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March 16, 2014

Coach Paul Chryst Quote Sheet

On doing a lot of special teams work during the first practice:

"We've got to get better there. But it (today) was a good start. Clearly, we're just trying to take a lot of time just to teach some base fundamentals."

On NCAA limitations on pads the first week:

"Three total (practices in just helmets) in the spring, first two for sure and then you can pick kind of wherever you want. So we pushed the spring practice date, the start date, back a little bit because of the turnover with coaches. We wanted to have a little bit more time with prep and half-a-week or so in the weight room. So the first two will be helmets and then we're going to sneak one in on a Monday."

On whether Chryst will hold more spring scrimmages:

"Right now I don't have plans to give more scrimmages. I think we had 71 guys today (counting injured players whose practice time his limited). We've got to try and balance that, staying healthy. We've got to do a lot of team stuff. We have some guys that played a lot of snaps that don't need to scrimmage as much as some of the young guys. So I think for the young guys you kind of hope to get maybe more scrimmage time than we did last year, but overall as a team, probably not quite as much."

On how he will divide his time during practice now that he oversees the quarterbacks:

"(I've changed my practice routine) a little bit more but a lot of it with quarterbacks is getting grouped up (with other positional groups). I feel real good and fortunate to have Jon Budmayr as a graduate assistant. I coached him (at Wisconsin) and he's a really good young coach, and I think he can do some good things. You want to be careful with those guys (quarterbacks), make sure they get a little break from me too. It also gives me a chance to get around. I still want to be around, see what's happening with position groups and all that and I feel good with the number of coaches around. With Jon, I can kind of balance out."

On whether the quarterbacks need a break from the head coach:

"They will. They think right now it's all good but they'll want a break." (smiles)

On how much injured offensive lineman Adam Bisnowaty will be able to go this spring:

"I don't know if I know for sure. Obviously I want to get something out of him but certainly it still is spring and not at the expense of any type of setback. You don't ever really know so you just kind of keep taking it practice by practice and see what he can end up giving us. But we'd error around being cautious with Biz. Although he's a young player he's played a lot of football, so we're going to be cautious."

On repetitions at offensive tackle this spring:

"Jaryd (Jones-Smith) will get a ton of reps. T.J. (Clemmings) still will get a ton of reps and I guess some of the young guys will swing over (to both tackles) and get reps. Without putting T.J. and Jaryd into the ground, we want to get them a bunch of reps."

On Manasseh Garner playing receiver now and whether he will still play tight end/H-Back:

"I think to start with, I think he'll end up being kind of his own, he's got his own skill set. We'll play to that. I think right now we've kind of been assessing a lot of the drills and the drill work. He could benefit more from receiver stuff than the in-line blocking. I think that'll come back to him pretty fast. I think Manasseh's going to be a little bit unique. He'll spend time with (receivers coach) Greg (Lewis), he'll spend time with (tight ends coach) Rudy (Joe Rudolph)."

On the new assistant coaches' transition:

"It's been good. They didn't screw up today too bad so (smiles), no, it's been good. You know I think most importantly we've had some time. We did some offseason conditioning -- they're working around the guys, the guys are working around them so they're starting to get to know the personalities and it takes time. I feel fortunate with the guys we've got and I think over the course of time those relationships get deeper and a little bit more authentic. But they've been good. It's been a good start."

On working this spring on replacing the lost leadership with the graduation of players like Aaron Donald and Devin Street:

"I think every year you kind of do that. You know, when you get a group that leaves you - and Tommy (Savage) I'd put in that group right there, I think Jason Hendricks did a lot of things - that's part of college football. You hate to see them leave, but you kind of are excited to see who does step forward and take advantage of those (opportunities). It comes from all - not looking at just the senior group - it'll come from a lot of different areas. I think that's part of the evolution of it as you build the team."


Coach Paul Chryst reflects on the first spring football practice

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