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Nov. 17, 2011

Recap |  Box Score |  Notes

Long Beach State at No. 9 Pitt, November 16, 2011, Petersen Events Center, Pittsburgh, Pa.

Quoting Pitt’s Head Coach Jamie Dixon:

Opening statement:

“We knew when we scheduled Long Beach State that they were very good and we wanted to play an experienced team.  We knew how good they were.  I anticipated us being a much better team at this time and obviously we are not where I would like us to be.  I want to give them credit for how well they played because they played very well.  They played like seniors and like an experienced team.  They played hard, they played aggressive and they moved the ball very well.  On our part, we have a lot of work to do.  I think we knew that, we have been talking about that, and we have to get better.  This was disappointing, but we recognized going in that we have to be a better team and we’ve got to get better defensively.  We usually get better as the year goes on (defensively) and we have to do that here and now moving forward.”

On defensive effort:

“Our transition defense is not good enough, it hasn’t been good enough, and so that was the key.  Turnovers, bad shots led to that.  Guys who are supposed to be back on the shot aren’t doing that when they are supposed to be, but the same guys aren’t doing it in practice either.  It’s a new thing for a couple of guys.  We got beat every which way and when you get beat like we did it is execution or could be construed as effort.  The fact remains that they shot 59 percent so we are not getting our assignments.  We are indecisive on what to do defensively and that is slowing us down.  That is the bottom line.”

On playing so much zone defense:

“We did not plan to play zone that much, we hoped we defended better.  The man didn’t work that well and zone didn’t work very well either.  Bottom line, it was the transition baskets that were killing us.”

On indecisiveness or lack of experience:

“I have to do a better job of getting the message across on where we need to be.  It’s just being early, being young, being November and having some guys out.  I think that plays a part in it.”

On Tray Woodall’s injury:

“My understanding was he went and got an x-ray on his forearm.  It seems he could go back and play again. I would guess that he is alright.  I haven’t talked to him about it after the game.”

On having six days off:

“We have to take one day off and we’ll have four practice days.  This is something that we saw coming. We played a lot of games in a short period of time and I don’t know that we handled it as well as I had hoped.  We’ve got to get more done in practice, walkthroughs and film.”

Quoting Ashton Gibbs

On Pitt’s defensive performance:

“We just didn’t execute. It was certain spots at certain times that we were supposed to be during the game and we weren’t there. They took advantage of it. It came down to them playing harder than us.”

On Long Beach State scoring 25 fast break points:

“It was just execution. We didn’t get back on defense. Coach Dixon always preaches that from day one, for the guards to get back. Some of it was bad shots, long rebounds, and they capitalized on it by getting it and pushing the ball up. It was other times where we simply didn’t get back and everybody didn’t get to their man, miscommunication.”

On Pitt’s energy level for the game:

“We didn’t necessarily feel it before the game. It starts in shoot-around and practice so we have to play harder in practice and can’t be playing around in shoot-around. We just have to focus and that’s what it really comes down to. We have to play every game like it’s our last and from now on that’s what we are going to do. Us as seniors, we have to step up and be better leaders. We have to take this as a learning experience. We can’t take this as a negative but as a positive almost and capitalize on it.”

Quoting Pitt’s Nasir Robinson

On the disappointment of the loss:

“It was real disappointing. Like he (Gibbs) said, they wanted it more than us. They worked harder, ran harder, got back to loose balls, executed better than us, and outsmarted us. They just wanted it more.”

On the responsibility of being leaders and talking to the team about what happened tonight:

“Yes. With us being the seniors and being the leaders, we have to do a better job during practice in leading, so our freshmen, sophomores, and juniors can follow us.”

Quoting Long Beach State’s Head Coach Dan Monson:

Opening statement:

“I’m proud of them.  It’s a great start for the year, but it’s a long year.  This game doesn’t do us much good. This game puts us on the national radar now for the next 48 hours, but we have to go to San Diego State on Saturday and if we don’t take care of business there, then it’s all for not.  This is a veteran group and our goal is to not let that happen.  We’re going to enjoy this, and it’s great for a mid-major because we’ll be recognized a little bit.  This group hasn’t been to the NCAA Tournament yet and I think we would trade this for that.  That goal at the end of the year is not attained in one game.  We have a lot of work ahead of us.”

On second half momentum:

“I think anytime we got a stop or a rebound, it jump-started our team.”

On opportunity to play Pitt early in non-conference play:

“I want to thank Coach Dixon for the opportunity today because a lot of teams wouldn’t do that.  He knew we had a veteran team coming back and he knew this would be a tough game for him.  He did it because he is a friend.”

Quoting Long Beach State’s Casper Ware:

On the team’s offensive game plan:

“Move the ball and make them move with us.  We are faster than them and we’re a smaller team than them, so we figured if we move the ball we can get open lanes and drive and kick and use each other.”

On expectations going into tonight’s game:

“We expected to win this game.  In the locker room before the game, we knew we were going to win this game.”

Quoting Long Beach State’s James Ennis:

On team’s attitude:

“We came in here hungrier.  Because they were ranked they thought they had it, but we pulled it off.”

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