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Chad Voytik

April 15, 2014

Pitt Spring Practice #15

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Coach Paul Chryst Quote Sheet

On today's final spring practice:

“I thought it was a good finish and I think it’s kind of sad to see it end. I thought overall this spring we got a lot accomplished. We just have to take this end of our second phase before the season and the guys have to do a great job of finishing up the rest of the school year and have a great summer.”

On the team knowing what needs to be worked on in the summer:

“Yeah, I do think that. We’ve got some meetings to wrap it up and make sure of that. But I do think that each guy has got a good feel for what they can do. We’ve kind of created a menu for each guy and now they have to go do it. With the new rules, we’ve got a little bit of time to be with them and we’ll try to balance that out. Yet still the main focus is getting stronger in the weight room and running, being in shape for the fall, working on our speed and mobility, and those types of things.”

On the having more depth and productivity this spring compared to prior years:

“This isn’t as deep as we are able to go. Almost two-thirds of our group is in their first or second spring but I thought the pace was something we were able to go faster with. I don’t know if we really put in that much more just because of the youth with it. Also we wanted to make sure it wasn’t too much about scheme, and we could really get guys to focus more on techniques and the ‘how to’ more so than the ‘what to do.’ So I think we’re probably similar to what we did volume-wise, but it felt like it was a little bit faster and they kind of got it a little bit faster. We really didn’t have as much install the second half as far as new plays and learning different things.”

On the new rules for the summer:

“It’s kind of like in the winter. There’s an eight-week period where before we couldn’t be with them at all, and now for up to two hours you can watch film with them, and you can be on the field, kind of like in winter conditioning. You have three components: player, ball, and coach. You can’t have all three but you can have the players there with the ball if they need to do that, or coaches can be there with the players with no ball. So it’s about trying to balance it out but still having the big focus on the weight room and their own field work.”

On his message to the quarterbacks:

“You have to take advantage of the summer. I think both Chad Voytik and Trey Anderson got a lot of work this spring. They’ve started to take command of the offense a little bit and they’ve got to have a great summer – throwing, they can do a lot of film study on their own – and it’s a great time for them because all that learning they can do. I think they’ve got a really good foundation and I think they know what to look for when watching film. We’ll help guide them but they’ve got to spend a lot of time at their craft.”

On what was learned about the team that wasn’t known before spring practices:

“I think that you always do learn something the first time you come out and you’re missing some of the guys, but I like the way this group works. I think that’s starting to be part of their identity. We’re not there yet but it’s going the right way. There are a lot of things that I wouldn’t really comment on too much now but I see some things going the right way and we still have to do it – not just in summer and fall camp, it’s got to translate to the games. You’ve got 12 opportunities and we hopefully earn the right for another one or two. But to define who you are, that’s what you put on tape and what we do on Saturdays. I like the direction we’re going with it and I like the group as a whole. We just have to keep helping them grow and they have to help themselves grow. They’re a fun group to be around and I appreciate that. The summer is a great time to find out more on their own, and where we’re really at. I wouldn’t comment too much but I like it and I’m hopeful in a lot of things.”

On the closeness of the team and if it’s a product of almost all of them being recruited by the current staff:

“No, I think it’s a product of the guys. I think that we could bring in anybody, but if they don’t like them or respect them then they won’t want to be close with them. I think that one all goes [credit-wise] to the guys. I like hearing that. That’d be pretty arrogant to pound your chest and say their closeness is because of us. It’s because of the guys and who they are but I like hearing that.”

On cornerback Trenton Coles:

“Trenton is a really talented player and I think it’s important to him. Like a lot of young guys, he’s just got to keep learning how to play and put himself in those situations when things do and don’t go well and how to handle it. I like his athletic ability and I like who he is as a guy and he’s got a lot of talent. We just have to keep helping him and he’s got to keep working at it. I think he can be a really good player.”

On any player surprising him this spring:

“No one really came out of nowhere. I think we have a pretty good feel for our guys and I don’t think anyone really came out of nowhere.”

On Pitt’s Conway Award (most improved players of the spring) winners:

“We’re going to announce them tomorrow to the team. We’ve got the names but they’re still in the envelope.” (smiles)


Pitt Spring Football Drills: Practice #15

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