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Nov. 27, 2013

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Stanford vs. Pitt • Barclays Center • November 26, 2013

Pitt 88, Stanford 67


Quoting Pitt Head Coach Jamie Dixon

On the game:

“That was good for us because obviously that is a quality program, quality institution and that is why we wanted to be part of the Legends Classic. We knew we would play great teams and great schools. I’m just happy how we responded. Obviously getting off to another big lead was good but I thought we battled in the second half as well and it was good to see. We had a variety of guys doing things for us and that has been our calling card probably even more so this year.”

On the defense:

“I like this team and we got better this week in our post defense and we needed to. The three new guys, Jamel (Artis), Mike (Young) and Derrick (Randall) were the guys that stood out for me as far as taking the right step defensively in post defense. We needed it for both these teams we were playing against because they were both big and athletic.”

On the experience of playing in Brooklyn

“We have asked to be in New York whenever we can…to play in this type of arena. I told our guys yesterday before the game, ‘do you understand that we’re playing in an NBA arena, NBA locker rooms, and practicing in the Brooklyn Nets practice court’…We got a lot of alumni around here so it fits in every way.”

On the ability of players to make better shots this year:

“We spread the floor a little better because of our shooting...We’ve been #1 in the country in offensive efficiency so we haven’t been real easy to guard in past years either….If you’re from Pittsburgh and you win, they’re still going to talk about our defense.”

On Lamar Patterson’s Game

“He’s a better player now than he was last year and probably a better player than he was a few weeks ago. He’s always had skills, can pass and shoot. He’s just a better athlete and in better shape right now. That comes from physical maturity and mental maturity. He’s taken that challenge. We set a goal for him and he reached it. It’s been a battle and he’s gotten to it.”


Quoting Pitt’s Lamar Patterson

On being tested by Stanford:

“Definitely, it was a good test. The first one we’ve had all year, but Stanford is a good team. I like the way we came through in crunch time and got the job done.”

On playing at Barclays Center:

“It felt good. We have a lot of people on the team who have friends and family in New York, and we have a lot of alumni in New York, so it is just something that I think will continue on. New York is a second home to us.”


Quoting Pitt’s Cameron Wright

On Pitt’s perimeter shooting:

“We have a lot of great perimeter players and we have great guards who can penetrate, get in the lanes and find our shooters. We have to give credit to our big men also who cause double teams and are able to pass out of traps. We just have great players and we are all unselfish and we make big plays for each other.”


Quoting Pitt’s Talib Zanna

On his dunk in the game’s opening minutes:

“I had to run the floor, it was wide open and I knew once the guards got the ball and once I’m down the floor they’re going to throw it ahead. It was a good start just to get the bench hyped and get our team started.”


Quoting Stanford Tech Head Coach Johnny Dawkins

On the game:

“Tonight we just ran into a team that I felt was playing very well. Just look at the numbers, the way they shot and scored the basketball in a variety of ways was tough to overcome. All you can do is tip your hat to what they did. I thought our guys kept fighting, kept competing, and kept trying to make runs. Every time that we would get some momentum, someone would come up with a 3-pointer and knock it down or someone would finish at the basket. When that happens it is tough and they took advantage of everything they could offensively and they had a really good performance tonight.”

On the team’s reaction to Durand Johnson’s 4-point play:

“It was difficult to overcome because that was a deflating play but I thought our guys continued to fight through that, time just wasn’t on our side. Every second that is ticking off when you are down by double digits is difficult to overcome. That kind of happened more so than us just saying that was it. Our guys kept fighting to the end. I think you see that, so the kid hit a big shot and sent the lead back up to 15 and that was difficult to overcome.”

On this year’s Pittsburgh team:

“You always expect to see a gritty, hard-nosed team and a team that is going to play tough defensively, and grind you out. I think what is different from this Pitt team, and I saw it on film so it wasn’t surprising, was I think this Pitt team is one of the best scoring Pitt teams that I have seen in a long time. It seemed like they had a number of guys that can make baskets, so not only do they play the defense that they typically play, but they are able to score a lot easier…You have a more potent offensive team that is still a very stingy defensive one.” 

Post-Game Quotesheet

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