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Dec. 2, 2010

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Pitt vs. Duquesne, CONSOL Energy Center, December 1, 2010

Pitt 80, Duquesne 66


Quoting Pitt Head Coach Jamie Dixon


Opening Statement


“It’s just kind of what you expected it to be for this game – just up and down. Guys are playing hard, and hard to the end. I thought that was what we anticipated and what we got. It thought it was two good teams playing hard for 40 minutes. It was a great atmosphere tonight in a great city. It was an unbelievable City Game. We have a great tradition. I have to thank all the people at the CONSOL Energy Center and all the people at the Penguins. We’re very fortunate and lucky to be a part of this. We had some good performances from a lot of our guys. We got into a little foul trouble. Duquesne is a good team. We got up 19, 20 in the first part, and they kept on playing. I’m happy with how we responded. There are things we can do better. We’ll get there and get to work on it tomorrow.”


On Gary McGhee’s confidence:


“I don’t think he scored last game, so he was a little disappointed by that. It’s hard when you get in these games and you’re up by big numbers. He scored some points tonight, but it was his defense and rebounding that was tremendous. He really hauled it in. His defense was very good. He had to do a lot of things out there. Between him and Dante Taylor, there’s a lot out there. I can’t find too much fault in either of their performances.”


On Gary McGhee’s performance in the City Game:


“He was in the right place at the right time, and we talk about that a lot. As much focus gets put on guys with their post moves, offensive moves and everything else, at the end of the day big guys can score on offensive rebounds and that’s what we want him to focus on. We made some good interior passes that allowed him to get some points, but he really did it on the offensive glass and so did Dante Taylor.”


On Nasir Robinson’s offensive rebounding:


“A lot of it is taking good shots, being prepared and having them scramble. How they play leaves you susceptible to other things, and rebounding is one of them. With everything you do it’s give and take. With big guys having to rotate over, it gives our guys an offensive rebounding chance. It’s something that we do well, and Nasir Robinson does well. I thought this would be a good game for him with the style of play that we had tonight..”


On being a strong rebounding team:


“I don’t think that we’ve completely gotten to where we want to be rebounding wise. What I think is that we’re going to have a lot of different guys rebounding. It’s not going to be a one-man show. I thought that’s what I said, but I’ve been wrong before. We have guards that rebound and a number of big guys that can rebound. The combination of those things can allow us to be a good rebounding team.”


On the atmosphere of the game:


“I think it was tremendous. The crowd was terrific, the student sections were great and the facilities are outstanding. I really need to thank the CONSOL Energy Center for letting us be a part of this. I don’t see how you could find anything wrong with it. I think that Duquesne, Pitt and both administrations should be applauded for moving the game here. I think the City Game is at the right place. It was a terrific atmosphere. You’re talking about December, and seeing a game like that this early on is almost unheard of in college basketball right now. This was a big game in a big facility. Pitt was excited and proud to be a part of it.”


Quoting Pitt center Gary McGhee


On playing the city game in the Consol Energy Center:


“Yeah it was good to come down here with the type of rivalry we having going with Duquesne and get the win. I knew beforehand that we were going to have the size advantage, so I was aggressive and crashed the boards, grabbed rebounds and made put-backs.”


On his play:


“It felt good to play this way. We dominated on defense, blocked a lot of shots and had great rebounds on both sides of the ball.”


Quoting Pitt guard Ashton Gibbs


On Gary McGhee’s play:


“Gary got us going early on. We came out and had a couple turnovers off the bat and out of the timeout, he was able to find the ball at the right time and finish the shots for us. He took advantage of what the defense gave him and that’s just what he does.”


Quoting Pitt forward Nasir Robinson


On being physical:


“Being physical is my game. It doesn’t matter who we play, I am going to come out and play hard, strong and physical.”


On the first few minutes of the game:


“Duquesne came out playing hard and got up on us early. We took a timeout and got it together. We came out, Gary had some quick baskets and we got it moving.”


Quoting Duquesne Head Coach Ron Everhart


Opening Statement:


“Obviously, Pitt is a very good team. They are well coached and I’d say it’s pretty obvious why they are the number three team in the country. I was happy with how we played at times. We pushed the ball and made the game up tempo, we created turnovers, but when you shoot 38 percent from the free throw line you can’t beat a team like Pitt. Even though they out rebounded us I still thought we had a chance to keep in the game down the stretch. At one point we missed four straight free throws and, again, you can’t beat a team like Pitt when you do that. I thought early in the game we were impatient and took bad shots, there was a lot of selfish play and Pitt is a team that will make you pay for every mistake. B.J. Monteiro had an easy layup, I thought it was a sure basket but they blocked the layup, hustled back down the floor and got a layup of their own. Its plays like that that really turned the tide in this game. Every time we had a run they held us at bay with their offensive rebounding.”


On Pitt’s dominance on the boards:


“They have a lot of talent and height but I think it was the effort that set them apart in this game. They’re seasoned veterans and they do an unbelievable job with offensive rebounding. Jamie Dixon is the best coach in the nation at getting his players to understand this part of basketball. They get it done on the glass, they’ll do it to UConn, they do it to everyone they play.”


On the play of Duquesne’s freshman:


“I like our freshman a lot. I think they grew up a lot tonight. They hustled and created loose balls. I thought that sharing the ball was one of our strengths and we rushed tonight, we took bad shots early and that hurt us.”


On the play of Gary McGhee:


“At one point, we had the ball in our hands and I think it hit Gibbs in the back of the head on the pass and McGhee caught it and dunked it. I don’t know how that happened but plays like that happened a lot tonight. We’d make a bad pass or fumble the ball and they always countered. But McGhee was the difference in the game tonight.”


How impatience hurt the Dukes:


“We know that Pitt is a really good defensive team. We needed patience and we were impatient and selfish early on. We had no ball movement or no screens and they will make you pay for every mistake. In the second half we did get more good looks. We executed, but missed open shots. Against Pitt you have to rebound and hit open shots to play with them. Pitt’s defense is something you really have to prepare for and scout. They are that good.”


Post Game Quotesheet

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