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Dec. 21, 2013

Recap |  Box Score |  Notes


Cal Poly at Pitt, Petersen Events Center, December 21, 2013

Pitt 73, Cal Poly 56


Quoting Head Coach Jamie Dixon

Opening Statement:

“Thanks for coming out for Christmas weekend. Good performance I thought, we have to get better and we know that. We have some things to work on. It was good to see some shots go down, in the second half especially. I thought our offense was better. In the first half, we didn’t make shots, missed layups, open jump shots. In the second half, we shot 59 percent so there was some improvement as the half continued. Defensively, there some good things but there were too many breakdowns, especially guarding the three. We just have to get better. We understand that and obviously with the five new guys, we knew it would be a challenge. We have some older guys just breaking down defensively. We have to make strides and get better on that. It was a good comeback after a loss and make some shots. I think that was the big thing, but I thought we came out well. I know it was slow and we did get up 14 so we cannot forget that. The three three-pointers and breakdown defensively and continuing to miss layups and open jump shots kept it close. We have to do some things better, and rebound better. It is still not the level we need to be at. There are a lot of practices coming up when we get back, and I am looking forward to that.”

On Lamar Patterson carrying the offense:

“There were always good passes and guys were hitting him on shots. He was just catching and shooting. There was some execution to get him those shots. We have to make the decisions to get him more looks and touches. We didn’t do that in the last game, and it was across the board because of poor shot selection and impatience. He is such a good passer too. The points stand out but just seeing the pass he made to James (Robinson) with the big lead and him knocking down the shot just shows a lot of things he can do. He is obviously has been really good and the one game will stand out as our loss but he has been pretty solid all the way through.

On Lamar Patterson’s response to loss:

“We didn’t have much discussion about it and I had no doubt he wouldn’t respond in a positive manner. He has been so good all year long and we had him in the situation we wanted him to be in and it just didn’t happen. Sometimes you just come up short, but he handled it well afterwards which spoke volumes and indicated how he was going to handle it going forward and it’s great to see. We have to recognize that we have to make a lot of improvements. We have the pieces and people tell us we are young, but we can do this if we can make that commitment.  There were a lot of good performances from our bench, and we have to keep getting better with that group.”

On Lamar Patterson’s 30 points within the flow of the game:

“The emphasis this week was patience, because we didn’t have any patience last game. That impatience put us in the situation we were offensively, and it affected our defense and rebounding. If teams are patient, we have to go grind it out. He is moving better without the ball. The shots he took were all wide open. Our offense has been very good, but I wish that one game would have happened sometime in September or October.

On defensive adjustment on three-point line:

“I don’t know if it was an adjustment. We did a better job. We did switch some more ball screens for a stretch there. We are just breaking down too often. You are going to have some breakdowns, but we just have too many right now. We are not following our rules defensively and not handling our assignments. It is not just the new guys.

On what was taken from Cincinnati game and applied today:

“I mentioned patience. If things aren’t going well, we cannot let it affect us. We were not making shots and we didn’t execute our offense and we cannot let it affect our defense and rebounding. That was an emphasis. There was no way we should have been outrebounded. You are going to have games where you don’t shoot it well. We just were not patience. It wasn’t just one guy. They were patient, and we didn’t handle it well.”

On Lamar Patterson’s role offensively:

“As long as he shoots 11 for 15, however he does it is fine. He is such a good passé. He leads the team in assists, too. He is doing fine. Lamar’s offense is not an issue. He is going to have some high scoring games and high assist games. He is well rounded and efficient as any other guy that I have seen so far this year, and he is playing like it. He is going to have some big games and games where he doesn’t play as well. He has got to have some touches and it may not be scoring, but it will make us better offensively.”

