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Nov. 21, 2008

Recap |  Box Score |  Notes



Pitt vs. Akron, November 21, 2008


Quoting Pitt’s Head Coach Jamie Dixon


Opening Statement:


“I thought we played very well in the first half. We really did what we wanted to do in the first half against them both on offense and defense. We kind of lost focus in the second half, especially on defense, but I’ll take the blame for that. I made some substitutions trying to get some guys some minutes and I think it really threw us off our game. But give Akron credit, they’re a very well coached team that plays hard.”


On Pitt’s rebounding:


“When you’re up by twenty rebounds at the half, you have to be pleased with that. I think the number of offensive boards we had was really related to taking good shots. In that situation, their defense starts to scramble and our guys know when it’s going up, so it’s going to lead to good things.”


On Pitt’s rotation:


“We put a lot of younger guys out there together, which we wouldn’t normally do. However, when we got up big in the second half I wanted to use the chance to get some different guys some minutes. I thought we did a pretty good job tonight resting guys when we could. Only DeJuan Blair and Sam Young played over 30 minutes, so that’s good for us.”


On DeJuan Blair’s defense:


“I’m not someone who equates steals to good defense necessarily, but that’s definitely a strong aspect of his game. He’s got quick hands and he anticipates the flight of the ball very well, so he’s going to get his fair share of those. Sometimes the risk costs him, but he’s getting better at knowing when to pick his spots.”


Quoting Pitt’s DeJuan Blair


On Pitt’s rebounding:


“It’s always our goal to outrebound our opponents by ten, so anytime we do that we know we’re playing a good game. I thought Tyrell Biggs really sparked us on the glass tonight, grabbing some big boards early on. After that, everything just kind of followed from there.”


On getting five steals:


“I’m kind of surprised the number is that high, actually. That’s a pretty good number for a big man. I just try to read their man and recognize the flight of the ball when I’m on defense. Tonight I guess I was just kind of in a zone with that.”


Quoting Pitt’s Sam Young


On Pitt’s play:


“I thought we started off very well in the first half. We were aggressive on defense and making good passes on offense. I think once we got up big in the second half we kind of lost a little bit of our focus and intensity. We started watching the clock as opposed to focusing on the game. We can’t do that, though. We have to make sure we play 40 minutes every night.”


On his offense:


“I was a little more aggressive tonight I think, but that wasn’t the biggest difference. I think what set tonight apart was that I was able to hit some three pointers. That’s going to loosen their guys up defensively a bit, and give me more room to maneuver.  It was just a shot that wasn’t going in for me before tonight.”


Quoting Pitt’s Tyrell Biggs


On his rebounding:


“It wasn’t anything special really. I just came in with the mentality that I had to attack. I think I hadn’t been quite aggressive enough in the first couple games, so I came out with a renewed attitude tonight and it worked out.”


Quoting Akron Head Coach Keith Dambrot


On Playing Pitt:


“It was tough. We got man handled on the backboards tonight.  In that case, I wish we had our older group of players. We had the best inside game in the MAC last year, we a guy like a mini- DeJuan Blair, but we have young kids now. Pitt is a good defensive team, they’re good inside guys. Once we started throwing inside we could play. They don’t see that in the Big East much. But tonight, we had trouble around the basket. They’re a good team and we’re really young.  When you play a high caliber team like this, if you’re not in perfect position, it won’t happen.  We struggled. Mentally and physically, we weren’t in the right position. When you have a beast on the box and Sam Young, who reminds me of LeBron James, he’s got that quick twitch and he can put shots down.  They’re good.”


Quoting Akron’s Brett McKnight


On his play:


“I had to use my quickness to create open space and shoot. I found myself having to shoot overtop, but I had to create my own space."

Post-Game Quotesheet

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