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Nov. 4, 2010

Recap |  Box Score


Pitt vs. Indiana University (Pa.) Exhibition Game Two

November 4, 2010


Quoting Pitt Head Coach Jamie Dixon


Opening Statement:

“I’m impressed with IUP and what they did; they really did a good job tonight. I’m happy with what we did in the second half. We did a better job attacking and executing in the zone. Our defense wasn’t where it needed to be. We did some good things, but there are things that need to be improved.”


On what can be improved:

“We can improve on everything. Our rebounding wasn’t as good as I would like, but I’ll never be satisfied with our rebounding statistics. To put it accurately, everything can be improved right now, but that’s not surprising.”


On running the ball-screen:

“We use the ball-screen a lot. We hit a bunch of 3s in the second half. IUP played well, but we have to work on our execution. I really didn’t think that we’d be at our best on November 4.”


On the play of Lamar Patterson:

“He had some good, wide-open shots. He missed the last game and hasn’t practiced the last couple of days.”


On the lineups in tonight’s game:

“We’ve probably never practiced with the lineups that we had out on the court tonight. We have to get our groups together in practice. Practice is really important for us.”


On determining future rotations:

“I would never want to have our rotations decided on November 4 – it’s not fair to the players. We want to challenge everybody. It’s important to be developing all of our players, and not be determining the lineup at this point in time.”


On the competitive atmosphere of the 2010 preseason:

“It hasn’t been what I’ve hoped for because we’ve had some guys out with injury. It’s fine, you don’t want to be at your best this early on in the season.”


On pushing the ball:

“We’ve always been a team that has pushed the ball. We always want to be on the attack and have that type of mentality in a game.”


Quoting Pitt’s Brad Wanamaker


On the versatility of the lineup:

“If you look back on my sophomore year with guys like Levance Fields, that’s competitive. I feel like this season has that potential. It was good to see a lot of the guys step up tonight.”


On his senior year:

“I feel confident. The guys are pushing me to be the best that I can be this year. It helps to have everyone stepping up and wanting you to get better.”


On being prepared for the regular season:

“I wouldn’t say that we’re ready. We could always play a little better. We have tomorrow off and we’ll be back here Saturday and Sunday preparing for Monday’s game.”


Quoting Pitt’s Travon Woodall


On the atmosphere of tonight’s exhibition game:

“It felt like a game out there. IUP played hard and didn’t give up, they kept on fighting.”


On the competitive atmosphere of the team:

“It’s really competitive right now. Everyone is competing for minutes. We’re all pushing to become better players.”


On being a spark off the bench:

“Coach said that I need to be a spark off the bench, to push the tempo. I want to be that from both the defensive and offensive end. I want to be that guy for the team.”


Quoting Pitt’s Lamar Patterson


On hitting three consecutive 3-pointers:

“It felt good to be back on the court tonight. Hitting three 3-pointers today was nice. I guess today was my day.”


Quoting IUP Head Coach Joe Lombardi


Opening Statement

“It’s all about our guys being able to compete. We’ve got some guys back from last year; that took us to the championship last year. We had enough talent on the court to hang around tonight. Pitt is Pitt. They have the size, the skill and they don’t beat themselves. They only had about 12 turnovers. They are consistent and we had to be better to beat them tonight. We are trying to build a championship team. From here we measure what we did and see what we need to improve on before regular season games start.”


On Pitt’s Offense

“Jamie always coaches good defense. He also teaches good offense for that matter. They take good shots. We tried to play a combination of match and zone coverage to try to throw them off their rhythm. We did that at times. We had a good chance.”


On Pitt’s Brad Wanamaker making plays

“You know it has a lot to do with the little things. We try to instill that at IUP. Pitt doesn’t just rebound and pass well; they have sound fundamentals on offense and defense. I come from a game against Pitt and other coaches ask me what’s their secret. Good fundamentals. They know the basics and they do them well. It’s a good recipe for success.”


On Pitt’s Flexibility

“Pitt has a lot of versatility and a lot of depth. I couldn’t tell the difference between the first team and the second team. They shoot the ball great too. They don’t rush or force the threes and they pass the ball very well. Gilbert Brown is a good three point shooter and Lamar Patterson made three in a row. We tried to keep them at bay and all of a sudden it felt like they made shot after shot. They key is inside to outside passing and Pitt has that ability. It allows them to take well balanced shots.”


On shooting

“We had to make some adjustments. The lights in this gymnasium are much brighter than ours. It’s exciting for our guys to play a team that is ranked high in the Big East. You know we’re ranked in the top 10 in NCAA Division II, but I’m still a little disappointed with some of the things we didn’t do tonight. We know the score could have been worse, but we are also happy with some of the good things that happened.”


On a chance to close the gap

“You have to make those free throws and three pointers when you get the chance because Pitt doesn’t give you many chances. They have certain fundamentals that we didn’t have tonight. I thought there was a stretch when we could close the gap, but they won the little battles.”


On Darryl Webb

“He’s a slow starter, but he’s also an All-American who will break the career record in rebounding in our school’s history.  He’s probably the first player whose jersey will be retired. He’s something special.”


On Willi Estrella

“We also have Willi Estrella who is a big body under the net and is coming into his own. He’s the same type as Gary McGhee for Pitt, making good plays under the hoop when conference play starts.”


Quoting IUP’s Ashton Smith


On the game’s outcome

“I feel like we worked hard. On offense we could have done some things better, but I’m proud of the way we played.”


On his role at guard

“I feel comfortable. I’ve been taking shots. I just need to be in the right position to take better shots. After that, I don’t see any problems being comfortable.”

Post-Game Quotesheet

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