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March 13, 2011


Sunday, March 13, 2010, Pittsburgh, Pa., Petersen Events Center


Quoting Pitt Head Coach Jamie Dixon


Opening Statement:


“We’re all set here. We have the two teams – as soon as I saw UNC-Asheville I realized that Coach Eddie Biedenbach is the coach there. He’s a Pittsburgh guy. We always talk to him on the road about Pittsburgh. I don’t know a lot about the school, but I know coach Biedenbach very well. We’ve always talked about him coming up and playing here, but have never gotten it done. So, we’ll possibly play them in Washington, D.C. I know that Little Rock surprised some people when they won their tournament – The Sunbelt – which is a very good conference. They had to beat some good people in there, so Little Rock had to win against some good teams down there. They’re a good team all-around. We’ll go watch some film – we have stuff on everybody, so we’ll run up there and go take a look at them. We’ll get a good feel for both teams. We’re playing on Thursday, so we’ll get ready for them.”


On receiving a No. 1 seed:


“We’re obviously excited about the No. 1 seed, but honestly at this point, it doesn’t mean a lot. What we’ve done in the past is beyond us. I’m proud of what we did, but now it’s a matter of going forward and being a better team. We practiced today; we’re going to try and be better tomorrow and improve on some things. Obviously, the rebounding let us down in our losses – our recent losses. We pride ourselves on being the best in the country in rebounding, and when we don’t out-rebound people it catches up to us. When we have done that we’ve been pretty good, hence the No. 1 seed. I’m excited; the guys are ready and had a good practice today.”


On preparing for the game, not knowing the opponent:


“It’s a little interesting. The first thing I thought was whether or not we could find a place where we could get TruTV – that’s what the game is being shown on. The situation is a little bit unique I guess, different. I’d rather be in that position than be a No. 5, 6, 7 or 8 seed. It’s part of being the No. 1 seed. I think we can adapt and get ready for it. Plus, we’ll have another game of them, a recent game too. Often times you don’t get as many recent games from those teams as you try to track them down.”


On the bracket:


“I didn’t look up and down too close – I look at the first game. I’m on the first game and getting ready for Asheville and Little Rock. You know you’re going to play somebody good, and we understand that.”


Quoting Pitt's Brad Wanamaker:


On landing in the No. 1 seed:


“It was a real reaction from our team, we thought we would drop to the No. 2 or 3 seed just because of how we went out in the first round of the Big East Tournament. We’re excited to have the No. 1 seed, but we have to get the work done in the tournament. We thought things would work out, but we didn’t think we would be the No. 1 seed. We had some faith that we would, but we had a lot of doubt that we wouldn’t.”


On the choice of Pitt earning a No. 1 seed and the fact that Notre Dame didn’t:


“It was mostly in part because of the work that Notre Dame and Duke had done. We knew that Kansas and Ohio State were going to be the two anonymous choices, but we kind of thought that Notre Dame had a chance there.”


Quoting Pitt’s Gilbert Brown:


On preparing for the potential opponents:


“Coach gave us a little heads up. We adhere to his advice and get a little background info on possible opponents. We’re ready to get out there and play.”


On having an advantage going into the tournament:


“It’s going to be tough, that’s what gives us an advantage too. Them having to play on Tuesday, then travel and get up to play on Thursday will be tough. If we can take advantage of our days off and this rest that we get – make sure our bodies are healthy, make sure that we pay attention to our scouting we will be fine.”


On not knowing the opponent:


“We just have to sit and wait. Basically, in situations like this we go over what both teams do, then practice. Sometimes if they are similar, or just completely different, we go over different sets of play. We break it up evenly and go over what they do best.”


Quoting Pitt Guard Ashton Gibbs:


On going all the way to the Championship game:


“This is the year that we have to do it. We’re definitely all confident. We’re practicing really hard. We just need to carry everything over to the game. We can’t get outrebounded and outtoughed like we did last game in the Big East Tournament.”


On the difference of this Pitt team:


“I think the difference is that we all know our roles. We’re experienced all ready, but the fact that everyone knows their roles and nobody goes out of character is an important factor. No one plays selfishly. If we play defense first and let that carry over to our offense we’ll be fine.”


On consistency in past NCAA Tournament games for the Panthers:


“Each one has their own identity. Everyone who makes the tournament is good – that is the reason they made the tournament. We’re going to play a good team each and every day. When it’s your turn, you just have to go out there and play your best.”


On the importance of getting the No. 1 Seed:


“I think it’s very important. Just on a confidence level, because you play some lower seeds I don’t think that really matters because anyone can be beat on any given day. You have to come out and play your hardest each and every day. If you come out and play your hardest you should be fine.”


Quoting Pitt Center Gary McGhee:


On his growth as a player over the last four years:


“I feel that since I was a freshman, watching our team perform great and grow has been a great accomplishment, especially in the Big East Conference. We’re just trying to play well, play hard and win games now. I have come a long way in the past four years, a lot from hard work and dedication. I never want to give up, even when people didn’t have the most confidence in me.”


On getting the No. 1 seed:


“We’re happy that we got the No. 1 seed in a good draw – we’re excited about that. We’re ready to come out and perform. We know that we have to win games – no matter what seed that we are, we have to go out there and win games. We’re looking forward to going out there on Thursday, getting a win and starting it off right.”


On the Final Four being the “Great Expectation”:


“I guess you can say that it puts pressure on you. My sophomore year we had the No. 1 seed and we didn’t get to the Final Four – as you know we got beat in the Elite Eight. It’s definitely something that we want to accomplish. We like the pressure, we want the pressure on us. This is a very good team, we want to get to our goal, and that is Houston and the Final Four.”

NCAA Selection Sunday Quotesheet

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