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April 8, 2014

Pitt Spring Practice #11

Pitt Live Wire: Football Spring Camp Coverage Day 11

Video Link: Paul Chryst Post-Practice Briefing

Video Link: Defensive Coordinator Matt House Post-Practice Briefing

Video Link: Running Backs Coach John Settle Post-Practice Briefing

Video Link: Running Back Rachid Ibrahim Post-Practice Interview

Video Link: Defensive Back Reggie Mitchell Post-Practice Interview

Coach Paul Chryst Quote Sheet

On today's practice:

“We got our third (mandated) helmets practice in, and I feel like guys came out and got of it what we wanted. We’ll be back at it Thursday.”

On the running back situation moving forward for the rest of the spring:

“We’ll try to get as much out of Isaac Bennett as we can, and it’ll be good for Rachid Ibrahim. We’re getting through it. Obviously we don’t want to lose James Conner and we don’t want to have Isaac limited, but long term I think we’ll be alright. It gives James the opportunity to focus on some stuff that he needs to learning-wise, so we should be alright. We’ve got to be smart with how we’re practicing but we should be able to get everything done.”

On being cautious with Isaac Bennett and Rachid Ibrahim:

“Certainly we would like to have them working full force but right now it would not be right.”

On putting red jerseys on anyone else beyond the quarterbacks:

“I mean you think about that all the time, but you look at today and see the guys are doing a pretty good job practicing and learning how to stay off bodies, and I think that’s just as much of it as anything. I’ve been a part of those, and it doesn’t mean anything. I think the bottom line is you have to learn how to practice and there are just some things that happen. No one likes to see it, but those are hard to control. Sometimes I go back and forth. When a guy knows that there’s brakes on, some injuries happen when there’s a mixed speed or mixed messages. We just have to keep educating and always say a prayer that every guy leaves the field the way they came on. We just have to keep working through all that.”

On more practices without pads:

“We have three, but you could have more. I thought we did a good job of being physical up to this point. Certainly we talk about spring goals, and you want each guy to improve as a player and you also want to build your foundation. No question that part of it is you want to scrimmage or play in game-like situations, but then there’s another component of it that’s valuable and that’s the individual techniques and instruction. We’ve got to do a good job of teaching things that they can take with them and do in the summertime when we’re not there. We have to make sure it’s ingrained in what they are doing and that’s part of what we’re trying to get done these last five days.”

On the receivers beyond Tyler Boyd:

“Guys are flashing...Manasseh Garner has been doing some good things. We have a lot of young guys…Ronald (Jones) has been around and he knows it and we thought the last couple days he’s been better. We just have to keep going with that group. Dontez Ford is doing some stuff, and you know all of them are airing out some wrinkles and trying to be more consistent.”

On safety Reggie Mitchell being ready to play following his Wisconsin transfer:

“I think he’s a smart football player. Obviously we think he’s talented and I thought he’d be a good fit for this team. I certainly have not been disappointed with that.”

“This (spring drills) is really his first time with extended reps and he’s taking away what he’s learning in the meeting room and bringing it out on the field. I’ve been pleased with his progress and still hope to get more out of him these next four or five practices.”

On the roster consisting largely of players recruited by Chryst:

“I’d like to think that even the guys that we didn’t recruit are our guys. You get to coach them and teach them, and I know we’re young but I think we had 70 guys in spring practice total and that’s including guys that are injured. I think we had 48 or 49 players our second spring, but I always thought that right when I came here that these are my guys. They’re all your guys and I think we’re growing as a team and maybe there are changes there. Each year feels different so it is hard to compare. I like the guys that are here.”



Pitt Spring Football Drills: Practice #11

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