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Paul Chryst is overseeing his third set of spring drills at Pitt.

April 1, 2014

Pitt Spring Practice #8

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Video Link: Paul Chryst Post-Practice Briefing

Video Link: Secondary Coach Troy Douglas Post-Practice Interview

Video Link: Wide Receiver Manasseh Garner Post-Practice Interview

Video Link: Wide Receiver Tyler Boyd Post-Practice Interview

Video Link: Cornerback Titus Howard Post-Practice Interview


Coach Paul Chryst Quote Sheet

On today’s practice:

It was good to get back on the field. As far as results, it was up and down on both sides of the ball but today was the midpoint of spring ball. I think we’ve done a lot up to this point, but we have to make sure we finish the second half on a high note. We’ve got to go back at it and have a good week.”

On interceptions by the defense in today’s practice:

“You’ve got to celebrate that. I thought ‘Freeze’ (Nicholas Grigsby) made a nice play on that, and Trenton (Coles) had one. Trenton catches underneath it, he’s sinking as a corner, and he’s near the sideline — everyone’s working that sideline and he brings it back in. If guys can immerse themselves into the situation then they can learn from those plays. Defensively, those guys capitalized and made the plays so that’s a classic case of spring ball — whichever way you want to look at it, it’s a win (for the defense) and a loss (for the offense). There are some plays that just don’t look good and there’s some that are good football.”

On new secondary coach Troy Douglas bringing a more aggressive attacking style of play:

“I think aggressive attacking is when guys really, truly know what to do. It’s about playbook knowledge, assignment knowledge, technique-wise, and then they can play it. It doesn’t necessarily mean press corners, or off corners, and you can say that for any position. That’s the beautiful thing about this game. If you know what to do and how to do it, then you can play fast, and then you can be more physical. Every guy shows up different according to position, and that’s what we have to have.”

On receivers Manasseh Garner and Tyler Boyd:

“I really believe in and like those guys as players. Both of them did a lot of things last year and both have room for improvement. We have to do a good job of making sure we use them and they both will be big parts of the season.”

On quarterback Chad Voytik’s progress:

“He’s working, and I appreciate that. He’s doing some good things but he’s got to be consistent and keep working on that.”

On the progress and cohesion of the offensive line:

“When you really start building is when you have everyone doing the right thing. For example, combination blocking. If one guy isn’t doing the right thing, then he’s not giving an accurate picture to his partner. You can see a start in that cohesion, but we’re a long ways away from where it needs to be.”

On the redshirt freshmen:

“We’ve got 70 guys in spring ball, and guys are getting a lot of reps. The redshirts are absolutely showing things. The light comes on at different times for some and you see some guys show a positive glimpse, and they’re kind of working through it. But it’s to be expected and you just have to keep helping them push through it. Carson Baker and Jaryd Jones-Smith are getting a lot of reps and getting a lot of work. Each guy you can see it and they get it, or you can see where it’s not good and they need to get better.

“They truly take advantage of those reps, and that’s a good spring because at the end of it our job is to help develop these players and they’re job is to help themselves develop. In doing so, you build a foundation for this team. Right now is not the time for any of these guys to be worrying about starting or where they are at on the depth chart; but rather, are they getting better as a football player?”

On running back James Conner:

“He’s working hard. Here’s a guy that didn’t have spring ball (last year). He’s obviously played a lot of football and has done some very good things, and you hope it lasts his whole career here. As he continues to learn, with that knowledge comes confidence and with that confidence the game kind of slows down a bit and then you can truly play it.”

On players getting pre-occupied with the depth chart:

“It’s natural. A lot of people are calling (them on the phone) that care about them and want to see how they are doing. But it’s our job to keep hitting that message that it’s all about getting better.”


Football Reaches Mid-Point of Spring Drills

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