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Junior quarterback Trey Anderson

April 3, 2014

Pitt Spring Practice #9

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Coach Paul Chryst Quote Sheet

On today's practice:

"It was good to get back on the field, and I like the energy. Thursdays are a little bit different type of practice and I think we got some good work. We've got to come back tomorrow and finish this week the right way."

On how Thursday practices differ from the rest of the week:

"They are more individual. There's a little bit more teaching, less plays. We'll get more plays tomorrow. That's the biggest difference; we'll get more 11-on-11 tomorrow with officials."

On receiver Tyler Boyd this spring:

"His approach has been real good. He's had the benefit of going through a year and I like the way he approaches things. He truly wants to get better. There's obviously a transition for him from being coached by Bobby Engram last year, to having Coach Greg Lewis with him this year, and I think that's been good. I've really enjoyed and appreciated the way Tyler has approached this whole spring."

On Tyler Boyd's and James Conner's successful freshmen years and their continuing effort:

That's where I feel fortunate -- knowing that I don't have to tell them that they keep working. No one, including them, should not appreciate and be thankful for the way they started their careers. But they're nowhere near the end and they're nowhere near being as good as they can be, and that's the exciting thing. I think they sense that and they're attacking stuff with that right mindset."

On Tyler Boyd's adjustment to Bobby Engram leaving for the NFL:

"I'm sure he went through a period of disappointment. We all did. I don't know how well everyone here (media) got to know Bobby, but Bobby is a special guy. At the same time, because you care about Bobby, we're all really excited for him. Tyler and I both talked about it. You can look at it two ways: either `Bobby left' or `We had a chance to be with Bobby.' And yet he's taken to Greg (Lewis) and I feel really good about that. We've all got to keep working."

On the strides made by quarterback Trey Anderson the past two years:

"He's made good strides. He's nowhere near where he can be, but I think he likes the game, he wants to study it and now he's just got to apply it. I think he's going through that phase, him and Chad, where sometimes a little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing. You've got to keep digging and keep learning it and then I think that there's a natural progression for quarterbacks. I don't know if we're exactly there yet and that's not uncommon and it's not negative. That's why we've got to keep working through it with both Trey and Chad."

On Trey Anderson's coaching aspirations:

"I like that part. He approaches things in the meeting room like a coach."

On the team's depth:

"Our job is to make sure we are doing everything we can to use our players' strengths and help build up their weaknesses. At all positions where you don't have a lot of depth you have to be smart. There is a balance in everything you do."


Pitt Spring Football Drills: Practice #9

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