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Sept. 20, 2011

"We are very excited and thankful to our administration, to Chancellor (Mark) Nordenberg and to Steve Pederson for solidifying our future. It's an exciting time for Pitt and an exciting time for our fans. I know when you look toward the future and being in the ACC, you can look forward to the opportunity of playing the top opponents - week in and week out. It's going to make for an exciting home schedule every year. For me personally, I think the universities that are associated with the ACC academically and athletically are at the highest level in the country. It's impressive to know that our future is going to be in a league that carries that kind of prestige and that we're going to compete at the highest level academically and athletically in the country. Naturally the TV market, the East coast and the recruiting base are all factors of the ACC that we are very excited about. We are very appreciative to be given the opportunity."
-Todd Graham, University of Pittsburgh Head Football Coach

"We are excited, and I don't know when it (the move to the ACC) will be, but we are excited about this season and whenever we are playing in the ACC. We will be ready for that, as well. I think Chancellor (Mark) Nordenberg and (Athletic Director) Steve Pederson, what they've done over the years in monitoring this whole situation has put the University in the best situation and place it can be. They did an unbelievable job and we just have great respect, confidence and admiration for what they've done and the position they've put us in.

We knew realignment was going to occur at some point and the possibility of it. I think our Chancellor and (Athletic Director) Steve (Pederson) and I have made every effort and I wish the Big East could stay together and grow, get better and add more teams, but also (we) knew there was going to be the possibilities of realignment where we might be the team that moves on. I don't know if people realize how much time and effort the Chancellor and Steve (Pederson) put into this every day. I always felt in our conversations that if we were to move conferences, that the ACC would be the conference."
-Jamie Dixon, University of Pittsburgh Head Men's Basketball Coach

"I am thrilled the University of Pittsburgh will be joining the Atlantic Coast Conference as some of my best memories are the time I spent as the head coach at ACC-member school Georgia Tech. I will be forever grateful for the opportunities, the great competition and the lasting friendships made in the Big East. Not often are you able to return where you started and I feel as if I am doing this now with Pitt's move to the ACC. Ultimately, we are team players and in the ever-changing world of college athletics, I am excited with the opportunity that and Chancellor Mark Nordenberg and Athletic Director Steve Pederson have provided us with. Our women's basketball program looks forward to making new history in the ACC."
-Agnus Berenato, University of Pittsburgh Head Women's Basketball Coach

"With the move to the Atlantic Coast Conference, the leadership of Chancellor Mark Nordenberg, Jerry Cochran and Steve Pederson have placed the University of Pittsburgh among the best academic and athletic institutions in the country. In particular, the ACC is arguably the best baseball conference in the NCAA and it will be a great challenge for us. I have a tremendous deal of respect for my colleagues and friends in the Big East and very much look forward to being a part of a new chapter of Pitt Baseball in the ACC."
-Joe Jordano, University of Pittsburgh Head Baseball Coach

"It's exciting for all of our teams as the ACC has shown excellence in all sports throughout the years. I used to coach in the ACC for a few years, so it will be exciting to go back. From a soccer standpoint, it is arguably the best conference in the country. It is definitely a positive move for the University of Pittsburgh as a whole. It will be exciting for our fans, our student-athletes and our staff. We've enjoyed competing in the Big East and cherish the friendships we've made but are excited to test our strength as a university in the ACC."
-Sue-Moy Chin, University of Pittsburgh Head Women's Soccer Coach

"Just when you thought University of Pittsburgh Athletics could not get any better, it does so by joining the ACC. From a volleyball standpoint, the league is highly competitive and rich in success. ACC institutions have made a strong commitment to women's volleyball and that commitment can be seen in the fact that in each of the past two years five member schools have earned bids to the NCAA Division I Volleyball Championship .We welcome the opportunity to compete in one of the best volleyball conferences in the country. "
-Toby Rens, University of Pittsburgh Head Volleyball Coach

"The ACC is one of the premier track and field conferences in the country, strong each and every year. We will certainly miss our relationships with our Big East counterparts, but we look forward to this new and exciting challenge - both athletically and academically. Chancellor Mark Nordenberg and Athletic Director Steve Pederson are great leaders and I am confident the move to the ACC will be a successful one."
-Alonzo Webb, University of Pittsburgh Head Track & Field Coach

University of Pittsburgh Head Coach Quotes on Atlantic Coast Conference