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Dec. 31, 2007

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Pitt at Dayton, December 29, 2007


Quoting Pitt Head Coach Jamie Dixon:


Opening Comments:


"Dayton played very well. Give them a lot of credit on how they played, how they performed. They shot it well. They hit 17-of-18 from the free throw line in the first half. (Brian) Roberts obviously is a great player, we knew he was and he played very well. They made shots, defended well and out-rebounded us and we need to out-rebound people. Give them a lot of credit. We didn't play well, but they did play well and they deserved to win, so a lot of credit to them. We knew what this was coming into it. It's a tough place to play and a very good team. It went pretty much as we thought early. We just didn't respond. The foul trouble early hurt us. We were playing guys we normally don't play and playing in situations we weren't used to. We were forced to do some things we normally don't do. Obviously Levance out in the second half really took something out of us. We don't know where he is at right now. He's in a lot of pain. We'll have to see tomorrow. We looked at it on replay where he went to the basket, you know what happened, you saw it. He came down on it. We'll see how he is tomorrow. Right now it's purely speculation."


On the status of Levance Fields:


"We think it's his foot. Levance was playing well. I thought he had great drives to the basket, was getting to the rim, but it seemed he was off-balanced for a reason. I don't know why."


On the foul trouble Pitt had:


"Mike is a little bit different since he's a perimeter player. That doesn't affect our substitution pattern, but we've talked about from day one about staying out of foul trouble and that being a key thing. Our whole front line each had two fouls in the first half. Three, four, five for each guy we played. It put us in a difficult situation. Hopefully, we can respond to that situation when that happens again. I've never seen before, but it did happen today. Brad had two, Gilbert had two, Sam had two, DeJuan had two. So we went small. Maybe that wasn't the right thing to do, but I thought we would play better with that combination as we went small. We need to play better when we are forced to play small.


On the play of Gilbert Brown and Brad Wanamaker:


"I have a lot of confidence in Gilbert and Bradley. I know they are going to play better than they played tonight so I have a lot of confidence in them. We've got them at those spots. They are going to bring different things to the table. I think they are going to do a good job for us. I think they are going to bring some different things. They can bring some rebounding. I know Gilbert is a better shooter than he shot tonight and I think we'll get some good stuff out of them as it goes. We're going to be fine there. I have a lot of confidence in those two guys."


On Pitt's offensive play:


"The numbers weren't good looking at our offense and what we were doing. The travel calls that we got, we've never had that many travel calls before and we need to get shots up. And offensive boards, we didn't get the offensive boards we need to until the second half, I thought. We didn't finish a lot too as well. Our offense I wouldn't say was very good, let's put it that way. We could have played better on the offensive end I think and credit to them for their defense and how they played. They did a great job, played hard and defended well."


Post-Game Quotesheet

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