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Head Coach Paul Chryst

March 18, 2014

Head Coach Paul Chryst Quote Sheet:

Opening Statement:

Well it was fun today. Not that it was all clean, but once again a ton of individual work. The guys like the way we're approaching it, and it's been good. It should be, we're only two practices in but a lot of the things that matter are that guys are trying to clean up or perfect. Thursday will be interesting. We'll put in and start running some plays. We'll go shoulder pads and helmets, so I'm looking forward to it. We're starting to get a little bit of rhythm, a little bit of routine, which is nice. It's been good so far.

On what he has seen from Khaynin Mosley-Smith and Ronald Jones as they've started competing for playing time?

I thought they both handled their situation last year tremendously. We challenged them both on it and KK's lost some weight; he's moving. Ronald's great. Both of them were great last year during the season, doing everything and anything they could to help. When something's taken away, I think there's a new appreciation, and both of them are attacking the off season. So far I've been really pleased with them both.

On if he thinks defensive tackle Darryl Render will make a big step this year:

I don't know.  I think I probably say this a lot, but I like what he's doing. I think he's tackling a lot of things that he can control, and how that turns out we don't know, right? But I like the way that he's going about his business.

Darryl Render Follow up: Does he act like the elder statesman of that group?

I think he acts like a guy who knows what's important. I'm not sitting in on all the defensive meetings, and sometimes you may say to yourself, "why are we doing this again?" or "why are going over this?" but I think when a guy plays, he knows "ok, yeah that was what we saw in film." Maybe he was working on a back spinning out of a tackle, and maybe's Darryl's been in that situation in practices, and he can say "Yeah, I know exactly what that feels like to miss a tackle for loss." He's not trying to be someone different than who he is, but I like the way that he's working.

On Ray Vinopal stepping up as the defensive leader:

Yeah, I think that it's early but I think through winter conditioning, I think Ray and Lafayette [Pitts] have stepped up. I'd say really if you're asking me for two guys that jumped at me and grabbed me for that leadership role, I think those two come to mind.

On accomplishing things without pads:

As we were kind of going through it, there's a ton you can do. It's hard to run plays, but there are so many things and we could use ten more of these practices and still not have enough. We've got a young team and it's our job to make sure that whatever the format is for a practice, we maximize it.

On the offensive line:

We've got five guys going through their first spring so how they progress, how we progress will tell that story. Our last game we had no depth, so it's hard to say if we've arrived but we certainly have more numbers right now.

On Spring enrollee Rori Blair:

There's a lot going on, and it's hard, but one thing I do know is that he wants to be coached and he's giving the effort. We see him do some things and think `he's who we thought he would be.' Each day will probably be the long for him because he doesn't quite know, but we have other guys going through their first spring, but so far it's been good. We just have to keep going and keep working and get better. 

Paul Chryst Transcript After Second Spring Practice

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