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Oct. 31, 2010

Recap |  Box Score


Pitt vs. Northwood, Fla., Exhibition Game One

October 31, 2010


Quoting Pitt Head Coach Jamie Dixon


Opening Statement


“I thought this was a good starting place for us. Northwood battled and kept competing. We had a little trouble with some of their sets but that’s because we had never seen them play before.”


On mixing lineups


“We tried to keep the veterans and the young guys together on the floor. Having veterans on the floor with them would be helpful for them to learn.”


On young players getting opportunity from injuries:


“Their opportunity is in practice first. Things come out in practice more than in the games so these guys earn their minutes before the game starts.”


On end of the game:


“I was happy with the finish; we really looked good in transition and on the boards. And it was great to have the young guys out there, every minute is valuable in there.”


On Coach Massimino:


“I remember watching him on TV and the National Championship. He was very excited to play against us and usually we wouldn’t play a team like that. We usually play the local talent like IUP on Thursday but Coach Massimino asked to play us and I thought it would be a great experience for our guys.”


On today’s passing:


“We have passed well in practice and we move the ball well. We have good passers. That has always been strength of this team. We are known for unselfish play and it’s good to get the younger guys out there and get them comfortable with that.”


On J.J. Moore:


“J.J. plays hard, shoots well in practice. He has stuff to improve upon but I thought this was a good start.”


On the play of Travon Woodall:


“He played well in the summer. We want him to push the ball more, usually a coach is telling players to slow down but we want him to push more and get more transition opportunities. We saw a change in him in the last three or four practices, he’s been doing great in practice lately.”


Quoting Pitt’s Ashton Gibbs


On getting up 23-0:


“It started on the defensive end. Our defense gave us our strong start with easy transitions and we took advantage of open spots.”


On playing against at team coached by Rollie Massimino:


“He’s a big time coach. And to hear him say we have National Championship potential, we’ve got to tip our hat to him.”


On assists:


“We distributed the ball well. Brad had 10 assists, Tray had nine. Our penetration helped open up the passing lanes. We’ve just got to keep playing unselfish basketball.”


On playing with Travon:


“It’s great to play with him because I know where he is going to penetrate and he knows where I’m going to be when he penetrates.”


On the play of J.J. Moore:


“J.J. played with confidence out there and you’ve got to believe in yourself in order for others to believe in you.”


Quoting J.J. Moore


On his jump shot


“I’ve been working on my jumper for a long time. Ever since I was young I’ve always played center because I was big but I kept working on my shot.”


Quoting Brad Wanamaker


On the play of Talib Zanna:


“Last year when he redshirted we saw he was probably the best rebounder on the team. He knows his role. He has to rebound, set screens and take shots when he’s open. He got open a few times today and scored. He has a good 15 to 17 foot jump shot. Obviously today he missed that shot but in practice you can see that’s his shot.”


On today’s big start:


“When you play a team you know you’re supposed to beat you never want to give them confidence and we took it away from them right from the start.”


Quoting Pitt’s Travon Woodall


On great teamwork:


“We meshed really well because of the trip overseas this summer. It takes time to know where to be on the floor and to know where everybody else is going to be on the floor and that trip really helped us.”


Quoting Northwood Head Coach Rollie Massimino


“I’d like to start out by saying that it’s nice to be back in Pittsburgh. Pitt is an outstanding basketball team. We started down 23-0, but then we responded very well. We didn’t defend as well as I thought we could, but we couldn’t set up our press in the first 10 minutes because we couldn’t score. We just couldn’t make a shot in the first 10 minutes. Ashton Gibbs was terrific shooting the ball, as well as J.J. Moore. I didn’t think Moore could shoot the ball like that, but he came in and showed a lot of poise for a freshman.


On Pitt’s defense:


“Pitt’s defense was magnificent. Dixon is a great coach, and these kids defend really well. They are simply a great defensive team. Pitt has very good balance and they all know their rolls. They pick ‘n roll very well, and that’s the name of the game today.”


“We were as big as they were, just not as tough. I personally want to thank Jamie Dixon for giving us the opportunity to play here today in this great arena.”


Post-Game Quotesheet

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