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Oct. 14, 2005

student tickets

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PITTSBURGH--The University of Pittsburgh athletic department announced its new student ticket allocation process for 2005-06 men's basketball season Friday morning. The new process will be conducted on a game-by-game basis and reward students for attending games.

The Pitt Athletic Department, Student Government Board, Oakland Zoo and Panther Pitt combined efforts to formulate this plan to ensure it incorporated student feedback and needs. As a result, the new student online registration process will begin one week prior to each scheduled game. Students will have two days to complete their registration at and must claim tickets during a two-day claim period. If ticket requests are fewer than tickets available, all registered students are awarded tickets via e-mail. Should ticket demand exceed tickets available, winning tickets will be selected via a loyalty system. Students will earn loyalty points for attending games and lose loyalty points for failing to attend games in which they claim a ticket. Students must bring their printed ticket and PITT ID to the student entrance for admission to receive loyalty points on game day.

"We were pleased to work with the students in developing this year's new basketball ticket plan," Pitt Athletic Director Jeff Long said. "We believe this is a plan that rewards our most loyal student fans. It has always been our goal for our student seating area to be occupied by only students. I know they will continue to give us one of the finest home court advantages in the country this year."

To inform students on the new process, the Pitt athletic department has set up two events to assist and answer questions. Pitt will host an open ticket forum on Thursday, Oct. 20 at the Petersen Events Center at 8:45 p.m. Athletic department officials and student leaders will be on hand to field questions from students concerning the ticket procedure. All students are invited to attend.

Pitt, in cooperation with the Oakland Zoo, Student Traditions Committee and the Panther Pitt, will then host a Basketball Preseason Student Event on Thursday, Nov. 1 at the Petersen Events Center. The event will feature speeches from Pitt coaches Jamie Dixon and Agnus Berenato along with players from both the men's and women's basketball teams. Prior to this event, ticket registration will begin on Tuesday, Oct. 25. Students in attendance will receive loyalty points. Athletic department officials will be on hand to field questions.

The following are step-by-step details of the process:


Student tickets will be distributed on a four-point basis beginning one week prior to each scheduled game:

1. Ticket Registration Period (2 days)
Students will have two days to register for a ticket to each home game online at If ticket requests are fewer than tickets available, all registered students are awarded tickets via e-mail. If requests exceed tickets available, tickets are awarded via a loyalty distribution. Students have entries in the distribution process equal to the number of Loyalty Points earned from attending previous games. Students who are not awarded a ticket in loyalty distribution are placed on the waiting list.

2. Ticket Claim Period (2 days)
Students have two days to claim their awarded ticket online by printing the ticket at home. When loyalty distribution occurs, any tickets that are not claimed during the two-day claim period are awarded a second loyalty distribution to students on the waiting list. Those students have one day to claim their ticket.

3. Ticket Print-on-Demand
Students may print tickets "on-demand" as long as tickets remain available (even if they forget to register during the initial two-day registration period. When no loyalty distribution occurs, print-on-demand begins at the start of the of the initial claim period. When a loyalty distribution occurs, print-on-demand begins after the one-day claim period for students on the waiting list (if tickets remain available).

4. Loyalty Points
Students earn Loyalty Points by attending games, but lose Loyalty Points for failing to attend games for which they claim a ticket (being a "no-show"). Students must bring their printed ticket and PITT ID to the student entrance for admission on game day. Students who claim a ticket but decide not to attend a game must cancel their ticket by 12 Noon two days prior to game day to avoid losing Loyalty Points (see Ticket Policy for complete details on canceling a ticket).

"I think the new student ticketing policy is going to create a positive effect on both our student body and our team. The policy will increase attendance at games and give more students the opportunity to attend them. The students will have a better chance to show the nation the great traditions we have as Panthers at the University of Pittsburgh, supporting our outstanding men's basketball team."
--Kristina Baron, Student Government Board, Traditions Committee Chair

"Show your Pitt Pride and register online for this year's basketball ticketing, to give yourself the best opportunity to be at all of this year's games."
--Andy Nagy, Oakland Zoo President

"I believe this new ticketing system will help make the Oakland Zoo a much stronger force in the world of college basketball. It will allow for every student to have an opportunity to attend the games so that the student section is filled for every game. The reward system will allow better odds for the people who attend each game to have a greater chance to attend the bigger games toward the end of the season."
--David Jedlicka, Oakland Zoo, Assistant Leader

"The new basketball ticketing system will allow for the Oakland Zoo to be in full force for every basketball game this season. No longer will people buy season tickets for basketball, and only show up for the Notre Dame, Syracuse and UConn games."
--Brad O'Toole, Oakland Zoo Business Manager

"The Panther Pitt is pleased to have the opportunity to work with representatives of the Athletics Department, the Oakland Zoo and the Student Government Board in developing the new student ticket program, and we look forward to continuing this cooperation in the future. The new program is a great improvement over the former program because it gives each student a fair chance to get tickets for every game. We encourage our fellow students to take full advantage of this opportunity by packing the Petersen Events Center for each game this season!"
--Robin Frank, Panther Pitt President


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