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Oct. 13, 2012

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Pitt Head Coach Paul Chryst

Opening comments:
“I give Louisville a lot of credit. The way they came out in the second half, we weren’t able to answer their scores. I’m proud of the way our players prepared. I thought our guys put it out there. That’s all you can ask for. The bottom line is they made more plays. We had a couple of opportunities, but they were better than us today.”

On the beginning of the second half:
“They made some plays. They made the first play, and we didn’t answer their scores.”

On choosing to go for fourth down late in the first half:
“We wanted to try and get a first down. Our defense was playing alright. More importantly, (we) wanted to put it on our offense.”

On choosing to go for it on fourth down over a field goal in the fourth quarter:
“I felt like we could get it. I wanted to put it in the players’ hands. We’re going to need Kevin Harper. The first one he attempted today, that’s a long field goal try. I have a lot of respect for the Louisville defense. We thought going into the game they would be good. I thought we were doing some good things and I felt good putting the play call in. We didn’t execute it.”

On the performance of Louisville quarterback Teddy Bridgewater:
“I think he is certainly a good player. He made some plays. I wasn’t surprised by what he did with his escapability. It was more than just him, but that’s also why they are a 6-0 club.”

On Todd Thomas blocking a punt and recovering it for a touchdown:
“It was a designed block. I thought Todd made a heck of a play. His job is to pressure the kick. It was a big play for us.”

On the momentum shift in the third quarter:
“At any point in the game when momentum goes away, you’ve got to fight to get it back your way. We didn’t do that and that’s where, during the third quarter, you saw the separation.”

Pitt senior OL Chris Jacobson:

On the struggles the team had in the third quarter:
“It was just some big plays that we were giving up. We had the momentum at halftime, the guys were ready to go and we knew what we had to do to get the win. Then some big plays happened, like the touchdown on the first play and also the punt. They just put us behind and there was not enough time for us to win.”

On how the offensive line played today:
“I think we did a great job up front today, Coach Hueber was proud of us and told us to keep our heads high. We did our job. There are probably some things we need to work on, but every day that’s expected. We just have to get the film and learn from it.”

On if they began to press as a team after the opening touchdown in the third quarter for Louisville:
“We stayed calm. We were moving the ball in the first half, so we knew we had to get a touchdown and get some points down there. We knew we had to respond, but then the punt put them at another advantage.”

Pitt senior QB Tino Sunseri:

On if the way Louisville was scoring in the third quarter changed how Pitt approached their offensive possessions:
“I don’t think we pressed at all. We understood the situation at hand. I think we understood that we had to make a drive. You have to give credit to Louisville’s defense; they mixed it up in the third quarter.”

On what the Louisville defense did differently in the third quarter:
“The guys were really thinking and played the situation really well and were taking away stuff that usually we could take downfield. Dropping eight guys underneath and forcing us to make plays. Whenever it’s 3rd down and 10 or 3rd down and nine, you can dump the ball off and get six, seven yards, but you’re still 3-yards short. I think that’s what their plan was, to drop everybody off and make sure that we forced the ball down, make us play behind the stakes and try to make people miss.”

Pitt senior DB Jarred Holley:

On what happened defensively in the third quarter:
“We had to come out and make a play; obviously we have to learn from it and watch the tape and just come together as a group.”

On if there was any one thing that hindered them in the third quarter:
“It’s football. They’re going to make plays and we’re going to make plays. Louisville is a good team and I give them a lot of credit, but on our end we just have to get the job done.”

Pitt junior WR Devin Street:

On having some of his best statistical games in Pitt losses:
“The coaches are calling on me and want me to be a playmaker, a complete guy. They’re definitely trying to get me involved and get the ball in different spots. I think with the big games. It’s not satisfying with the losses.”

On if it was frustrating that Louisville had a hot start to the second half:
“It wasn’t too frustrating, in the game anyone can strike quick and it’s all about staying at one level. I had confidence that we could go out there and play, but it didn’t go our way and credit to Louisville.”

