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Oct. 25, 2013

Recap |  Box Score


UC-San Diego at Pitt, Exhibition Game One, Petersen Events Center, October 25, 2013


Quoting Pitt Head Coach Jamie Dixon

Opening Statement:

“Thanks for coming out for an October 25th game, it’s a little early. The positives are I think our better conditioning for some of our guys was good down the stretch. Lamar (Patterson), Cameron (Wright), Talib (Zanna) and James (Robinson) I thought that was good. We made some plays down the stretch, I thought we adjusted because we had to do some stuff we hadn’t practiced a lot but we adjusted how we guarded their ball screens and it was effective down the stretch so we probably should have done that a little earlier. We had some freshmen that hadn’t done a lot so I gained some trust in them as well in October so that’s good. Nobody in the locker room feels real good about how we played but that’s good, we’re definitely not over-confident after tonight and we recognize that. You have to give them a lot of credit. Everybody talks about these exhibition games but they’re good because they give you something different to play against and something you won’t see often like their five shooters on the floor; we may see that once or twice and it’s a hard thing because we can’t simulate it in practice but we got better at it and we learned from it. I think it’s good how we responded it the second half but we have to rebound better. We took care of the ball and our shot selection was good but not great and I think we could have finished better. It’s October 25th and I think our guys know that they’re better than this and they’re anxious to get to work tomorrow. Give them credit thought because they played hard and were more physical than our guys expected and obviously hard to guard with five shooters on the floor and that’s something we won’t see a lot but will see somewhere where there is five shooters on the floor.”

On the importance of playing these exhibition games:

“Getting guys out in game situations and see how they handle things. I think Mike (Young) was great for us. Obviously we should win and out-rebound them by more than we did and that’s the thing that really stands out to us. The game just didn’t flow for us and we didn’t seem to sustain it. We played guys at different spots so that probably didn’t help, the lineup we had out there we kind of did out of necessity with Derrick (Randall) being out it’s been how we’ve practicing lately with Mike playing the five. The encouraging thing was Mike playing really well so we gained that out of it. Usually we’ve won by more but either way what’s important is how we practice tomorrow.”


Quoting senior forward Lamar Patterson:

On what to take from the game:

“There were a lot of miscues that we made defensively but that’s expected, it’s only October. We’ll definitely get after it tomorrow in practice and fix our mistakes.”

On starting the game at the ‘four’ position tonight:

“I’m comfortable on the court, wherever I’m needed is where I’m going to play at whether it be the ‘three’ or ‘four’.”


Quoting senior forward Talib Zanna:

On the team’s performance tonight:

“We came out kind of rusty but we have to just come out tomorrow in practice and get ready to move on. We have to learn from this experience and just have to get better every day.”


Quoting freshman forward Mike Young

On the transition from high school to college basketball:

“I was very nervous but it was fun. It was a different experience from high school to college; the games a lot of faster, physical and you have to play a lot harder. Overall, it was a fun experience to be out there late game situation and be out there to make plays and get the win for my team.”

On the excitement of playing a game:

“I was very excited. I’m excited for practice tomorrow and to bounce back and have a great day. This game makes me just ten times more excited for the season.”


Quoting UC-San Diego head coach Eric Olen

Opening Statement:

“We really appreciate the opportunity to come all the way out here even though it’s a little cold for us (laughs) we’re really fortunate to be able to play in this environment. It’s a great experience for our guys and really appreciate Coach Dixon and the University of Pittsburgh for letting us come out here. I was really pleased with our effort, I thought our guys really fought and battled all night. That’s a really good team we played against and I’m really pleased with our effort. We were fortunate to get the ball to go in the basket a little bit and hang around for a little while. For us it’s really encouraging and it gives our guys some confidence and something to build on moving forward. Overall this has just been a really good experience for our team.”

On his overall impressions on this Pitt team:

“I think they are going to be really good. I think Lamar Patterson is a really good player. I told our guys before the game that he’s pretty much good at everything, that was our scouting report that #21 is good at everything. Talib Zanna is a monster on the glass and the young guys, Mike Young, Jamel Artis and Josh Newkirk are going to be good players. I think they’re going to be really good. They’re big and they’re physical. I think they played a little smaller because of the experience and it looked like they had a couple guys banged up. Lamar Patterson at the ‘four’ is probably not how they want to do it all the time but I think they’re going to be really good.”

Post-Game Quotesheet

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