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Dec. 15, 2012

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Bethune-Cookman at Pitt, Petersen Events Center, December 15, 2012
Pitt 89, Bethune-Cookman 40

Quoting Pitt Head Coach Jamie Dixon

Opening Statement:

"Well, obviously we are in the middle of finals.  We've still got guys with finals and a lot of guys with stuff to do tomorrow, get things done, papers. But, obviously I'm happy with how we played, especially the unselfishness.  And I think really the first thing we'll talk about the scoring and who scored this, who scored 18, who scored 16, but a guy who really stands out in my mind is Tray [Woodall] takes one shot. It just shows really the mentality of our team, the unselfishness of our team and there's a reason why we're, I think we're one in the country in assists or one in assist-to-turnover ratio, but he takes one shot, ten assists, and doesn't at all worry about his stats as our leading scorer. So, I think that says a lot about our team, 28 assists, nine turnovers and just continuing to play unselfishly all the way through, obviously with the big lead at the end.  So, that says a lot about our guys.  Defense got better as the game went on.  We're still a work in progress in that regard, but we're getting better and we'll get ready for Wednesday here now.  Some guys still have to, a lot of guys still have to finish up some stuff academically.  So, there's a lot of work to be done for us.  So, we'll take tomorrow off, but get ready Monday and Tuesday.  It's been a long, hard week for us.  We've got a lot of school work, but we got some practice done too.  We went hard in the practices that we were able to have everyone there."

On Steven Adams play:

"Well, it was good. Dante [Taylor] was the recipient of a lot of lay-ups and passes the other day and now it seems that Steve was the guy.  He played well.  He had 16 points, 10 rebounds and Dante [Taylor] had 11 rebounds and six points and was two for two.  When you shoot 67%, it's usually the passing and the unselfishness.  So, I thought we did a good job.  He did a good job rebounding wise and has been playing well and continues to play well.  I thought he played well last game, but Dante was the one who seemed to get the lay-ups.  I think we're just getting good play from both of those guys and J.J. [Moore] and Talib [Zanna] as well.  J.J. had 18 and Talib had 11.  But, we shot 67% and took care of the ball.  I thought that was a big emphasis we wanted as the game went on.  We had the seven turnovers in the first half, caused by their transition, not quite finishing some transition plays.  We did a much better job in the second half, only turned it over twice.  So, we take great pride in that and obviously our numbers indicate that.  So, Steve played well and is continuing to improve. We understand that it will never be enough, but it's great to see him unselfish and working to get better every day."

On what a game like this will do for Steven Adams' confidence:

"He's got a lot of confidence.  He's playing, he's a freshmen and he will get better and better each day, and has been.  He's played good in a number of games where he hasn't scored as much.  I think he's doing a lot of great things.  He's a confident kid.  He's more unselfish than anything, so that's probably the thing that he has to continue, but also recognize that he doesn't want to be too unselfish."

On if there was an emphasis on getting the ball inside:

"I don't know if there was more, but it is first and foremost what we want to do offensively.  Maybe we had better results with it.  Obviously the rebounding numbers indicated that.  But, that's always our emphasis; we want to play inside out.  We've got good passers from our bigs.  We've got good decision-makers.  So, we don't want to settle.  We want to get touches.  We want to get penetration.  So, that's how we play, always have.  I think it could be something that we do really well this year."

On whether the 28 assists were more satisfying or the rebounding advantage:

"I think the assists.  I just think when we're up big and the team is continuing to take good shots and [make] unselfish plays and nobody is looking for their own.  I think in a game where there's a pretty good margin there that says a lot about your guys.  I think that's something that is rare and it's come to be expected here, but it shouldn't be.  That we always do this and have unselfish play is something that we've consistently done and I think it says a lot about the kids on our team."

On the focus with two games left before the Big East season begins:

"We'll take tomorrow off.  They've been going hard.  We'll continue to add plays.  We ran some different sets today; attacked the zone better.  We've attacked the zone better in the last two or three weeks.  I think we're getting better penetration, more movement against it.  We knew we'd see a lot of it tonight.  But, our rebounding numbers are obviously progressing and improving, but I just still think as always, a team that's got three freshmen in the ten, a new guy in [Trey] Zeigler, I mean our defensive principals, rules, we don't have those down now.  We're still trying to get better in that area.  We've got a lot of work to do, a lot of improvement to make."

On Trey Zeigler's performance since his suspension:

"I think we have three perimeter guys that we're looking for, in Durand [Johnson], [Trey] Zeigler and Cameron [Wright].  They all do something pretty well, but what we need out of all three of them is sound defense.  The guy that can do that best is the guy that can separate himself.  But, he's a guy that's getting used to what we're doing.  It's a transition.  I know he's played two years of college basketball, but it's different.  It's a different level.  But, he gives us versatility.  He's a good decision-maker.  I think he's getting better defensively and in understanding what we're trying to do.  He's a guy playing good basketball for us."

Quoting Pitt forward J.J. Moore

On his performance tonight:

"I had a couple bad games but my teammates told me to keep shooting.  Today was a good day for me. I stuck with what they told me and I kept going."

On what impressed him the most about his team:

"We had 28 assists and nine turnovers.  That's a big thing.  We tried not to turn the ball over as much and today was a good day for that.  We forced a lot of turnovers as well.  We played all out defense."

On holding Bethune-Cookman to 11 rebounds:

"It was really impressive.  We look to rebound a lot and Coach (Jamie) Dixon emphasizes it in practice and games.  That's what we did today.  It was a big step for us."

On the confidence level of the team:

"It's really high.  We look to go into conference play, playing the same way we are right now.  Our team, all together, is looking very good in practice and games."

On what Pitt needs to fine-tune before conference games:

"We look to play defense a lot more.  We know our conference has good teams like Syracuse, Louisville and Cincinnati.  We try to play defense and get our number to 29 percent and play a lot of defense."

On Steven Adams' progression:

"We have seen a lot of progress.  He's finishing high at the basket.  We emphasize to him to finish with his left hand in practice and he's doing very well at it."

On Steve Adams' Confidence:

"He played with a lot more confidence today. Before every game I pump him up.  That's something he looks up to from me.  I try to get him to play hard, defend and score and that's what he does well."

Quoting Bethune-Cookman Coach Gravelle Craig

On the play of Steven Adams:

"By watching film, I've seen the progress he's made since the beginning of the season. He's going to be a good player."

On what his team will take from the game:

"You try to take away how tough and hard Pitt plays. That's a trademark of Coach Dixon. They're always going to try to play hard and tough. I want to give our players that feeling."

On the rebounding difference:

"We just didn't give effort tonight. It was probably our worst game all year as far as effort-wise. You can't coach that. That's what I was disappointed in. It wasn't necessarily our execution. It was the effort. We didn't show up and fight."

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