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Feb. 21, 2010

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No. 3 Villanova at No. 19 Pitt, February 21, 2010, Petersen Events Center

No. 19 Pitt 70, No. 3 Villanova 65


Quoting Pitt Head Coach Jamie Dixon


Opening Statement:


"Our defense was the key to us winning today. It was a good win against a very good Villanova team. They did a great job with clock management and the foul situation towards the end and we weren't able to put the game away completely.  It's important that we continue to improve and as far as improvement goes, I think we've done it more than any team in the country. We still have plenty of things we could work on."


On rebounding:


"In practice we've emphasize rebounding and I like the way our guys responded. Recently, we weren't grabbing as many as we should, we were playing small, or the ball just wasn't bouncing our way. But, we took some great shots and we weren't hitting them. When that happens we were able to make the defense move and get some offensive rebounds."


On clock management:


"They went deeper into the shot clock than we did because we were able to control them defensively. We had a handle on their penetration to the basket as well as their screens. It wasn't until the end did when they started scoring."


On Jermaine Dixon"


"He's valuable. Just look at our record with him. Every guy believes on this team and they have faith in him. It's his team. He's the toughest guy we have and he makes others tougher with his presence. He's the leader of this team."


On the balance of the team:


"The balance of our team excites me. Today, we were running sets for four or five different guys. It's something that's been developing and it good for us that we have a different leading scorer every game."


On being in contention for a Big East Championship:


"It's not something we talked about at the beginning of the season. It's imperative that we improve. Some things in this league aren't controllable, but all we can control is what we do in practice and in games."


Quoting Pitt's Gilbert Brown:


On the balance on the team:


"I don't think we have any big shot guy. We have multiple guys that can step up at the end of the game. There comes a time in every game when a player is going to catch fire and make shots or that guy finds the mismatch in order to get other guys scoring. We're a different team in that overall, we're great players. It's what makes us strong."


On the offensive rebounding:


"Overall, we outrebounded them by six. We controlled the offensive glass. Gary McGhee and Nasir Robinson came up big for us and that was the key to winning for us."



On playing at the Petersen Events Center:


"The greatest thing about playing here is the Oakland Zoo. It's one of the toughest places to play for an opponent because of the atmosphere. After every call or basket, the fans are cheering. It's one of a kind."


On guarding Scottie Reynolds and Corey Fischer:


"It was a great team effort containing Scottie Renyolds and Corey Fischer. They're great players. They got hot in the second half, but we pick up our offensive production and we attacked the offensive boards."


Quoting Pitt's Ashton Gibbs


On Pitt beating three teams ranked in the top five:


"Our defensive toughness was the key to the game. We don't back down from any team in the country and our coaches have a lot to do with that. We go hard in practice. We're always prepared for a game and we take that with us as we play. It makes us look forward to our next game."


Quoting Pitt's Jermaine Dixon:


On defeating Big East leader Villanova:


"It means that we're one step close to winning the Big East Championship for the regular season. Last year, we wanted to win it for the seniors and I felt bad and responsible. This year, we wanted this win for us and it's good that we could get it done."


On Gary McGhee's improvement:


"We all could see an improvement in Gary McGhee last year. This year, with DeJuan Blair leaving for the NBA, Gary knew that spot was his. He gets in there and he plays hard. He helps rebounding and blocking and now he's working on finishing to the basket as well as his foul shots."


Quoting Villanova University Head Coach Jay Wright


Opening Statement:


"I think that was a great Big East game. It was fun to be a part of. It's not fun to lose, but it was a typical Pitt-Villanova game. I think that Pitt made plays down the stretch. Both teams made big plays, but they made more. When they missed shots, they would get second chance opportunities from offensive rebounds or getting loose balls. I thought that Gary McGhee was great on the glass."


On why they didn't have a bigger player defend Gary McGhee:


"We did in the beginning, but he instantly picked up a foul. If that's how they were going to call it, we didn't want to put him at the foul line all night."


On this year's Pitt team being better than expected:


"They have the same kind of team that they have always had. I told Jamie before the game that he was doing a great job, and that they had a great team. I think he did a good job with these guys last year, preparing them for this season. This isn't surprising. Ashton Gibbs, Brad Wannamaker, Nasir Robinson, they were all in last year at crucial times. Gilbert Brown has been in the program for awhile. Jamie did a great job of having them ready for when it was their turn."


On how hard it is to defend Pitt's balanced offense:


"We knew that we couldn't over-commit on Ashton Gibbs. What makes Gibbs' so great is that he isn't playing for TV. He waits for his shot, that's why he hits them. He doesn't take many bad shots. He knows that he is always a weapon. He's a leader and he knows that. The other plays feed off of him."


On Pitt controlling the tempo:


"They wanted to shorten the game. We tried to press. Pitt's a hard team to speed up. They never were beaten by our press. They ran clock, and if they missed they were able to get offensive rebounds and do it all over again. They had more possessions than us."


On losing two games in a row:


"I think the good thing about our team is that they understand how to move on to the next game. When we were winning that's what we told them. It's what we always talk about. I think that's really important, especially during the Big East season. That's not going to change."


On Pitt being 7-0 at home against Top-5 opponents:


"This is a great place to play. It's really cool, I enjoy coming here. I think the toughest thing about coming here though is Pitt's team. They control the tempo. They are able to get to the free throw line. They make it a point of controlling the glass on offense, and getting another possession."


Quoting Villanova's Scottie Reynolds:


On Pitt's team:


"They are physically tough. They do a lot of different schemes on defense. Nasir Robinson, Brad Wanamaker, and Gilbert Brown can all guard positions one through three. Their big guys do a great job of offensive rebounding. When you play defense for that long and they get an offensive board, it's a backbreaker."

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