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Matt Rotheram

July 3, 2013

Question: You are moving from tackle to guard. Talk about that transition.

Matt: Playing guard is familiar to me. I played guard my freshman year so it is nothing new to me. It’s now just an adjustment I have to make. I was getting used to playing tackle and I was getting comfortable, but I should be able to switch back and pick it up again.

Question: The starting backfield will be completely new this year. Talk about how you build chemistry between the offensive line and the backfield.

Matt: A lot of it comes from the summer workouts and being around the guys. That helps you to get to know them. On the off days, it helps to walk through the plays and those types of things, and I think that builds pretty good chemistry.

Question: Talk about your offensive line coach, Jim Hueber. How has he helped you develop as a player?

Matt: Coach Hueber, he has a ton of experience. He coached in the NFL for a long time and has coached college football for a long time too. He has positioned me to play the best football I have ever played as far as the game is concerned and how to make me a better player overall.

Question: Looking at the schedule, what game are you most excited about this season?

Matt: Probably Notre Dame. We let that one get away last year and it hurt, so I want to make up for it this year.

Summer Spotlight: Offensive Lineman Matt Rotheram

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