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Oct. 23, 2010

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Pitt Head Coach Dave Wannstedt

“This was a different week preparing for the game because of the misfortune a week ago to their player, Eric LeGrand. It was a topic of conversation around our locker room. A lot of our guys know players from New Jersey and we have players from there.”

“We started off—and we were not flat—but we were not executing. We had penalties. We had a blocked punt recovered for a touchdown. We were going to find out what type of team we have, in the second half.”

“Rutgers had won three of their last four games in the fourth quarter. We know what type of character this football team had that we were playing.”

“I was very, very proud of our guys and how we stepped up in the second half and made plays.”

“Tino Sunseri continued to make progress. He made decisions in the second half that he didn’t make in the first half and he hadn’t made in the last couple of weeks.”

“If Jonathan Baldwin is in one-on-one coverage, we’ve got to get him the ball.”

“They were literally triple teaming Jabaal Sheard, so Brandon Lindsey stepped up and had three sacks. We were playing in coverage today and we were generating pressure out of our defensive front. I thought that made a huge difference today.”

“I thought our coaches did a good job today. That’s two straight weeks of putting up 40 or more points.”

“It was a good team win and a good conference win. We’re still a team in progress. We’ve got to work hard this week and get better, and that’s what these kids have done. We’ll continue doing that and taking them one game at a time.”

Pitt Quarterback Tino Sunseri

“We always believe that any given player on this team can have a big day or make plays. In the past weeks, guys like Dion (Lewis) and JB haven’t had to make plays because other guys where stepping up to make things happen.”

“We just wanted to take advantage of any opportunity we could when we got a one-on-one. Coach Schiano is a great defensive-minded coach. We knew he was going to have his team bring pressure and Dion was able to split some runs and our offensive line did a great job of hanging up the pass protection.”

“We always want to be a complete offense. We have a lot of guys on this team who can make adjustments and make plays.”

“It was special to throw for 300-yards. I knew we were kind of close to that mark going into the last couple of drives. Coach Cignetti called a couple of pass plays there at the end and I was able to get to that mark. It was pretty cool.”

Pitt Wide Receiver Jon Baldwin

“It’s great to get the second win in the Big East. We have to keep building off of today.”

“I think early on in the season, a lot of people started counting us out. We always believed in ourselves as a team and now we stand in first place in the Big East.”

“I simply try and make plays when my number is called. Whether I get two balls or eight balls, my job is to make the most of my opportunities.”

“We can still step things up. Our linemen are doing a great job and so is Tino. We need to keep building off the success.”

Pitt Safety Dom DeCicco

“We’re feeling better every week. If we can keep this up, we will be a difficult team to beat. We’re confident right now but at the same time, we realize that one slip-up can cost us a shot at the Big East.”

“In the past few years, Rutgers has really been a team that has given us some problems. The coaches have really helped us prepare and they’ve done a great job in scouting our opponents.”

“I know that everyone on this team believes that there is room for improvement. We’ll be looking at film tomorrow and preparing for Louisville. We just have to take things one step at a time.”

Rutgers Head Coach Greg Schiano

“We just got whooped today in all three phases. We struggled protecting the passer, we gave Pitt a short field to work with and besides our blocked punt for a touchdown we really didn’t do much on special teams. On defense we didn’t play the way that we are capable of. When that happens, it’s on me. We obviously didn’t get our football team ready to play today. I don’t think it was anything other than we didn’t execute and Pitt did. They’re a good football team and they are hitting their stride and we were unable to sustain that in the second half.”

On the emotion of the team:

“I didn’t sense anything. I thought they were ready to play when it came time for kickoff.”

On what about the Pitt team troubled Rutgers:

“Their two running backs really played well. We had multiple opportunities behind the line of scrimmage for loss plays and we didn’t tackle very well, but I think those running backs had a lot to do with it. Then we had a lot of mistakes in critical situations. We would have it just right and then we would make a mistake and a guy wouldn’t be covered. You could look at a lot of different things, but it’s my job to make sure that we do the right things and we didn’t do it.”

On Pitt WR Jon Baldwin:

“We didn’t match anyone up with him in particular. He played a heck of a game and he made some great plays. I don’t know if he’s too much for any one guy, I just think he played very well today.”

On the injuries on defense being a factor:

“Of course they are factors, but you play with the 11 guys that are out there. We just didn’t get it done. Pitt did play very well. Without seeing the tape I couldn’t tell you what it was, but I know those running backs were hit several times in the backfield and they were able to twist and turn and get out of there. We didn’t tackle the way we normally do, but I do think that those running backs had a lot to do with those.”

On Pitt’s Blitz:

“They always have a blitz package, but they don’t rely on it a great deal. We just had some one-on-one match-ups that we tried to provide help in different areas. I thought Pitt covered well. We had some time back there and we didn’t have any open people. Your commit resource is to help on the protection and sometimes it closes some windows on the pass game. That’s a choice you have to make.”

On Pitt’s contribution to Eric LeGrand:

“It’s classy. This league has been great and this whole nation has been great reaching out and I can’t thank you enough. Another week has gone by and another game has been played and Eric is still in the same situation. Nothing has changed. I appreciate everyone’s prayers and outreach. We’re going to keep moving on. This team hit a very bad spot today, but this team will be back. In this league, anybody could beat anybody. It’s just going out and playing. We’ll be back.”

Pitt and Rutgers Postgame Quotes

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