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Feb. 17, 2012

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West Virginia at Pitt, February 16, 2012, Petersen Events Center

West Virginia 66, Pitt 48

Quoting Pitt Head Coach Jamie Dixon

Opening Statement:

“Obviously the game got away from us in the second half and we’re disappointed in how we played. Not much more can be said besides that they played well and deserved the win. They outrebounded us and the turnovers were too high. We didn’t execute very well offensively. In the first half we battled and were able to keep it close using the zone. It felt like we were in a good position, but we came out in the second half and were too impatient on offense. I thought the fans were terrific as usual and I can’t thank them enough. The fans have been terrific this year and it was another unbelievable atmosphere. I’m disappointed in how we played and I look forward to coming in tomorrow and preparing for South Florida on Sunday.”

On the offensive struggles in the second half:

“Obviously it was partly their defense, but I thought we made a lot of mistakes. For one part of the half I thought we executed well, but we didn’t make open shots as the half went on. Too many turnovers just put us in a deep hole and we needed to handle the pressure better.”

On the turnovers:

“A lot of them were just overplays by the defense, but there were also some unforced ones which we can’t afford. They denied the pass on the wings and we just weren’t patient. Impatience is what I’ve been talking about for awhile now and I think it’s been a big problem.”

On the offense being up and down throughout the season:

“It’s been due to a lot of different defenses. It’s one of those things that can come and go as the season goes. This seems to be a team that is still trying to find themselves. We’re a little bit younger and we’ve had to reinvent ourselves with the return of Tray (Woodall) and we have a lot of room to improve.”

Quoting Pitt’s Tray Woodall:

On West Virginia’s defense and forcing turnovers:

“They were denying every pass. We didn’t do a good enough job trying to get open. They were taking advantage of some of our short cuts, getting out on the passing lanes, and had a bunch of steals. ”

On West Virginia’s 20-5 run in the second half:

“They scored on a bunch of our turnovers. They had nine steals and converted on most of them. That was definitely a big key with us not controlling the ball. I put that on myself. I need to control the ball and make sure we get into our offense.”

On West Virginia’s defensive changes from the first meeting:

“We got a bunch of good looks, same one’s we were getting last game, which we normally knock down but today we didn’t.”

On the major difference between the four game winning streak and the current three game losing streak:

“For us we look at the numbers. We held teams under 40 percent while we were winning; we were shooting nearly 50 percent from the field and weren’t turning the ball over at a high rate. Today we only had 11 assists as a team. We usually get everyone shots and everybody looking for everyone else.”

Quoting Pitt’s J.J Moore:

On being outrebounded:

“It was real disappointing. We always emphasize on rebounding teams by a big margin and today we just didn’t come out and get that done.”

Quoting West Virginia head coach Bob Huggins:

On game plan for Tray Woodall:

“We had to do a better job on-ball screens.  We have been working on it, but we did a better job on ball screens.  He (Woodall) had a great game in Morgantown, we tried to get to him and make him pull the trigger a little more.”

On causing so many steals and deflections:

“We changed defenses.  We played all man defense in Morgantown.  We haven’t been very good in the man matchups and finally you say ‘everyone else can learn it so why can’t we?’  We did a much better job with the zone as the game went on.”

On Deniz Kilicli playing tougher:

“I hope I got through to him about it.  He’s certainly got a little more attention than some of the other guys.  We need him, we need him to be a force inside.”

On Pitt’s zone defense in the first half:

“We didn’t pass the ball.  We looked like the (Pittsburgh) Pirates whipping it around the infield.  You don’t win many games like that.”

On if there was any extra motivation for this game considering it might be the last Backyard Brawl:

“We are trying to get in the NCAA tournament.  We know we need to win games.  We have done what we are supposed to do scheduling-wise.  The schedule is very good.  We have to win some games and we fully realize that.”

On getting more points in the paint this time:

“We helped them in Morgantown. When you throw the ball to the opposing team for layups, that helps. Pitt beat us to every loose ball in Morgantown.”

Post Game Quotesheet

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