On rebounding:

“I still do not think we are getting enough. I say that and see we are leading the league in offensive rebounding percentage and we are up there. When you do not rebound, you lose. That is not a new thing for us. You cannot do what you do well and expect to win a game. With some teams, that is not their emphasis, they might try to get more steals. We are built to get rebounds and if we do not, we are going to come up short. That was a factor last game, was our offensive efficiency. Our offense was better today. I wish we could have had more offensive rebounds in the first half especially.

On James Robinson’s role from last year to this year:

“I think he is more vocal this year, and that is probably natural. The guys really do trust him and that is obvious as well. The main thing is his defense is such a constant for us and the guys respect that. Offensively, he has to shoot like he did today and become a consistent shooter. He is not going to give you 20 every night, but if he can knock down open shots the way we move it, he is going to get enough open looks. His penetration off our offense, movements, and sets is critical. He is such a good decision maker and you want the ball in his hands.”


Quoting senior guard/forward Lamar Patterson:

On his career high scoring game:

“It felt good. My shots were going down and my teammates were finding me. It felt like it was in the flow of the offense and it wasn’t being forced. It showed how unselfish the team is.”

On coming off the bench and scoring:

“It was just in the flow. After the first one went down they gave me another look and it was just a good day. The team played unselfish and I just tried to follow through for these guys.”    

On James Robinson’s growth as a point guard:

“He has found a different part of his game this year. He is shooting the ball more, scoring. Last year he was timid, now he is making playing and doing everything you need a point guard to do. He is more of a leader this year, more vocal. He is doing a great job.”

On rebounding:

“It is something that we can fix, still before conference play. We get caught watching the ball as it is going up, instead of finding a man. It is fixable, not something to worry about too much. It cost us last game but we did a better job today. We still have a way to go.”


Quoting sophomore point-guard James Robinson:

On the team getting separation in second half:

“We got a couple stops and that led to transition points. That was around the time Josh [Newkirk] got his dunk and that really energized us. Lamar [Patterson] did a great job all forty minutes, on and off the court.  He brought energy and leadership. At that point we just turned up our energy.”

On his scoring late in the game:

“The defense collapsed in the lane, I was out there by myself and was able to knock it down. I got fouled on the inbound and stepped up to the line and made both. To that point we were playing good enough that it could have been anybody to make that shot. We were playing unselfish.”

On Cal-Poly’s three point shooting:

“Earlier in the game they were making shots but it was more of our defensive breakdowns. We got caught up on screens a couple times. As the game went on we got back to playing sound and fundamental defense.”

On getting Lamar Patterson the ball when he is scoring:

“You always want to look for everybody on the court.  As a point guard, I would be crazy to not look for him while he is scoring. He is an unselfish player and would still swing the ball around.”


Quoting Cal Poly Head Coach Joe Callero

On Pitt increasing its lead around the 14:00 mark:

“I thought there was a run there where they scored six of eight possessions or six of seven possessions. We had a couple of loose ball and missed shot situations where I think the physicality of the game caught up to us. I think our legs went out a little bit. You could see Pitt getting stronger during that period: shots, rhythm and feel of the game. I think we exerted a ton of energy just to be highly competitive going after the rebound. That’s where we fatigued, and they took great advantage of that. That really showed their physical and mental strength.”

On Lamar Patterson:

“I was very impressed with him. We watched film on him. What I love about him is that I think he has that NBA prospect body and NBA patience. He played at a speed that I thought would let the game come to him. He was aggressive but not forcing anything. The efficiency he had was really impressive. In 30 minutes, [he had] 30 points. None of them I felt were rushed or selfish. At their last game against Cincinnati, he probably didn’t feel like he played as well as he could. [Today,] he stepped up and showed great leadership. He played like a senior who wants to help his team compete at the highest level.”

On Cal-Poly’s schedule:

“This is probably the most daunting preseason schedule we’ve had. We played number one in the nation, Arizona. We played number 12 in the nation, Oregon. We played you, which I think is number 25-30 in the nation. This prepares us. We don’t want to be a boy’s basketball team; we want to be the men’s basketball team.”

Post-Game Quotesheet

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