good shots. They deserve credit for the shots they made and how they played. I’m happy with how we responded on the glass; we did some really good things.”


On the play of J.J. Moore:


“He was good. J.J. Moore, we’re really trying to get him to help us on the defensive end. He’s getting better, all our freshmen are. We see all the freshmen getting better throughout the year. He got possessions, and that’s what we needed against a team that was making shots.”


On playing without Ashton Gibbs:


“He’s a good shooter. There’s no free agent or waiver wire that we allows us to just pick up a guy. Nobody had to change how they played. We just have to do what we do, and do it right. You’re not going to all of a sudden make a guy that shoots Ashton percentage. We didn’t have to replace him, we just had to play our way. That speaks to exactly what we talked about three games ago when Ashton went down. I think that’s a good sign. Our guys understood that and have done a good job. We’ll see how he’s doing on Saturday.”


On USF getting to a one point game:


“I thought there was a stretch where we kept on missing put-backs and they made some shots. They’re good and they responded well. They probably thought they didn’t play well in the last few games, so they came out and played well tonight. Their size allows them to play in the mid post and rely on a lot of jump shots. We defended well. We’re playing against high-level players, and they’re going to make shots. As long as you make them take tough shots throughout the game that’s going to work in our favor.”


On making layups without fouls:


“Position. You don’t’ want to be outside of position. You don’t want to be behind him and not have the angle you need. I can only think of two baskets where we gave them position right around the rim and allowed them to get them layups. They hit six threes – about four of them that I can think of were pretty well guarded. We defended well, but the numbers don’t indicate it as much as it should.”


On the play of Travon Woodall:


“I thought he played really well. The first two plays he had were key. His performance speaks to his efforts, energy and execution. I thought he did a really good job. He didn’t make all his shots, but he played a good, solid game defensively. He took care of the ball. He played a real well rounded game.”


On the play of Nasir Robinson:


“I think as a junior; he’s improving and getting better with time. He’s playing with more confidence and finding the spots. He has a little more patience right now. He was a little more patient in the second half. You look like you’re jumping better when you play on one than against a crowd. Everybody looks more athletic when they’re on their own and by themselves rather than playing against two. He’s body has changed over his career and that’s a good thing too. He’s improved in a lot of areas and I think that is one of them.”


Quoting Pitt’s Brad Wanamaker:


On South Florida hanging around:


“They came out attacking, but we just stayed poised and executed.”


On spreading out the points without Ashton Gibbs:


“I think we are like that even with Ashton playing. We’re a pretty balanced team and at any time, someone can step up and make some plays.”


On limiting the easy layups after Notre Dame:


“We don’t give up easy lay-ups in practice, so I don’t expect us to do it in a game. We can’t afford to give up the easy baskets because that could get the other team going.”


Quoting Pitt’s Nasir Robinson


On the zone defense:


“We just attacked the zone inside and got some more touches on the ball. From doing that, we found the open man. We just had to be patient and not take bad shots like we were.”


On the charge he took:


“I beat the offensive player to the spot and I took the charge. Coach Dixon told us in practice that we need to step up and be able to take a charge and that’s what I did.”


Quoting Pitt’s Travon Woodall


On making more assists:


“I’m more aggressive that I was before. I was looking to score before, now I’m looking to pass the ball and create more shots. It’s like I’m back to playing team basketball, finding the open man who can put down the easy basket.”


On his game changing block:


“Well, we were all in the huddle and Coach Knight was being pretty dramatic and he was telling us that we weren’t playing our hardest. So I went out there and I was able to make a hustle play. Nasir grabbed the rebound and we went down the floor a scored and we went on a run. That’s our style of basketball.”


Quoting Pitt’s Gary McGhee:


On the second half:


“They were able to hang around but lucky for us we made some plays and we were able to make some stops and got some momentum back with us.”


On facing South Florida’s Augustus Gilchrist and Jarrid Famous:


“They are a pair of long, athletic guys and they can step out and shoot the ball too. They are two of the most talented players in the league and it was a challenge for us.”

Quoting Head Coach Stan Heath


Opening Statement:


“I thought we did a lot of things well today against an outstanding team. We shot it well, which is something we don’t always do so great. In the second half, we were much better in our zone against Pitt, but we just had a very hard time rebounding. The rebounding was the major difference in the game. They have some big, strong kids, and we have to improve on being able to match their physical toughness that they bring to the court. We have to give them a lot of credit; they are playing without one of their best players and have won three games in a row in impressive fashion. Our guys battled pretty well tonight, but in the end it just wasn’t enough.”


On the turning point in the game:


“I thought the turning point in the game was right around the eight-minute mark when we were down by two and we had a steal and a lay-up for Shaun Noriega but he got challenged and missed. That was a big swing because we missed out on the bucket and then Pitt went the other way and got a three-point play. It didn’t seem like we could recover after that five-point swing.”


On changing the starting lineup:


“Augustus Gilchrist not starting was just a coaches' decision. He’s been struggling shooting recently so I wanted him to come in a little more relaxed. We knew before the game that we were going to need him and Jawanza Poland to play their best; we got a good half out of Gilchrist and barely anything out of Poland. They both could have played a lot better. I randomly change the lineup sometimes though, just to switch it up, but Gilchrist just hadn’t been playing well lately.”


On Pitt’s physical play:


“They are a very physical team. We saw it in both the rebounding and screening, and that’s what makes them a notch above the rest of the conference. That’s also something that we need to do a little bit better of ourselves. However, Pitt is more than just physical. They screen well, make good passes and they are a very unselfish group. Jamie Dixon does a great job with his team; they execute extremely well on both ends of the court and we have to give them a lot of credit.”


Quoting Guard Shaun Noriega


On the missed layup:


“I should have gone up stronger and probably dunked it. That’s one of the plays that I really regret because I should have finished that. It would have been a big turning point in the game if I converted that.”


On the mood in the lockerroom at halftime:


“We were really pumped up. It was very energetic in there and we were ready to come out in the second half and try to get the win.”

Post Game Quotsheet

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