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Titus Howard is competing for a starting job at corner.

April 13, 2014

Pitt Spring Practice #14

Pitt Live Wire Spring Coverage: Football Spring Camp Coverage Day 14

Video Link: Paul Chryst Post-Practice Briefing

Video Link: Receiver Ronald Jones Post-Practice Interview

Video Link: Defensive Back Titus Howard Post-Practice Interview

Coach Paul Chryst Quote Sheet

On today's practice:

"It was a practice that we got the chance to learn from. I thought we were really sluggish at the end. We obviously aren’t scrimmaging right now, but we’re trying to make it as real as we can. We had a lot of mental errors. But since we have the chance to learn from it, it can still be a good day. We need to clean it up and take care of it, so we’re looking forward to getting out here Tuesday.”

On what he told the team after practice about the mistakes:

"You just bring it to their attention. These are things that get you beat before the ball is even snapped. We had two procedures on the offense, one on the defense. That’s beating yourself. But they’re teachable moments, and you learn from it. If you take the approach that it’s just practice, then you’re not going to get better from it.”

On why those errors occur:

"I think when they get tired some of those things happen. The end [of spring practice] is near, and some guys are just getting through it. Football is a great game, and you have to be physically tough to play it, but you also have to be mentally tough. It’s our job to point out the mistakes and the guys have to help each other fight through that.”

On wide receiver Ronald Jones:

“It’s good to have him here. He’s doing some good stuff. He’s been a little bit inconsistent at times; we have to iron that out. But he has the chance to be a heck of a contributor to this team. For us to be good, we need a good Ronald. He needs to have a great summer. He brings something a little bit different than what we have, and we’re going to need him. His approach this last year [when he was suspended] has been good. He wants to be the best he can, and you appreciate that. We have to help him achieve that.”

On Jones coming back strong after his suspension:

“He and K.K. [Mosley-Smith] have both had good springs. There are two good examples of guys that had a negative come their way and responded well. They’ve done a great job.”

On cornerback Lafayette Pitts’ availability for practice on Tuesday:

“We hope he’ll practice. His leg has been giving him some problems. Hopefully after taking today’s practice off, we don’t have to lose him for two. Tuesday is a long way away. He has a lot of time.”

On having an officiating crew at practice today:

“They sure pointed things out today. I think it gives us a little bit more with the yellow flag coming out when Manasseh [Garner] pushes off. Offsides is pretty simple; you know when you jumped. We didn’t have any holding calls today. We had one discussion on a play that I thought was maybe intentional grounding on a screen, but they said we were good with it. Because of our numbers, we couldn’t do as many things with the special teams as earlier in camp and that’s a good time to see where the holding calls are. In the fall, we’ll try and get them out as much as we can. We just want the players to know what they’re looking for.”

On having wide receiver Tyler Boyd play in the slot more this year:

“He needs to keep growing. Last year Devin [Street] was probably in the slot more than Tyler was, and we had a couple formations with him in the slot. It’s a different route tree and it gives him a chance to work on it. It also gives us a chance to see what things fit him and our offense. We’re trying to make sure we’re continuing to help him grow and build his different route trees.”

On cornerback Titus Howard’s performance in camp thus far:

“I think Titus and Trenton [Coles] did a good job today. Titus is a guy who will compete and he’s learning how he fits into the big picture. Also, he’s a guy who loves coming out to work. I think he’s had a really good spring.”

On the challenge of running practice with so many injuries:

“I don’t think it presents a challenge to coaches as much, but it puts a burden on the players. There are guys that get hurt and there’s nothing you can do about it. The message we’re going to give [the injured players] is you have to have a great summer. Although there’s nothing you can do about the injury, maybe you can reduce the recovery time, being a little stronger so it’s only a strain or things like that. Some things are unavoidable, but for us to be as good as we can be, we need everyone.”


Pitt Spring Football Drills: Practice #14

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