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Dec. 23, 2012

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Kennesaw State at Pitt, Petersen Events Center, December 23, 2012
Pitt 59, Kennesaw State 43

Quoting Pitt coach Jamie Dixon

Opening Statement:

“We started 0-0 – that’s what I told our guys.  We’re going forward now. Everyone in our conference has a pretty good record at this point. We’re going into conference play, so we’ve got to get ready for that.  I like what we’ve done all year. We’ve gotten better. I don’t think we’ve had our best basketball tonight, but that’s behind us and we’re getting ready for conference play. We’ve got three days off and it’s always one of those things where you see the positives and negatives to it. We’re looking forward to getting back to practice on the 27th. We got into a rhythm here today and they did a good job of holding the ball and being patient. We had opportunities to finish some baskets and didn’t quite get into that rhythm offensively as our numbers indicated. Still pretty good, we outrebounded by a big number and guarded well for the most part, but not our best 40 minutes of basketball this year.”

On out of conference play:

“Our numbers you can point to the different things. Across the country there are games that we should win and there are games that everyone plays that they should win. We’ve done that. We’ve taken care of business. Some have, some haven’t. We’ve done a good job of passing the ball and our defense has improved. We’ve just got to get it to the point where it continues to improve. We’ve done some good things offensively. Everyone is going through the same thing. They look at themselves and they’re wondering where they are. With our conference, we’re going to find out really quick.”

On Dante Taylor:

“We played him today. He wasn’t 100 percent obviously and we didn’t want to play him a lot. But I think we got what we wanted to get out of him - hopefully, get him ready and moving forward.”

On the 10 man rotation:

“I think we’re pretty close to it. You’re going to have some injuries and some foul trouble – it’s rare that you go through a game without one of those things factoring in. In most cases, you’re probably going to see 10 guys out there.”

On the depth:

“If all 10 are healthy and out of foul trouble, it’s not rare (to see that). We’ve experienced that the past few game. We have 10 very good players and they’re getting better. We have four young guys that and a sophomore that have battle through some tough challenges. That’s half our team. Growth is where we are looking and we’re showing tremendous improvement through the year. We have to keep doing that.  We aren’t where we need to be and I think that any coach feels that way right now.”

Quoting sophomore guard Cameron Wright:

On what they take out of the non-conference schedule:

“Well you know, it was good stepping blocks for us.  I feel like we did pretty well leading into Cincinnati, Big East play.  It was good for us, of course.”

On how much the team is looking forward to playing the Big East schedule and more challenging games:

“We’re definitely looking forward to it.  We play in this conference, so it’s exciting.  We look forward to it for sure.”

On the 10-man rotation:

“Since we play 10 players, the coaches are all confident in all of us and that just helps us even more.  Everyone has someone to come in and give them a breather.  We’re all confident in each other.  You know, going into Big East play, a lot of teams don’t play that many guys, so it kind of gives us an edge.”

On playing a top 10 team, in Cincinnati, to open Big East play:

“You know, they’re a great team.  Give them credit.  Of course, give Kennesaw State credit tonight.  They did play hard. Of course, you know, we look forward to these types of games.  We looked forward to the Michigan game.  Unfortunately, we fell short.  They’re coming to our place, so they should be looking forward to playing us.  You know, they beat us last year, so they know we have something for them this year.”

On James Robinson:

“He’s not a freshman.  Everybody knows he’s ahead of his game, that’s why he plays so much.  He’s a great player.”

Quoting freshman guard James Robinson:

On specific areas that the team was looking to improve on during the non-conference schedule:

“I think our whole overall performance.  I think the whole non-conference schedule, we kind of looked at it as a way of getting better at what we do.  And that’s what we kind of judged the games on, how we played, in particular, on both ends of the court.”

On what adjustments they made at halftime:

“They played very hard the whole game.  They hit open jump shots.  I think they were on tonight.  We didn’t have one of our best defensive performances and that’s something that we’re going to have to work on heading into Big East play.”

On the non-conference schedule helping the younger players:

“I think it helped me a lot; just trying to get game experience.  I feel like every game was a learning experience for me.  I’m definitely going to be able to take the good things and try to take those into Big East play and work on my mistakes, so I can limit them.”

Quoting Kennesaw State Head Coach Lewis Preston

Opening Statement:

“I thought our guys, the second twenty minutes, played with the energy and effort that I wanted them to play with.  I tip my hat to Pitt.  That’s the biggest, most physical team that we’ve played all year.  Probably will be the biggest and most physical team that we’ll play throughout the course of the season.  I knew going in that it was going to be a battle on the glass and 19 offensive rebounds, 38 rebounds overall, that’s kind of been indicative of Pitt, probably over the course of the last 15 years.  Believe me, I had six not so great years watching them when I was at Notre Dame as an assistant.  I’m really happy for Delbert Love, Myles Hamilton, they had a lot of family and friends here.  Nigel Pruitt, you know that’s a sophomore and two freshmen that I’m talking about to come in, in this environment and to play the way that they played today.  We’ve got to continue to build off of it.  I loved our team effort overall.  We’ve got a lot of things to work on when we come back from Christmas, preparation for conference.  I think more importantly as we move forward is that we’ve got to get better defensively.  To hold them to 42% may have been our better defensive effort.  I don’t know if some of that was them having one or two feet out the door for Christmas break or us actually doing some things, changing up defensively.  Hopefully it’s the latter of those two statements.  As we move forward, we’re going to continue to get better and I wish Pitt the best of luck.”

On Pitt’s rotation and if they are a team that can cause problems with their depth:

“I think their depth can definitely cause problems.  I think probably one of the things that will be interesting will be to see how they continue to shoot from the perimeter.  You know, only taking eight three-point attempts.  Will teams zone them, change up some defenses and do different things of that nature?  You know, when you’ve got 10 bodies that are physical, strong, active, that can wear down opponents.”

On whether there is anyone in particular that causes problems off the bench:

“You know what; I think Dante Taylor when he comes in gives them an added dimension inside.  Although, he’s been a starter for a couple of years.  I was very impressed with Steve Adams from the time he walked on the floor, watching him warm-up.  Saw him a little bit when he was at prep school.  I think he and [Talib] Zanna play well together.  [James] Robinson does a very good job of controlling the game for them.  It will be interesting to see how Trey Zeigler from this point forward will step up and [Durand] Johnson, as well.  I told Jamie [Dixon] I liked this group.  I told Brian Regan, who I’ve known for a long time, that it looks like these guys like playing with each other.” 

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