Pitt freshman RB Rushel Shell:

On how it felt to be back in the mix of things:
“It felt good. It felt good to be back on the field and play the game I love.”

On how Louisville’s quick start to the third quarter changed the game:
“The momentum changed just like that, that’s why it’s never over. They were making good plays and they were just doing things that I guess we weren’t ready for. We weren’t deflated, we believed that we could’ve come back and we’re just trying to worry about the next play.”

Pitt sophomore LB Todd Thomas:

On his blocked punt and touchdown:
“When we called our play and we lined up and they snap the ball, there’s three up-men back there, two on the left and one on the right. I’m running through and Mike Shanahan comes through with me and the two just take Mike. I thought ‘this is unreal; I’m not coming in free.’ Once I got through I just put my hands up, I don’t think I had a technique on it, I just threw my hands up and blocked it and then ran down and recovered it.”

Pitt senior RB Ray Graham:

On if Louisville’s quick start to the third quarter took the momentum away from Pitt:
“I think we were rolling in the beginning and the D did a good job too and I think that kind of slowed things down for us. Give credit to the Louisville defense because we did a good job and when they scored, we scored. I just think coming out for the third quarter, that one play there caught us off guard.”

Louisville Head Coach Charlie Strong:

Opening statement:
“We were so happy to have our first Big East opener on the road. What was so great about it was our football team didn’t play well during the first half. We had too many penalties and made too many mistakes. In the second half, we were able to come out and operate on offense. Where I felt the game changed was in the second quarter right before halftime. Pitt had the ball on third down and we called a timeout. We stopped them and they called a timeout on fourth down. We stopped them and Teddy (Bridgewater) hit DeVante Parker, who made an unbelievable catch. Our offensive line has played well all year long.”

On scoring three points before halftime:
“We’ve been very fortunate the last few weeks to score a touchdown right before halftime. At halftime, we were only down 21-17. Knowing we would have the ball at the start of the second half, we had momentum to drive the ball.”

On the passing game:
“Our offense has been explosive all year long. We’ve been able to throw the deep ball. Today, we were able to connect on those throws.”

On how he motivated the team for the second half:
“I said some very choice words, but I had to get them going. That was the only way it could happen.”

On limiting Pitt’s running game:
“Ray (Graham) tries to run outside. He can make you miss. (Rushel) Shell runs at you. There’s nothing fancy about him.”

On the first conference win:
“It’s the first conference game of six. You have to win to stay in the race. We’ve played away from home for a month. We get to go home and play four of our next six games in front of our home crowd."

Louisville QB Teddy Bridgewater:

On his confidence in DeVante Parker:
“I have a lot of confidence. He’s finding himself again. He has been dealing with injuries and is finally recovering. He’s playing to the best of his ability.”

On Senorise Perry scoring four touchdowns:
“I didn’t know he scored four touchdowns until I was on the sidelines joking around. He is an awesome guy. Coach (Kenny) Carter does a great job coaching those guys.”

Louisville C Mario Benavides:

On his feelings of beating Pitt:
“It feels great. Since I have been here we haven’t beat Pitt home or away. This feels great. I don’t know if we played a complete game but I will say this is our best second half of the season. I am really proud of the way our guys fought. Coming into the game I don’t think I realized how good Pitt’s offense was as far as yards per gain. Our defense did really good against the run. It’s just good to be 6-0.”

On Senorise Perry scoring four touchdowns:
“He is an interesting kid. He works his butt off. Whatever the coaches ask him to do whether it is special teams or anything, he does. He is always willing to do it for the team. He doesn’t care how much he scores or if he has to come out of the running back position. He is willing to do that. I am really proud him."

Louisville WR DeVante Parker:

On his 75-yard play:
“Teddy just threw it up and I got it.”

On why they threw deep:
“They were playing man. We knew we could beat that and just had to make big plays.”

Postgame Quotes

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