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March 28, 2012

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Princeton at Pitt, CBI Championship Finals Game Two, March 28, 2012, Petersen Events Center

Pitt 57, Washington State 53

Quoting Pitt Head Coach Jamie Dixon:

Opening Statement:

“First I want to thank you for coming out tonight and being here for us. Obviously it’s not the tournament we’re used to be playing in but we really are getting some good experience out of it for a lot of our guys and we’re getting them into situations that will help us out down the road. We got a lot of good minutes for our young guys; Cameron (Wright), John Johnson, Lamar (Patterson), all the sophomores, Talib (Zanna). It’s great to watch them play this much and emerge as we’ve seen a lot in these last couple of games. We found a way, defended better, made some adjustments from the last time we played Washington State. Obviously it’s a unique situation for us but we made the adjustments and carried them out on the floor defensively. We had a good first half and then got stagnant in the second half. I don’t think we ran the sets that we needed to but we’ll get better at it and we’ve got one more day to figure it out. Ashton was out today with the ankle. I didn’t think he was going to play in the Butler game actually. We thought he wouldn’t go in that one and that ankle has just been bothering him all year long. Both ankles, but the right has been the major source of concern. This game, he did shoot-around today and just didn’t feel like he could go. We got some pretty good things out of John and Isaiah and especially Cameron did some good things for us. Hopefully we’ll go forward here.” 

On Ashton’s availability for Friday:

“I have no idea. We really haven’t had a good grasp on the ankle thing. He’s missed a lot of practice and hasn’t been able to do the workouts and it seems like the next day is when it’s more destructive and more painful. We’ll see how things go tomorrow.”

On the uniqueness of coaching in a series:

“Yeah, you can do far more things. We made some major adjustments defensively where I think it was good for us. But at the same time I think we took some steps back offensively. Actually the first half was pretty good offensively. We shot 50 percent, took good shots and didn’t turn it over. Second half we got stationary. We made some defensive adjustments that were good for us. I think our guys carried it out on the floor but in the end of the day I think we have to do a better job containing Moore on the penetration and keeping him off the foul line, which he did to us in the last game and he did again tonight. That’s important. He’s a very good penetrator and he can score as well. He led the Pac-12 in assists but we have to do a better job on him. Some adjustments have to be made. Obviously this is unique, a two out of three series and it’s different for us but we have to do the best we can and get the most out of it we can.”

On the defensive adjustments made tonight:

“They’ve been shooting the ball even in the previous game against Oregon State. We really wanted to do a better job on Ludwick and Simon. They made six three’s between them and tonight they only made one. It was a real emphasis for us in how we guarded them and what we were doing. I think that was key but they still got to the free throw line too much. It was guarding the three and penetration and I thought we did those well, though not as well in the second half.”

Quoting Pitt’s Lamar Patterson:

On how the game plan changed due to the absence of Ashton Gibbs:

“It didn’t really change that much. We knew what we were going to do coming into the game and I felt like we executed that.”

On if he felt he needed to pick his game up without Gibbs:

“Not necessarily. I like creating for others and that’s what I did in this game, so I was happy with that.”

On what he’s learned about the team during the CBI:

“It’s just showing that a lot of guys will step up when they’re called, like J.J. (Moore) and Talib (Zanna). They weren’t as confident during the regular season, but I feel that they’re getting their confidence right now. That’s going to be perfect going into next year, just getting this extra experience and getting better.”

Quoting Nasir Robinson:

On how different it is to be playing in a best-of-three series with only one day in between each game:

“It’s real strange and different playing back-to-back like this. We wanted to come out hungry from the loss and play our style of play and we got the win.”

On how they were able to bring Washington State’s shooting percentages down from Monday’s game:

“We just wanted to make them shoot tough shots. Last game, the three point shot was key. This game we just wanted to contest them. We made some switches on our defense and it worked.”

On the possibility that this could have been his last game:

“I didn’t really try to think about it possibly being my last game, I just wanted to go out there and play hard as usual. I just want to keep fighting for my team.”

On the possibility to end the season on a winning note:

“It’s a good opportunity for us. We wanted to play in this tournament and we could’ve easily backed out of this, but we wanted to play. It was a decision that all the players and coaches, we’re just going to go out there and try to finish it out and get the win on Friday.”

Quoting Washington State Head Coach Ken Bone:

On Ashton Gibbs not playing and if it changed anything in the game plan:

“We thought he would be playing, but we didn’t know for sure.  It didn’t change anything, he’s a good player, that’s for sure.  It changed nothing in regards to what our strategy was tonight.”

On what Pitt did defensively:

“I think we are very comfortable in our home arena and that probably helped with our shooting. I felt that Pitt did a great job with guarding Abe Lodwick, and they did a good job at defending the three.”

On expecting low scoring games playing a familiar team:

“I would think you would expect that.  Pitt has been in a similar situation as us this year.  When you have the best talent in your conference, you’re trying to create as many possessions as possible, because I believe the advantage goes to you.  We really try to execute till you have a great shot.”

On playing the format of a three-game series:

“It’s fun, it’s different.  I’ve never been involved in it and I think it’s unique.  You have to change some things but not too much strategically.  It’s fun for a coach.”

Quoting Washington State’s Reggie Moore

On what he saw in the defense to score in the second half:

“I was just trying to be in attack mode whenever I got the ball and I just saw a couple of lanes open up so I decided to attack.”

Quoting Washington State’s Abe Lodwick:

On the physical play between both teams:

“I think a little of it was them (Pitt) with their back against the wall.  I mean, we had the advantage in terms of the series.  But I think we did a good job of meeting their physicality with our own physicality.  I mean, we didn’t back down and unfortunately we came up on the losing end, but we’ll be ready on Friday.”

Post Game Quotsheet

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