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Oct. 27, 2012

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Pitt Head Coach Paul Chryst

Opening comments:
“It was a good win. A lot of different players made plays. The first half, we were able to jump up on them. I’m disappointed, obviously, in the way we came out in the third quarter. Offensively, we didn’t finish in the red zone. Defensively, they had some drives on us.

“Overall, it was important to get a win today. I thought a lot of guys made some significant plays to help us, so it feels good.”

On scoring before the end of the first half:
“It was good. You hope you are learning and improving from certain situations. It was big. I thought it was good.”

On Ray Graham’s performance:
“I thought Ray ran very well. He hit some things. Hopefully, he keeps getting more comfortable and better. I thought today he cut it loose a little bit. Rushel Shell also had some runs and that energizes your team. I thought the running game today was a little bit better and we should be getting better.”

On Dan Mason’s play:
“I thought he made a heck of a play on that fourth down. On his first play of the third quarter, he jumped offsides. But, I think he was productive. He was around the ball. All these guys, you appreciate what they do and hold them to a high standard.”

On Lafayette Pitts’ performance:
“I thought he was good. That one play changed it all. Then Ray Graham followed it up with a heck of a run on a two-play drive. I thought the team needed that. Lafayette is a good enough player where you can put that on him and he’s going to impact the game.”

On penalties called on the Pitt special teams:
“I thought we made some poor decisions on our kicking game. We gave them some opportunities. We had the one illegal block behind the ball carrier. We had a couple of procedure penalties. We’ve got to maintain the focus. That’s an area where it’s hard to win games doing that.”

Pitt QB Tino Sunseri:

On what Pitt did to be successful today:
“We just wanted to keep growing as an offense. We wanted to make sure that every time we got the ball, that we would take advantage of it. Obviously, the offensive line played really well. You have to give a lot of credit to those guys. Arthur Doakes came in when (Ryan) Schlieper went out and we didn’t skip a beat when he came in. I feel like that’s what we have to keep doing each week; just keep growing as an offense, keep understanding what wins games. It’s not turning the ball over; it’s getting first downs when we’re grinding it out and running the football.”

Pitt DB Lafayette Pitts:

On his fumble recovery to begin the fourth quarter:
“I just came down and tried to make a play on the tackle and the ball was coming loose, so I tried to get in and take it. I accomplished it.”

Pitt WR Devin Street:

On his 52-yard touchdown catch in the fourth quarter:
“They lost me in the shuffle. I made one guy miss. I made him fall, I just rerouted him and he fell and it was just wide open.”

On if this was the type of game they needed:
“Definitely. I think we did some good things out there, but there are definitely some things we can improve on. We’ll go back and watch the tape, but I think it’s just going to be a huge week of preparation before going in to South Bend. Notre Dame is a top five team, but we’ll get after it.”

Pitt RB Rushel Shell:

On what he provided to the team today:
“I think I came out and played my role today. Every week you get a different role, your role is made up during the game, but I believe I played my role.”

Pitt OL Ryan Turnley:

On how big of a moment it was to complete a touchdown drive just before the end of the first half:
“It was huge. Whenever the defense got the stop we were wondering if we were going to be in two minute mode or if we were going to take it in to the half. Coach came out and said we’re going to be in two minute mode and we got a couple of quick completions. Tino executed extremely well, that’s something he’s done every game for us, so we’ve come to expect that and it was huge.”

Pitt RB Ray Graham:

On his 35-yard run in the fourth quarter to keep momentum from Lafayette Pitts’ fumble recovery:
“I saw a hole. We started running on them late, well we’d been running the whole game, but late in the play it was just keep working and keep working and one of the big plays was going to open. It was great for it to happen.”

Temple Head Coach Steve Addazio

Opening comments:
“We did not play very well today and that was highlighted by not playing well at all during the first half. The biggest positive of the day was that we challenged our team to come out and play. We gave up some obviously tremendously big plays, fast hitting big plays. Certainly, we started that game out as poor as you would want too. The biggest positive of the day was at half time we challenged our team to come out and play. In all the huddles the guys were bright-eyed and competing.”

On explosive plays:
“We let up some screen passes for big chunks of yards and we have to get that corrected. Our starting point in our football program starts with defense. We have to build our own football, have to score in the red zone, can’t turn the ball over and special teams have to make plays.”

On Matt Brown being taken out of the game:
“Matt Brown was taken out because he tweaked his ankle again. He wanted to go back in on the kickoff return and I just wouldn’t let him do it. It’s my job to take care of him.”

On being bowl eligible:
“I don’t really look that far ahead. I think where we are as a team right now is that we have to look directly into the next week and we just have to play as hard as we can. Our goal was to win the opener and get bowl eligible and that goal is still in front of us.”

On the performance of Pitt quarterback Tino Sunseri:
“We had some man coverage breakdowns. We call it mental error and it happened a few times. I thought going in he is a heck of a player, he is a veteran senior guy and was able to make plays and we had some breakdowns in there that helped him, but he was still able to make plays.”

Temple WR Jalen Fitzpatrick:

On his performance today:
“I’m not really sure. I didn’t watch the tape yet. I feel like there were more plays I could have made. I would say ok.”

On what Pitt was able to do in the first half:
“I’m not sure. I think they just played better than we did. I don’t think they did anything different. They just played better than we did.”

Temple QB Chris Coyer:

On Pitt’s defensive play in the first half:
“A lot of that is the team not being able to convert on third downs and not being able to extend drives. When you don’t extend drives, you won’t be on the field a whole lot.”

On whether the stripped ball and holding call were backbreakers:
“They let the air out of the balloon a little bit. You definitely lose your momentum when something like that happens. I think the fumble was my last play. In a way I guess it was.”

Temple QB Clinton Granger:

On his play in the fourth quarter:
“I didn’t do as well as I wanted to but I feel that I made a couple of plays. I wish I would have scored on the first drive but it’s a learning experience.”

Temple RB Montel Harris:

On if the game was a must win:
“Yes this game was a must win. We weren’t able to come out with the win and are just looking to come back for next week.”

On the mentality at half time:
“We were still hyped up. We always feel like we are still in the game no matter what the score is. We came out the first drive and were successful. We just couldn’t hold them on defense.”

Pitt and Temple Postgame Quotes

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