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Oct. 26, 2012

Recap |  Box Score


Indiana (Pa.) at Pitt, Petersen Events Center, October 26, 2012

Quoting Pitt Head Coach Jamie Dixon

Opening Statement:

“The first thing that stands out is we got better as the game went on. Better in the last 10 minutes of the first half and definitely better in the second half. Obviously have a lot of work to do, IUP was playing very hard and they ran some good stuff and I thought Joe did a good job and they’re going to be good again. I give them credit and I’m looking forward to watching them go this year and how they do in the league and I wish them luck. As far as us, we have to be better, we’ve had 11 practices and we look like it. I thought we played hard and our intensity was good. We really emphasize ball pressure and getting in on the ball handler to create some turnovers and we did do that. The things that we emphasize I thought we did pretty well. We played hard, we got in to the ball, and we pressured some people and deflected some passes to produce more turnovers. The things we didn’t do well were the things we didn’t emphasize. We didn’t guard the ball screens well enough; we haven’t done a good enough job. We guard certain ball screens, but we hadn’t done some of the things they had done. I thought we could figure it out, or understand and stick to our rules, but we just didn’t adapt to it as well as we should. That’s my fault for not going through it well enough. Offensively with the motion against the switch, we haven’t practiced against switching man to man. I knew they were going to switch, it’s what they do but it’s hard to get everything done in 11 practices. We were emphasizing taking care of the ball and ball control and obviously we did that. We’ve got to make some open shots to start the game and make some free throws too because that would get us more comfortable and moving better. Lots of things to work on, but we’ll be back at work tomorrow.”

On how he felt the backcourt combination of James Robinson and Tray Woodall worked:

“We’ve been doing it the last week or so and I thought it was always a possibility going in to the year. We’re trying to get the best defenders out there and we think James and Tray right now are probably the best two. We’ve challenged our guys to find out who it is on the perimeter, its open though. It’s something that we’ve tried to make clear to our guys and that’s what we’re looking for and we didn’t do it so we have some work to do. I thought Tray played good, I thought he made some good decisions and he’s been playing really well defensively and we’ve really challenged him in that regard. I think that’s the main thing and they took care of the ball obviously. I think it’s going to be a good combination; James can guard bigger guys so you don’t lose anything with that and he’s a good rebounder for a guard. We’ve got other guys and the opportunity is there for them to step up. I anticipate a couple of them improving and making that step.”

On if the line-ups will be changing:

“We’re not deciding anything after eleven practices. We’ve got a lot of work to do. We’ll get in early tomorrow and watch film for our guys. We’ve got a lot to do and this is early, this is very early for an exhibition game, but it was good, I thought the timing was good for us and we needed to see where we were at, we needed to play someone else.”

On the play of Dante Taylor:

“I thought he played really well all game. I told the guys afterwards he was probably the best player on the floor and he really played well defensively, offensively. He was in the right spot defensively and got a number of rebounds. 10 rebounds in 17 minutes. I didn’t get the chance to play them together, Steve and Dante, I almost went with it at the hand there, but just given the situation with JJ playing well we stayed with him. Both guys played well, Steve did some good things, but we’ll get better.

Quoting senior point guard Tray Woodall:

On how much in practice they’ve used a backcourt of James Robinson and himself:

“We practiced together in the last week; we’ve been working with each other. Both of us can play the 1 and the 2. On fast breaks and outlets, we’re interchangeable. He’s a smart kid and he’s picking up on everything pretty well. It makes our team that much stronger, having two point guards out there.”

On the difference between the first half and the second half:

“Coach just told us to play harder. In the second half, the used some of their counter plays and we were hard hedging on their screens and they were twisting screens. We were prepared for it, but we’ve got some new guys who aren’t used to hedging on twists. They’re picking up on it and we talked about it early in practice.”

Quoting senior forward Dante Taylor:

On trying out different combinations in the post:

“We’ve definitely been working on that, especially in the last week with me and Talib and Steve. Whether it’s me playing the 4 in practice with Talib at the 5 or me being in there with Steve. You weren’t able to see it tonight, but it’s definitely something we’ve been working on.”

Quoting freshman James Robinson:

On if playing at the same time as Tray Woodall:

“It’s a good comfort factor knowing he’s out there with me. He’s a senior, he’s been through the battles, so sometimes if I get a little lost in the play, I can look at him and he’ll tell me what to do. We play off each other a lot, so that helps the game come to me a little bit easier.”

Quoting Indiana, Pa. coach Joe Lombardi

Opening Statement:

“First of all, I’m just grateful to Jamie (Dixon), who has continued to play us.  This is our fourth time down here.  He doesn’t have to do that.  There are a lot of others he could play.  Personally it is always great to come back here.  I grew up a Pitt fan and became a bigger one when I worked here.  I continue to support all Pitt athletics and it’s always a treat when I come back.  I’m glad my guys were able to compete tonight and make it a worthwhile event for Coach (Jamie) Dixon and his team.  If they would have made some free-throws it might have been over a lot earlier.  I think Pitt will have a really good year.  They will be an improved team over last year and I feel that defensively is where you will see the most improvement.”

On an interchangeable Pitt team:

“It really is.  He (Coach Jamie Dixon) goes down the line.  Pitt is deep and that is good and bad.  It’s going to take them a while to figure out what guys will really fit in together.  Every coach tries to get the pieces of the puzzle and put them together.  It’s not the five best guys that play; it’s the five best guys that play best together.  You have to see how guys answer under the lights and respond to different things.  A lot of guys improve as the season goes on. I’m sure a lot of things will fluctuate as the season goes on.”

On Pitt center Steven Adams:

“People have to be patient with him.  He will be a dominant player in some games.  He has great hands, a good touch, good body and feet.  He has everything you want in a guy.  He can’t do it overnight.  You still have to be patient.  The style of play, how he feels about his role; he has to grow into his position and his ability.  He carves out space better than Aaron Gray, Chris Taft and a lot of the big guys in the past so I think he definitely has a better chance of being better than those guys in his career."

On the play of Indiana, Pa. guard Mathis Keita: 

“Mathis (Keita) is a good player.  As a freshman he averaged 10 minutes a game and played in almost every game.  Last year he hardly played at all so he’s getting some rust off himself and getting comfortable.  We lost two All-Americans over the last two years, a national player of the year and three of the top five scorers in the history of IUP basketball.  I don’t know if Mathis will be better than all of those guys as far as just scoring the ball but he’s an all-around player.”

Post Game Quotesheet

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