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Nov. 13, 2010

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Pitt vs. North Florida, November 13, 2010, Petersen Events Center

Pitt 95, North Florida 49


Quoting Pitt Head Coach Jamie Dixon


Opening Statement


“It was good to get a win for us, to come out and play. North Florida was in a tough situation with the traveling after playing Florida State last night. We were in a situation where we caught them with their travel schedule – I think they were put at a bit of a disadvantage in that regard. We ran our offense well, and got good shots. Good offense leads to more offensive opportunities throughout. We made them run their baskets. We got a good performance from a lot of guys and were also able to play a lot of guys. Lamar Patterson wasn’t able to go in there in the second half because he injured his ankle. J.J. Moore got in there in the second half and really performed well. The interesting thing about J.J. Moore was that when we recruited him he wasn’t as good as an offensive rebounder as he could be, and now he’s improving in that area. Travon Woodall played tremendous. His numbers were good tonight, but he played better than his numbers indicated. It was a good performance by our guys. We played hard and stayed with it when we gained the lead. North Florida played very hard.”


On the improvement of players from year-to-year:


“It’s amazing. In some ways we’ve talked about how our guys were ranked when we recruited them, but then we see them two years later. These are very good players, and we have a lot of them. It shows that if players work hard and play well, they’ll do well. We don’t care how high guys are ranked, but how well they play. We see how these guys have improved. Everybody is better than they were last year; it’s a sign of how well they’re doing. It’s a strength of ours and always has been.”


On Dante Taylor’s offensive rebounding:


“I think it’s something that we’ve talked to him about, and he’s good at. That’s his strength. What we’re really working on is finishing after the offensive rebound, that’s something that he can improve on. He had a good freshman year and is having a good sophomore year. It’s great to see him play off of a great freshman year.”


On being a great rebounding team:


“Obviously we had some size advantage over North Florida, but I think that it’s something that we’re continuing to build and grow on. We have good size at every position and depth at this point, we’re really emphasizing as well. We’re always looking to be good at rebounding.”


On Gilbert Brown:


“I thought he did some good things today. He didn’t hit all the shots today, but I thought he played really well in our last game against Rhode Island. It’s not a good thing to be out for two weeks. He needs to keep on working, battling and playing hard. He had a lot of open shots that he just didn’t knock down tonight. He has to get in the gym, get a rhythm and make the next shot.”


On Lamar Patterson’s injury:


“Lamar, I think is okay. I think it’s just an ankle sprain. It was best to keep him out, and that was a pretty easy decision.”


On Nasir Robinson’s improvement:


“He’s doing a little more each day. We’ll see what he does tomorrow. He’s been shooting, hasn’t done anything live or skill work with us yet. He’s progressing, but he’s not ready to go for Monday.”

Quoting Pitt senior guard Brad Wanamaker


On North Florida’s 19 hours between games:


“I don’t think it was an issue for them. We’re all used to having short rest between games when you play in high school and in AAU. We just came out ready to play and got up on them early.”


On using the depth of Pitt’s bench:


“Yes, we’re deep. We work with our bench in practice and we know that everyone can contribute. Today, the bench put up some big numbers and those go to show what we can do as a team.”


Quoting Pitt sophomore Dante Taylor


On his rebounding:

“I’m now used to seeing how my teammates shoot the ball, so I know where to be in order to grab the ball on the offensive glass. I’m always active around the glass and going hard after every ball that I can.”


Quoting Pitt freshman J.J. Moore


On playing last two games:


“After I didn’t get into the game against Rhode Island, Coach Dixon told me that I needed to be ready to play in the next game. I was, and I wanted to show everyone how I play. I played hard and contributed in both games.”


Quoting North Florida’s Head Coach Matthew Driscoll


Opening Statement


“I’m blessed to be coaching at North Florida, but being from Pittsburgh, you’re just a winner. I was born and raised here and there’s just something special about it. It truly is the City of Champions. That’s what I told our fans and my family that came out to today’s game. The last time I was here was when this place was being built and I couldn’t help but think about the history of the Pitt Panthers. It was a disappointing effort today from our guys. Last night we were down five with about 10 minutes to go against Florida State who is a more athletic team than Pitt and we were outrebounded. But luckily for us we can fix it quickly. That’s the good thing about basketball, you don’t have to wait a week until your next game, we have a stretch of four games in a short period of time, so hopefully we can get this fixed and back on track.”


On the depth of Pitt’s bench:


“Florida State had a pretty deep bench as well and Pitt kept grabbing every miss they had and were able to put in back. I’ve known Jamie Dixon a long time now and he’s done a great job of letting his guys play. They’re fast and they move the ball and I think that takes a little pressure off of their defense. I give him credit for changing his philosophy a little bit and just letting his guys play.”


On the quick turnaround between games:


“We probably made history with playing games only 19 hours apart between tipoffs, without playing in a tournament or in the same state. After the game last night, we had tremendous support from our athletic department as well as our booster and we were able to get here as quick as possible. I thought we had a pretty good pregame routine and I didn’t think the turnaround would affect us.”

Post-Game Quotesheet

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