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March 27, 2014

Pitt Spring Practice #6

Pitt Live Wire: Football Spring Camp Coverage Day 6

Video Link: Paul Chryst Post-Practice Briefing

Video Link: Quarterback Chad Voytik Post-Practice Interview

Video Link: Center Artie Rowell Post-Practice Interview


Coach Paul Chryst Quote Sheet

On the energy and focus of Thursday’s practice:

“It was good to get back on the field. I thought the guys had good energy and we’ve got to back it up with another good one tomorrow.

“I wasn’t necessarily disappointed with the effort (on Tuesday), as much as just kind of the energy and the focus. I think that watching tape confirmed that. They were going hard but they have to have a little fun doing it.”

On playing music during practice and whether that picks up the energy:

“It doesn’t really have anything to do with it. We just had to play the Red Zone song because they were in the red zone. They like it, and long as they practice and play, I’ll play it.”

On quarterbacks Trey Anderson and Chad Voytik:

“They missed some stuff in the red zone today, but they’ve been working and I like the way they’ve been studying. They’ve got a long ways to go, but they’re doing all the things that are necessary.

“I just want to make sure they get the equal reps, and both are getting the same amount of reps with the one’s and the two’s. So, yes, we have an order, but nothing confirmed.”

On sophomore defensive end Shakir Soto’s progress:

“I thought he did some good stuff today. He’s followed a good off-season and he’s coming in and feels like a veteran. It’s his second spring but he’s really young. I like the way he’s working. The guys have been working and you appreciate that, but we have to get something out of that work. We have to be productive in that work and Shakir is doing it. He’s got the body type for that position. It’s changing from last year, and it needs to, but he’s doing everything we ask of him and we’re thankful for that.”

On the interior defensive line:

“K.K. (Mosley-Smith) made a concentrated effort to lose some weight, and I think he’s moving and playing with a good edge to him. It’s not where we need to be, but I like that Tyrique Jarrett has done the same — he’s got to drop some weight but it’s his second spring and I think he’s approaching it the right way. Darryl’s had enough snaps now to kind of be able to draw on those experiences. We’ve got freshman Justin Moody who’s had some flashes and has done some really good things. It was fun seeing Aaron (Donald) today at practice, but that’s just a reminder that there are a bunch of guys that have to pick up his work load.

“Right now we love the guys we’ve got and we just have to make sure that what we’re asking them to do fits what they can do and we’re working on that right now.”

On the work done on both sides of the ball:

“There are flashes of good and bad on both sides, but the good news is Pitt wins on every play.”

On Pitt’s announcement of a fan event and kids clinic to close spring drills in April:

“Our kids enjoy doing that and I know there’s a lot of work going into that so it’ll be a good day. It’ll be a good wrap up, and we’re really looking forward to it. I think people will come, and it’s important to us, so I think we’ll have fun with it.”


Spring football drills continue for the Panthers

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