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Feb. 21, 2009

Recap |  Box Score |  Notes


DePaul at Pitt, Petersen Events Center, Feb. 21, 2009


Quoting Pitt Head Coach Jamie Dixon


Opening Statement:


“We did just want we thought we were going to do tonight and hurt them inside.  I thought Levance did an excellent job of preparing the guys for tonight with his leadership and focus.  He just carried it all onto the floor.  He didn’t care about his own statistics, he was looking for other guys and I think that’s underappreciated. Levance has done a great job not only as a point guard, but as a coach and leader.  Everyone got minutes tonight. DeJuan Blair, Sam Young, and Tyrell Biggs all had big games on limited minutes.”


On Pitt’s assists:


“Passing is one of our biggest strengths. It leads to other things. When a player passes, they see the floor, they’re unselfish and they continue to be unselfish. It’s a gift. We can’t teach a player how to feel for it.”


On the play of Tyrell Biggs:


“I thought in the second half Tyrell Biggs got some good rebounding points.  He was putting up the short shots and getting some putbacks, the three pointers will come.  We’d like to see him get more offensive rebounds and finishing on some of those inside shots.  That will make him a better player and us a better team.”


On DePaul:


“I feel for DePaul’s team. They have a rough situation, losing a guy to injury and having a player leave early, those are some things you don’t count on happening.  They don’t have a senior class and they’re playing a young group. I think Jerry’s a great coach and he’s definitely well-respected around the league.”


On the play of Gary McGhee:


“Gary gave us some good minutes and I thought that was better than anything we did today. He had 13 minutes and six rebounds.  Between him and DeJuan Blair they had 24 rebounds.  Gary did a good job rebounding and playing defense.  He continues to get better every day and he works hard.  I thought it was good for his teammates to see him to go out there and have success.”


Quoting Pitt’s DeJuan Blair


On his performance:


“I was aware of my numbers at halftime. I thought it was pretty good, but it’s great that everyone got to play.”


On rebounding:


“I just go out and snatch the ball. The first rebound I had, the other player moved his hand out from under mine fast after I got it.  I just laughed.  It wasn’t like I was going to flip him over into the zoo.  I just go out there and try to get every rebound for my team. I call the ball the money.  If I go out and get the money, we’re going to win. Rebounding the ball is how you get points.”


On the play of Tyrell Biggs:

“Tyrell had a breakout game.  I knew it was coming.  He just let the game come to him.  In the second half he was making shots and he was rebounding.  I knew he was going to come around.  He’s in the gym before and after practice working on his shot.  I know when it comes to game time that he’s going to show up.  Before each game I tell him that we have the best frontcourt in the country and that we should play like it.  When we’re playing like this, it’s hard to stop us.”


On Pitt’s Confidence:


“Anytime you beat the No. 1 team in the country at their place, you’re going to have confidence. We treat every game as if it were our last. We play hard as a team and we’re all confident. That’s how we win. “


Quoting Pitt’s Tyrell Biggs


On Pitt’s energy:


“Coach talked to us about coming out with a lot of energy.  Last game we didn’t come out with a lot of it and tonight we were able to get it going.”


On Pitt’s passing:


“Levance Fields is distributing the ball and Jermaine is making his outside shots, but when we’re moving the ball like how we are, it’s hard to stop us.  Tonight was our way of showing how unselfish we are as a team.”


Quoting DePaul Head Coach Jerry Wainwright


On the matchup:


“We won the opportunity to play Pitt twice this year.  And it always looks good in the beginning but it’s difficult to swallow. We have a lot of young guys bouncing around here.  They don’t have older guys to look over them and correct their mistakes. We’re just too young.”


On the play of Pitt’s DeJuan Blair and Levance Fields:


“DeJuan is a special kid.  He has a great feel for playing and we just got beat up inside. Levance Fields has a great personality and always comes ready to play.”


On Pitt:


“Pitt is very efficient in what they do; they are always a hard match. This game was dictated in the glass.  You can have your confidence destroyed there but I don’t think that’s happened to any of our players. These kids face the relentless pressure this league brings. Every time they play they are fighting for their lives.”

Post-Game Quotesheet

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